Tuesday, April 19, 2011

"Gotanda, Sakura Trees in Nihonbashi, Akasaka, and Yotsuya, Etc."

Once the sakura tree blossoms come out, soon followed by green leaves, then you know that spring has arrived.  The cold weather isn't quite past, but some days are pleasantly warm, and the days get warmer overall.  I love spring, although early spring pollen allergies have taken a lot of the fun of the season away from me in recent years, and this 2011 spring of earthquake/tsunami/nuclear disaster in Japan isn't exactly the most conducive to optimism - still, you have to turn everything off even at the worst of times and just focus on the beauty of spring for at least one day out of the year....

This batch of video clips includes a trip to Gotanda, typical train views, and views of sakura trees.  The most pleasant sakura tree experience I had this year was walking along the top of the Yotsuya rampart one fine afternoon with a very blue sky overhead and perfectly pleasant temperatures.

Shinjuku to Gotanda via Yamanote Line - (110412-1444)

Riding the Yamanote Line from Shinjuku to Gotanda.

Gotanda Station - Dark Mode - (110412-1509)

Looking around the area by and inside Gotanda Station during post 3/11 dark mode.

Gotanda Station - Platform Over Road View - (110412-1513)

Standing on the JR Yamanote Line platform at Gotanda Station, looking out over the main road that passes under the platform.

Gotanda to Yurakucho via Yamanote Line - Front View - (110412-1515)

Riding in the front of a Yamanote Line train from Gotanda to Yurakucho.

Yurakucho Station - Platform and Exit - (110412-1532)

From the platform to the Ginza-side exit at Yurakucho Station.

Moriya Kennichiro (森谷謙一郎) Installation in 306 and 303 - (110412-1714)

A look at two parts of Moriya Kennichiro (森谷謙一郎)'s three-part installation in Room-306, Room-303 (Kobo), and in the basement under-stairs Kobo space.


Kobo Gallery

Walking Through Tokyo Station - (110412-1922)

Walking through Tokyo Station in the evening rush in post 3/11 semi-dark mode.

Shinjuku Station - Upper Level - (110412-1942)

Walking through the upper level of Shinjuku Station in post 3/11 semi-dark mode.

Tokyo to Shinjuku via Nighttime Chuo Line - (110412-1925)

Riding a Chuo Line train from Tokyo to Shinjuku in the evening.

Okuno Building Stroll - (110414-1713)

Exploring passageways in the Okuno Building.

Nihonbashi Sakura Trees-B - (110414-1605)

Looking around on a sakura tree-lined street in Nihonbashi. (B)

Nihonbashi Sakura Trees-A - (110414-1600)

Looking around on a sakura tree-lined street in Nihonbashi. (A)

Moat Near Akasaka - (110414-1440)

A look at a moat Near Akasaka.

Yotsuya to Ochanomizu - Afternoon Chuo Line - (110414-1542)

Riding an afternoon Chuo Line train from Yotsuya to Ochanomizu.

Ochanomizu to Tokyo - Afternoon Chuo Line - (110414-1548)

Riding an afternoon Chuo Line train from Ochanomizu Station to Tokyo Station.

Yotsuya Chuo Line Platform - (110414-1540)

Looking around on the Yotsuya Chuo Line platform while waiting for a train.

Exiting Tokyo Station via Daimaru Department Store - (110414-1555)

Exiting Tokyo Station and walking through part of Daimaru department store on the way out.

Former Akasaka Prince Hotel Sakura Trees - (110414-1449)

Former Akasaka Prince Hotel sakura trees.  Apparently this hotel was closed on March 31st, 2011 and is now being used as a refugee site after the March 11th earthquake.

Yotsuya Rampart Sakura Stroll - (110414-1506)

Walking along the top of the old rampart at Yotsuya, checking out the sakura trees there on a nice day.

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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