Thursday, April 28, 2011

"Night Bus, Hachioji, Ginza Exhibitions, Midnight Kokubunji, Takadanobaba, Etc."

More video clips, but first a comment on something I'm continually experiencing in these post 311 days.

"What did you think of the earthquake?", followed by "Are you leaving Japan?" is something I've been asked by far too many people.  Apparently there's been a lot of writing and talking in the media about how foreigners have fled the northern part of Japan post 311, combined with low coverage of the locals who have fled south to Osaka, etc., so when people see a non-native face, they seem to feel the urge to ask "So - what's your story?  Why are you still here?", but since that would be rude, they (with unnerving regularity and uniformity) give me the one-two punch of, 1) "What did you think of the earthquake?", followed by 2) "Are you leaving Japan?"  I've been answering as though those are normal questions, but I think I was asked them one too many times yesterday, so the next time someone asks me "What did you think of the earthquake?", I think I'll try jumping right to the heart of the matter by saying, "Well - that wasn't exactly fun, was it?  What do you think of Fukushima?"

Or not... I don't know.  I'll see how it goes.  Maybe people will stop asking me those two questions.

This batch of video clips begins with a bus ride at night to Hachioji Station, and then there are a couple of clips showing an exhibition by Matsumoto Tomoko (and the venue); a ride from Ogawa to Kodaira on a Seibu Line train; subway sounds on the Tozai Line; Nihonbashi to Kyobashi on the Ginza Line; a look at old tiles in the 1930's Meijiya Building; a quick listen to a midnight guitarist in Kokubunji; a look in a small park in Ginza 1-chome with its sakura trees in bloom; views of the Chuo Line; road scenes taken while waiting for a bus; Hachioji Station area; waiting for a Tozai Line train at Takadanobaba; walking down a side street in Ginza; two clips from art exhibitions; Yurakucho; Takadanobaba, and a few other things.

Night Bus Ride to Hachioji Station - (110420-1916)

Riding a bus through the night to Hachioji Station.

Matsumoto Tomoko (松本智子) Exhibition at Y's Arts (A) - (110419-1544)

Matsumoto Tomoko (松本智子) Exhibition at Y's Arts (B) - (110419-1741)

Matsumoto Tomoko (松本智子) exhibition at Y's Arts in Room 508. (B)  This exhibition is from April 18-23, 2011.  The two prints are from the artist's past - taken a few decades apart....

The artist's website is:

Y's Arts website is:

Ogawa to Kodaira (Low-Energy Mode) - (110419-1247)

Riding a Seibu Line train from Ogawa to Kodaira during post 311 low energy mode (note stopped escalators and lights off in train).

Arrival of Express Train at Kodaira Station - (110419-1255)

Watching an express train arrive at Kodaira Station.

Subway Sounds (Tozai Line) - (110419-1341)

Listening to subway sounds on the Tozai Line while looking out into the dark tunnel.

Nihonbashi to Kyobashi (Ginza Line) - (110419-1343)

Looking around at Nihonbashi Station and then taking a Ginza Line train to Kyobashi Station.

1930s Meijiya Building Tiles - (110419-1349)

A look at the wall tiles in the 1930s Meijiya Building.

Kokubunji Midnight Guitarist - (110419-2338)

Listening to a street musician singing while playing the guitar in midnight Kokubunji.

Ginza 1-Chome Park - (110419-1419)

Looking at sakura trees in a park in Ginza 1-Chome.

Arriving at Takao via Chuo Line - (110420-1416)

Arriving at Takao Station via a Chuo Line train.

Walking Along Old Type JR Train - (110420-1421)

Walking along an old type JR train - listening to the different noises it makes compared with newer types.

Somewhere Near Hachioji - (110420-1820)

Looking around on a lonely road somewhere near Hachioji.

Waiting for a Bus Somewhere Near Hachioji - (110420-1910)

Waiting for a bus (somewhere near Hachioji) one evening.

Night Road Shadows and Noises - (110420-1913)

Watching shadows and listening to noises on a night road.

Elevated Plaza at Hachioji Station - Night View - (110420-1935)

Looking around at a new elevated plaza at Hachioji Station one windy evening.

Elevated Walkways at Hachioji Station - (110420-1939)

Walking/looking around on elevated walkways at Hachioji Station.

Walking up to Ticket Gates at Hachioji Station - (110420-1942)

Walking up to the ticket gates at Hachioji Station at night.

Hachioji Station - Ticket Gates to Platform - (110420-1943)

At Hachioji Station - walking from the ticket gates to the platform.

Inbound Chuo Line Train Arriving at Hachioji - (110420-1945)

Watching an inbound Chuo Line train arriving at Hachioji.

Waiting for Tozai Line Train at Takadanobaba - (110426-1438)

Looking around on the platform while waiting for a Tozai Line Train at Takadanobaba Station.

Walking Down Ginza 1-Chome Side Street - (110426-1510)

Walking down a side street in Ginza, 1-Chome.

Cobra Chair - Kondo Masaki (近藤正樹) Y's Arts, Room-508 - (110426-1632)

Kondo Masaki (近藤正樹) at Y's Arts, Room-508, explaining his creation, the Cobra Chair.

Y's Arts website is:

Seino Yu (清野融) at Ono Gallery-2 (小野画廊-II) - (110426-1929)

Seino Yu (清野融) at Ono Gallery-2 (小野画廊-II), explaining part of his exhibition (in Japanese).

Ginza Chuo-Dori to Ginza Line - (110426-2018)

Walking from Chuo-Dori in Ginza to the Ginza Line.

Shinkansen Rolling Through Yurakucho Night - (110426-2009)

Watching an outbound Shinkansen train going by Yurakucho in the late evening.

Takadanobaba Plaza Evening - (110426-2045)

Walking around in Takadanobaba Plaza late one evening....

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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