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"Shinjuku, Kokubunji, Ginza, Machida, Fujisawa, Hiratsuka, Mt. Takao, Etc."

There are a lot of things in this batch of video clips - from typical Shinjuku and Ginza scenes, to train views (Chuo Line, etc.), walkabout views of Machida (a local city within Tokyo), Fujisawa, and the Hiratsuka Tanabata Matsuri.  Yes - it's full-fledged summer now, along with the typical sounds, smells, activities, etc. that Tokyo and surrounding Japan offer - all in the July heat and humidity.

Street Singer/Guitarist - Live in Shinjuku - (110705-2210)

Listening to a street singer/guitarist perform live in front of Shinjuku Station (on the west side).

門谷純 - ストリートライブ/路上 in Shinjuku (Kadotani Jun) - (110705-2237)

Looking around while listening to Kadotani Jun (門谷純) perform live (ストリートライブ / /路上) in Shinjuku.  I really liked the songs I heard in Shinjuku last night - and bought one of the singer's CD's - which has a slightly different feel to it than the live performance - which I liked best.

Street Singer/Guitarist - Shinjuku (Two Songs) - (110705-2240)

Looking around (a bit too much...) while listening to a street singer/guitarist - with a really nice voice, performing in front of Shinjuku Station.

Seibu Line Arrives at Kokubunji - (110702-1515)

Watching both a Chuo Line train and a Seibu Line train arrive at Kokubunji Station.

Semi-Dark Kokubunji Station - (110704-1937)

Walking through semi-dark Kokubunji Station.

Tanabata Decoration - Kokubunji Station (七夕) - (110704-1941)

Watching a Tanabata (七夕) decoration in Kokubunji Station being blown about with the wind.

Inbound Chuo Line - Lights-Out Power-Save Mode - (110705-1227)

Saving power on an inbound Chuo Line train by turning the interior lights out for much of the run.

Lights Out Chuo Line Train Departing Musashisakai Station - (110705-1230)

Watching a Chuo Line train with it's internal lights out departing Musashisakai Station.

Musashisakai Station - Still Under Construction - (110705-1232)

Walking through Musashisakai Station, which is still under (re)construction.

Musashino Noontime Stroll - (110705-1237)

Walking down a nondescript street in Musashino-shi one hot July afternoon....

Approaching Musashisakai Station - Still Under Construction - (110705-1257)

Walking up to Musashisakai Station, which is still under construction.

Inbound Platform at Musashisakai Station - (110705-1259)

Looking around on the inbound platform at Musashisakai Station.

Boarding Inbound Chuo Line at Musashisakai Station - (110705-1301)

Boarding an inbound Chuo Line train at Musashisakai Station.

Chuo Line to Yamanote Line - Tokyo Station - (110705-1336)

Transferring from the Chuo Line to the Yamanote Line at Tokyo Station.

Afternoon Yurakucho Platform - (110705-1346)

A view from a Yurakucho Station platform one hot July afternoon.

Yurakucho Station to Ginza 4-Chome Intersection - (110705-1347)

Walking from Yurakucho Station to the Ginza 4-Chome intersection.

Ginza Chuo Dori - Hot Afternoon Stroll - (110705-1356)

Walking down Ginza Chuo-Dori on a hot July afternoon.

Shinjuku Walkabout - West Side - (110705-2248)

Walking past the west side of Shinjuku Station.

Tokyo Yurakucho Trains - 1:40 p.m. - (110705-1340)

Watching trains from a platform at Yurakucho Station.

Kokubunji to Hachioji (Chuo Line) - (110708-1457)

Riding an outbound Chuo Line train from Kokubunji to Hachioji - looking out the front cab and through the side windows near the front cab.

Hachioji to Hashimoto (Yokohama Line) - (110708-1517)

Riding the Yokohama line from Hachioji to Hashimoto - looking out the front cab and side windows.

Hashimoto to Machida (Yokohama Line) - (110708-1534)

Going from Hashimoto Station to Machida Station on the Yokohama Line.

Exiting JR-Machida Station - (110708-1549)

Exiting JR-Machida Station and looking around in Machida.

Machida - Between JR and Odakyu - (110708-1552)

Walking between the JR and Odakyu stations in Machida.

Machida Shotengai Stroll - (110708-1554)

Walking down some of the many shotengai streets in Machida.

Machida Back Alleys - (110708-1603)

Exploring some back alleys in Machida.

Machida Side Streets - (110708-1630)

Looking around on side streets in Machida.

Machida RR-Crossing (Odakyu Line) - (110708-1639)

Looking around in Machida by the station-side railroad crossing by the Odakyu Machida Station.

Boarding Outbound Odakyu Line Train at Machida - (110708-1645)

Boarding an outbound Odakyu Line train at Machida Station.

Odakyu Line - Outbound Side-Window View - (110708-1656)

Looking out a side window of an outbound Odakyu Line train.

Exiting Odakyu Line at Fujisawa Station - (110708-1716)

Exiting an Odakyu Line train at Fujisawa Station and looking around.

Women in Yukata at Fujisawa Station - (110708-1719)

Women in Yukata at Fujisawa Station - probably going to or from the matsuri in Hiratsuka.

Fujisawa Walkabout - (110708-1721)

Walking around in Fujisawa.

Fujisawa Station Area Walkabout - (110708-1728)

Looking around the Fujisawa Station area.

JR-Fujisawa Station - Platform Stroll - (110708-1739)

Walking down a platform at JR-Fujisawa Station.

Fujisawa to Hiratsuka - Side Window View - (110708-1746)

Looking out a right-side window of a Tokaido Line train as it speeds from Fujisawa to Hiratsuka.

Hiratsuka Tanabata Matsuri (61st湘南平塚七夕祭り - A) - (110708-1803)

The 61st Shonan-Hiratsuka Tanabata Matsuri (第61回の湘南平塚七夕祭り - A), July 8th, 9th, and 10th - this clip recorded on July 8th, 2011.

(Note: The exact way the name of the festival is written in an event handout I received is: 第61回 湘南ひらつか七夕まつり - I guess they're using ひらつか instead of 平塚, and まつり instead of 祭り for stylistic reasons.)

Hiratsuka Tanabata Matsuri (61st湘南平塚七夕祭り - B) - (110708-1814)

Hiratsuka Tanabata Matsuri (61st湘南平塚七夕祭り - C) - (110708-1824)

Hiratsuka Tanabata Matsuri (61st湘南平塚七夕祭り - D) - (110708-1828)

Hiratsuka Tanabata Matsuri (61st湘南平塚七夕祭り - E) - (110708-1837)

Hiratsuka Tanabata Matsuri (61st湘南平塚七夕祭り - F) - (110708-1851)

Hiratsuka Tanabata Matsuri (61st湘南平塚七夕祭り - G) - (110708-1921)

Boarding Tokaido Line at Hiratsuka Station - (110708-1929)

Boarding a Tokaido Line train at Hiratsuka Station after seeing a festival.

Night Run - Hiratsuka to Tsujido - (110708-1939)

Riding an inbound night Tokaido line train from Hiratsuka to Tsujido.

Tsujido - Old End of Platform Exit - (110708-2005)

Looking at the last traces of the original old Tsujido platform by the end-of-platform exit.

Tsujido - Outbound Tokaido Line - (110708-2010)

Watching an outbound Tokaido Line train at Tsujido Station.

Tsujido Station - Main Entrance at Night - (110708-2019)

Looking at the main entrance of the new (mostly) rebuilt Tsujido Station at night.

Chigasaki - Lonely Rail Crossing - (110708-2042)

Watching a late night freight train pass by a lonely rail crossing in Chigasaki.

Tsujido Station Old Bits - Ride to Fujisawa - (110708-2051)

Looking at the few old parts of Tsujido Station still remaining, and then boarding an inbound Tokaido Line train and looking out a window on the ride to Fujisawa.

Night Inbound Tokaido Line - Window View (to Shinbashi) - (110708-2143)

Looking out a window of an Inbound Tokaido Line train - getting off at Shinbashi Station.

Night Shinbashi and Yurakucho Station Views - (110708-2156)

Walking around in Shinbashi Station, riding a train to Yurakucho Station, and looking around at Yurakucho Station.

Night Yurakucho to Tokyo, Etc. - (110708-2243)

Walking to Yurakucho Station, and then taking a train to Tokyo Station.

Mt. Takao Cable Car Assent (高尾山ケーブルカー上り) - (110711-1829)

Riding the cable car up part of Mt. Takao (高尾山ケーブルカー上り).

Mt. Takao Evening - (110711-1848)

Looking around on Mt. Takao in the evening.

Revelers in the Night at Mt. Takao - (110711-1927)

Listening to revelers in the Night at Mt. Takao.

Boarding Cable Car at Top of Mt. Takao - (110711-2039)

Boarding the Mt. Takao cable car at the top.

Mt. Takao Cable Car Descent (高尾山ケーブルカー下り) - (110711-2045)

Riding the Mt. Takao cable car down the mountain. (高尾山ケーブルカー下り)

Lonely Area Below Mt. Takao Cable Car Station - (110711-2056)

Looking around in the lonely area near the lower Mt. Takao cable car station.

Train Dancing - (110711-2105)

Train dancing on the Keio Line.

Nighttime Takao Station - (110711-2121)

Looking around Takao Station one Monday evening.

Inside Inbound Nighttime Chuo Line - (110711-2136)

Looking around inside an inbound nighttime Chuo Line train.

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