Sunday, July 24, 2011

"Shinjuku Walkabout, Takadanobaba Walkabout, Shinbashi Matsuri, Etc."

This batch of video clips begins with riding a Seibu-Shinjuku Line train into Shinjuku, getting off, and walking into the Shinjuku evening.  After that are a couple of walking videos taken in Shinjuku, and then it jumps to another day, where I go on a walkabout in the Takadanobaba Station area.  Then some Tozai Line views, and then (in the evening), riding a train from Yurakucho to Shinbashi, where there was a summer festival taking place.  As part of the festival, I visited a terrace beer garden and basement showa-style izakaya.  The batch wraps up with a couple of Tokyo station views.

Exiting Seibu-Shinjuku Line in Shinjuku - (110719-2017)

Coming into Shinjuku, getting off a Seibu-Shinjuku Line train, and walking off into Shinjuku.

Shinjuku Walkabout - Omoide-Yokocho Etc. - (110719-2020)

Walking about in Shinjuku - through Omoide-Yokocho etc.

Walking Under Rail Bridge - Shinjuku - (110719-2224)

Walking Under a rail bride in Shinjuku.

Takadanobaba Walkabout (A) - (110722-1438)

Walking around near Takadanobaba Station.  (A)

Takadanobaba Walkabout (B) - (110722-1501)

Walking around near Takadanobaba Station.  (B)

Takadanobaba Taxi Loading - (110722-1507)

Watching a taxi getting loaded with luggage etc. in Takadanobaba.

Tozai Platform and Cab Views - (110722-1510)

Walking down a Tozai Line platform and looking out the front cab for a few stations after getting on an inbound train.

Tozai Line Leaving Nihonbashi Station - (110722-1531)

Watching a Tozai Line train leaving Nihonbashi Station.

Yurakucho to Shinbashi - (110722-1950)

Walking into Yurakucho Station and taking a train to Shinbashi Station.

Shinbashi 16th Koichi Matsuri (第十六回新橋こいち祭) Cute Character - (110722-2005)

At the "Shinbashi 16th Koichi Matsuri" (第十六回新橋こいち祭), watching a cute character posing with people for photos.

Shinbashi 16th Koichi Matsuri (第十六回新橋こいち祭-A) - (110722-2008)

Shinbashi 16th Koichi Matsuri (第十六回新橋こいち祭-B) - (110722-2012)

Looking around at the 16th Shinbashi Koichi Matsuri (第十六回新橋こいち祭-'A' and 'B').

Shinbashi 16th Koichi Matsuri (第十六回新橋こいち祭-C) Beer Garden - (110722-2023)

Looking around at a beer garden section of the 16th Shinbashi Koichi Matsuri (第十六回新橋こいち祭-C).

Basement Izakaya Area in Shinbashi - (110722-2214)

A quick look in a basement izakaya area near Shinbashi Station.

Inside Shinbashi Izakaya - (110722-2301)

A quick view Inside a Showa Era style Izakaya in Shinbashi.

Tokyo Station 11:19 p.m. Transfer - (110722-2319)

Changing trains (from the Yamanote Line to the Chuo Line) at Tokyo Station at 11:19 p.m. on a Friday night.

Chuo Line Departing Tokyo Station - (110722-2321)

Watching a Chuo Line pulling out of Tokyo Station.

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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