Friday, March 16, 2012

"Ginza, Mitaka, Kichijoji, Chuo-Line, Low-Resolution, HD, Etc."

Regarding the picture quality (resolution) of this batch of videos; it is either high in the HD clips (first five below and a few others), or else very low resolution in LD (Low Definition) clips that ended up in that state through YouTube no longer (for a week at least - I'll be doing more testing later) accepting video clips in the AVI format that one of my cameras generates.  I have no idea what the *reason* for this is, but the *result* is that all of the uploaded video clips in that format show up as 1-second videos, so I had to convert the file format before uploading to get YouTube to accept the files - which works, but with very poor picture quality.  Anyway - be forewarned that many of these clips have shockingly bad picture quality.

The first five (HD) videos are of Shinbashi, Ginza, Yurakucho, and Tokyo Station.  Moving into the LD videos, there are views of Tachikawa, Mitaka, the Chuo Line, Kichijoji, etc.

I'm hoping to find a way to upload the files from that camera without losing (so much) picture quality.  I am confident there is some way of doing this, but with the tools I have at hand - I haven't been able to do it... yet!

(HD) Shinbashi Station - Watching Trains Come and Go - (120307)

(HD) Ginza Suzuran-Dori - Construction Noises - (120307)

(HD) Suzuran-Dori - 4:00 PM - (120307)

(HD) Yurakucho to Shinbashi (Looking Back - Yamanote Line) - (120307)

(HD) Tokyo Station - Boarding Yamanote Line - (120307)

Mitaka Shotengai (B) - (120307)

Mitaka Shotengai (A) - (120307)

Tachikawa Station (Inside Ticket Gates) - (120307)

Shinjuku Crosswalk - (120306)

Tokyo to Yurakucho (Looking Back - Yamanote Line) - (120307)

Bus Side of Mitaka Station - (120307)

Chuo Line Side View - To Ogikubo - (120301)

Hayashi Nobuaki (林伸朗) Installation at Gallery Hinoki (ギャラリー檜) Close-Up - (120306)

Mitaka Shotengai Stroll - (120307)

Mitaka Station Mall (and Walk to Platform) - (120307)

Walking Through Mitaka Station - (120307)

Night Side Window View - Chuo Line to Mitaka - (120301)

Ogawa to Hagiyama - Construction Area - (120306)

Yamanote Line - Departing Shinbashi Station - (120307)

In Front of Ogikubo Station-360 - (120301)

Shinbashi Side Street Construction - (120307)

Musashisakai to Mitaka - Chuo Line Side Window View - (120301)

Kichijoji Side Streets (D) - (120301)

Kichijoji Side Streets (C) - (120301)

Kichijoji Side Streets (B) - (120301)

Kichijoji Side Streets (A) - (120301)

Kichijoji Shotengai Stroll (C) - (120301)

Kichijoji Shotengai Stroll (B) - (120301)

Kichijoji Shotengai Stroll (A) - (120301)

Exiting Shinbashi Station - (120307)

Kichijoji Station Area - Construction, Etc. - (120301)

Kyobashi Side Street - Construction - (120306)

New-Old Tokyo Station (Under Construction) - (120307)

Kichijoji Evening Shotengai (C) - (120301)

Kichijoji Evening Shotengai (B) - (120301)

Kichijoji Evening Shotengai (A) - (120301)

Nishi-Ogikubo to Kichijoji - Chuo Line, Etc. - (120301)

Entering Kichijoji Station - (120301)

Kichijoji Narrow Passageways - Evening Old Shotengai - (120301)

Chuo Line Escalator at Tokyo Station - (120307)

Chuo Line Arriving at Mitaka - (120307)

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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