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"May 1990 Shinjuku and Shibuya, 120229 Snow, Tachikawa, Kichijoji, Mitaka, Ginza, Etc."

A large chunk of the videos in this batch were affected by some kind of issue with AVI format files not uploading properly to YouTube, so I converted many of them to FLV files, which uploaded easily, but have degraded picture quality.  If the next batch of AVI files I attempt to upload doesn't work, then I'll try to (if I understand the process well enough) convert them into MP4 files (rather than FLV).  That technical bit out of the way....

On the last day of February - the 29th this year - there was a pretty big snowfall in Tokyo (big for Tokyo anyway) and I took several clips of the unusual appearance of the city under all that white snow.  Most of the snow scenes are of Tachikawa, but there are some other angles thrown in, including train window views.

I went to both Kichijoji and Mitaka recently and took a few clips of the shotengai areas in each place.  Back in central Tokyo, while checking out art galleries, I took some video of Ginza - including a couple of exhibitions/installations that were interesting and very colorful - "No doubt the artist is thinking of spring" thought I.  And of course there are the usual train views from various lines - primarily the Chuo, Ginza, Tozai, Yamanote, and Keihin-Tohoku lines.

May 1990 - Shinjuku Omoide-Yokocho

May 1990 - Shibuya Station Platform

Tachikawa - Elevated Walkway - (120229)

Snow - Takao Station - (120229)

(x2) Walking from Kyobashi to Ginza - (120228)

Video recorded at 15fps and then played back at 30fps for double-time video with no sound.

(x2) Elevator Up - Stairs Down - (120228)

Video recorded at 15fps and then played back at 30fps for double-time video with no sound.

Kichijoji Mall (Short) - (120301)

Snow - Tachikawa Station Platform - (120229)

Ginza Chuo Dori - Looking Both Ways - (120228)

Snow - Nishi-Kokubunji to Tachikawa - (120229)

Looking at a rare snowfall from a side window of a Chuo Line train while going from Nishi-Kokubunji to Tachikawa.

Path to Tachikawa Shopping Arcade - (120229)

Kono Satomi (河野里美) Exhibition at Y's Arts-508 - (120307)

A beautiful and colorful exhibition.  Someday I hope to have internally illuminated pictures like these on my walls!  For now at least, the artist told me that the pictures are for the exhibition only and are not for sale.

Ginza Chuo-Dori - February 28th, 2012 - (120228)

Yurakucho-SB (A) - (120307)

Yurakucho-SB (B) - (120307)

Yurakucho to Tokyo - (120307)

KT-Line at Yurakucho Station - (120307)

Watching a Keihin-Tohoku Line train at Yurakucho Station.

Nihonbashi to Ginza (Ginza Line) - (120306)

Snow - Tachikawa Station (Both Sides) - (120229)

Snow - Tachikawa Station Area - (120229)

Snow - Tachikawa Station Area and Streets - (120229)

Snow - Tachikawa Station Area Stroll - (120229)

Snow - Tachikawa Streets - (120229)

Snow - Tachikawa to Hachioji - Chuo Line - (120229)

Snow in Tokyo Suburban Park - (120229)

Ginza Line - Nihonbashi to Ginza - (120228)

Tachikawa - Reserved Seat Train Arrival and Departure - (120229)

Tachikawa Station Shops - (120229)

Tachikawa Platform - Old Type Train, Etc

Tachikawa Evening Rush - February 29th, 2012 - (120229)

Tachikawa Station Shopping Arcade - (120229)

Tachikawa Elevated Walkways (With Snow) - (120229)

Tachikawa Platform on Rare Snow Day in Tokyo - (120229)

Tachikawa Side Streets - Evening Slush - (120229)

Tachikawa Station - Ticket Gates to Platform - (120229)

Tachikawa - Shopping Mall to Chuo Line Platform - (120229)

Tachikawa - Walking Towards Station (Some Snow) - (120229)

Tachikawa Outside Escalator (Snow Day) - (120229)

Tozai Window Reflections - Takadanobaba to Waseda - (120228)

Yamada Keiko (山田恵子) Exhibition at Steps Gallery - (120307)

Ginza Harumi-Dori (晴海通り) - (120307)

Ginza Chuo-Dori (A) - (120306)

Ginza Chuo-Dori (B) - (120306)

Hayashi Nobuaki (林伸朗) Installation at Gallery Hinoki (ギャラリー檜) - (120306)

A very colorful and fun installation/exhibition!

Yamanote and Shibuya (May 1990-A)

Views of the Yamanote Line (mainly inside) and Shibuya at night - taken in May 1990.

Train Watching - Shinbashi Station - (120307)

At Shinbashi Station - looking down the tracks towards Kanagawa.  The many tracks and trains are quite an impressive sight - although I wonder why the railway is letting the overhead steel structure that supports the power cables rust.  I suppose there's been a decision to replace them with something else, and so to just let them rust until the point where they need to be replaced....

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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