Monday, July 30, 2012

"July 1990 Otsuka, Ikebukuro, Nishi-Nippori, Etc; 2012 Mt. Takao"

The 2012 component of this batch of video clips is basically just a trip to Mt. Takao (riding the cable-car up and down the mountain, and walking around on the mountain trails), but there are several places viewed in the July 1990 clips - including an Otsuka to Ikebukuro walk (covering the things I saw along the way), and views from Nihonbashi to Nishi-Nippori (transport to Nishi-Nippori by train, not foot).  Incidentally, the Otsuka to Ikebukuro video is 30:55, which is on the long side, so I also posted three excerpts from that, one showing an old streetcar in a park, another an old shopping street as people began their evening shopping, and the last of the three showing Ikebukuro - focusing on the area between the Sunshine City area and Ikebukuro Station.  The Nishi-Nippori video is also long - at 32:03, but I didn't see the need to isolate any particular component of it, so it's just that one long video.  One comment though - watching it, notice how the JR stations have the "Bee!!!-Bee!!!-Bee!!!-Bee!!!-Bee!!!" warning sound just before they close the doors.  That used to be used at all the JR stations before they went to (mostly) the more relaxed melodies used now.

July 1990 Otsuka to Ikebukuro - 900728

Old Streetcar in Park 900728

Old Shopping Street - Higashi-Ikebukuro - (900728)

July 1990 Ikebukuro - (900728)

Mt. Takao Cable Car - Ascending - (120728)

Mt. Takao Cable Car - Descending - (120728)

Boarding Cable Car at Mt. Takao - (120728)

Electric Trains at Night - (120728)

July Flowers and Trees - (120728)

Evening Mt. Takao - (120728)

Leaning Tree and New Staircase - (120728)

Mt. Takao - Late Afternoon - (120728)

Mt. Takao - Waiting for Cable Car (Motor Noises) 120728

Waiting for Cable Car to Start - (120728)

Mt. Takao Temple Bell (Evening) - 120728

Mt. Takao Temple - Looking Around - (120728)

Mt. Takao Trail (A) 120728

Mt. Takao Trail (B) - 120728

Mt. Takao Trail Suspension Bridge - (120728)

1990 Night Stroll - Nishi-Nippori, Etc. - (900730)

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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