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"Kabukicho, Shinjuku, Shinjuku-Gyoen, Yotsuya, Ginza, Yurakucho-YSB"

Last Friday, I found myself in Shinjuku much earlier in the day than I am usually there, so I went by Shinjuku-Gyoen gardens, paid the Y200 entrance fee (well worth it, considering how clean and well-tended to the park is) and went in to wander around among the huge old trees on one end of the park.  Shinjuku-Gyoen can be quite crowded - especially during the spring and fall, but on days like Friday, June 29th, 2012, it is mostly empty and is a wonderful place within this mega-city to go in and forget about big-city life for two or three hours (being a big-city person, if you stay longer than that, you begin to worry about your schedule).

I know that pretty well, since I used to work at a high-pressure office in the area and went to the park from time-to-time to reclaim my humanity, but still I hadn't been there for some time, so I - once again - found myself feeling surprised at how nice it is inside - right in the heart of the mega-city....  It also helped that the full July-August heat of Tokyo hasn't kicked into gear yet, and so while it was hot out in the direct sun, it was fairly cool in the shade inside the park.

Another place I walked through that I haven't visited for a while is Kabukicho - and it was strange to see huge open space where the Shinjuku Koma Theater (新宿コマ劇場) building (1956-2008) has been razed and is now a huge open pit where they are still removing the basement foundation of the demolished building.  What's going to be put there in its place?  I don't know, but hopefully something more interesting than yet another sealed-box tower.  (If only those towers that look so interesting from the outside actually had good air circulation inside instead of recirculating the same air over and over - making the people inside like goldfish in a tank that needs to have its water changed.)

What else in this batch of clips....  A sidewalk stroll on a main street in the afternoon near Yotsuya; evening strolls in Ginza and Yurakucho; and train views, including a couple of longer than usual clips (around ten minutes each and marked with a "g" after the date code) that I think show the constant motion and flow of navigating Tokyo by it's comprehensive train system.

June Sky and Pond in Shinjuku Gyoen 120629

Carp Being Fed Bread in Shinjuku Gyoen 120629

Looking Up at Great Trees in Shinjuku Gyoen 120629

Shinjuku Gyoen Pond 120629

Clouds Through Trees in Shinjuku Gyoen 120629

Carp in Pond in Shinjuku Gyoen 120629

June Green of Shinjuku Gyoen 120629

Shinjuku Gyoen Afternoon Stroll 新宿御苑散策 A 120629

Shinjuku Gyoen Afternoon Stroll 新宿御苑散策 B 120629

Shinjuku Gyoen Afternoon Stroll 新宿御苑散策 C 120629

Shinjuku Gyoen Closing Time 120629

Balcony Party Glimpse 120629

Tashiro Hisashi (田代尚展) Exhibition Gallery-58 (A) - (120629)

Tashiro Hisashi (田代尚展) Exhibition Gallery-58 (B) - (120629)

Path to GoldenGai ゴールデン街までの道 120629

Kabukicho Afternoon Stroll 歌舞伎町のお昼散策 A 120629

Kabukicho Afternoon Stroll 歌舞伎町のお昼散策 B 120629

Kabukicho Afternoon Stroll 歌舞伎町のお昼散策 C 120629

Ogawa to Hagiyama 120629

Shinjuku Afternoon Stroll 新宿のお昼散策 120629

Kabukicho Alley 120629

Shinjuku Side Street Afternoon Stroll 新宿横道散策 120629

Shinjuku Dori Afternoon Stroll 新宿通り散策 A 120629

Shinjuku Dori Afternoon Stroll 新宿通り散策 B 120629

Takadanobaba to Shinjuku via Seibu-Shinjuku Line 120629

Entering Yotsuya Station via Marunouchi Line Entrance 120629

Yotsuya Platform Walk and Ride to Kanda 120629g

Yurakucho Station - Shinkansen Train Passing - Exit - (120629)

Yurakucho SB 120629

Yurakucho SB at Street Level 120629

Tokyo Station Crowds on Friday Night 120629

Yurakucho Afternoon Stroll 有楽町散策 120629

Ginza Chuo-Dori Nighttime Stroll 120629

Ginza Evening Stroll 銀座散策 A 120629

Ginza Evening Stroll 銀座散策 B 120629

Ginza Nighttime Sidestreet Stroll 120629

Yurakucho Plaza at 9:00 P.M. - (120629)

Yurakucho Plaza at 10:00 P.M. - (120629)

Nighttime Yurakucho 夜の有楽町 120629

Kanda to Tokyo and Train Typhoon Etc 120629g

Incidentally, I prefer to have the date code within parenthesis, but YouTube had begun automatically eradicating "(", ")", "-", etc. when a video is uploaded, so although titles can be de-auto-mutated after uploading, I've decided it isn't worth the extra time and frustration to fight the title auto-mutate function and that it's better to just leave the date code sitting out in the open.  It's uglier, but someone has apparently decided that parenthesis shouldn't be used in titles and instigated computer code to eradicate them, so it's probably best not to fight it.

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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