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"1990 Tabata, Shinjuku, Etc; 2012 Yamanote Line, Ginza, Etc."

This batch jumps back and forth between 1990 and 2012 (with one video from 1993, which references a video from 1991).  The opening scene is of a 1990 rooftop beer garden in Shinjuku, then a 1990 udon shop in a train station, followed by a 1993 look at an archaeological dig where the Shiodome office towers now stand.  There are also art exhibition views, a couple of long Yamanote Line rides, and glimpses of other train lines in Tokyo.

I'll comment after some of the video titles and links below.

1990 Shinjuku Rooftop Beer Garden - (900816)

There are still rooftop beer gardens in Tokyo, but not nearly as many as there used to be.  Regarding a difference between then and now (to a degree anyway), as a viewer commented, just about all the men are wearing white shirts.  It was in the bubble years (of which this is the tail end, when things were just beginning to slide), that some people began to wear colored shirts, but even now, probably there are more people wearing white shirts here than in many countries.

1990 Udon と Soba Ticket Machine (900806)

1993 Shiodome Archaeological Dig - (930624)

Before the many office towers went up in Shiodome, this was undeveloped land.  It used to be a rail freight yard, after which the rails were ripped out and it was used for model homes, a circus, a small amusement park, etc.  I visited it during this time period in 1991:

Shiodome Before the Highrises Were Built - March 9th, 1991

But going back to the 1993 view - this is what it looked like just prior to beginning construction of the office towers, when they were carefully digging out old ruins.  Presumably they carted the rocks and whatnot off and reconstructed them somewhere else, but I don't know where.

1990 Tamachi to Shinjuku - (900802)

1990 Shinjuku Night, Etc. - (900802)

A bit on the long side maybe, but it captures some of the 1990 atmosphere of Shinjuku, which is a little different from 2012.

Inside Bookstore (120814)

Shinjuku - Entering Book Store Building (120814)

Group Exhibition at GGICM (A) 120814

Group Exhibition at GGICM (B) 120814

The above two clips show an August 2012 group exhibition at Gallery Ginza 1-Chome.

Empty Space by Hibiya Park (New Construction Soon) 120814

Looking over where the Sanshin Building used to be - and where they are (apparently) planning to build a gargantuan office tower.

Sasaki Hisae 佐々木久枝 Calligraphy と Ikebana Exhibit (A) 120814

Sasaki Hisae 佐々木久枝 Calligraphy と Ikebana Exhibit (B) 120814

Sasaki Hisae 佐々木久枝 Calligraphy と Ikebana Exhibit (C) 120814

Takadanobaba - Seibu to Tozai - (120814)

Southern Terrace Trees (120814)

Shinjuku Station - South Exit Area (120814)

Yurakucho to Shinagawa - Evening Yamanote Line (120814)

Just looking out the window of the Yamanote Line - but even after all these years, I never find the ride boring.  There is so much activity and things to see while making the trip.

Otemachi to Kyobashi (Tozai and Ginza Lines) - (120814)

1990 Nighttime Tabata Area, Etc. - (900806)

Shinagawa to Shinjuku - Evening Yamanote Line (120814)

Another fairly long Yamanote Line ride.

Yurakucho Station - Hibiya Exit (120814)

Ginza 4-Chome and Harumi Dori 銀座四丁目と晴海通り (120814)

Harumi-Dori Stroll - (120814)

Streetside Aquarium (A) - Ginza Sony Building (120814)

Streetside Aquarium (B) - Ginza Sony Building (120814)

The concept is certainly interesting - live tropical fish near a busy Ginza intersection - but when I tried taking some photos and videos, they didn't turn out very well.

Yurakucho Evening Stroll 120814

Yurakucho Station Entrance and Platform 120814

Shinjuku Evening Street - South to East (120814)

1990 Tamachi Lunchtime People (900806)

Fashions and hairstyles have changed a bit in the last 22 years....

Shinjuku East Side Stroll (Evening) 120814

1990 Tabata Station at Night - (900806)

Evening Street by Shinjuku Station South Exit (120814)

Shinjuku Platform Walk - Yamanote Line (120814)

Evening Southern Terrace to Bridge - (120814g)

I didn't have high expectations when I began recording this clip, but it turned out to have some decent scenes.  I like the twilight views from the middle of the pedestrian bridge.

Insect and Car Noises 120817

Waving Construction Sign 120816

Seto Tadashi 瀬戸但し Installation at Gallery Camellia ギャラリーカメリア (A) 120816

Seto Tadashi 瀬戸但し Installation at Gallery Camellia ギャラリーカメリア (B) 120816

Billboard (and Music) Advertising Truck in Ginza (120816)

Ginza Evening Side Streets 120816

Nihonbashi Old Restaurant 120816

The everything-old-must-be-destroyed Godzilla monster is busy tearing down old buildings in Kyobashi and Nihonbashi, but a few old buildings are still left.  This two-story old wooden building is the type of structure the city used to be full of.

Yurakucho Evening Plaza 120816

Yurakucho Zebra Crosswalks 120816

1990 Old Wooden Apartment Bldg in Tabata (900807)

This type of old wooden building probably really isn't very safe from a fire (and probably earthquake) perspective, but wooden buildings like this have so much more character than concrete ones!

1990 Tabata Hot Afternoon Walkabout 田畑 (900807)

1990 Nihonbashi Evening - (900820)

1990 Shinjuku Department Store Restaurants - (900816)

1990 Shinjuku Elevator Operator - (900816)

1990 Shinjuku Indoor Scenes, Etc. - (900816)

1990 Shinjuku Station Area Stores - (900816)

1990 Tamachi Lunchtime, Etc. - (900820)

1990 Tamachi to Tokyo - Keihin-Tohoku Line - (900820)

A quick warning about the next two video clips - I've not had very good luck with playing them, so be forewarned.  Hopefully they'll play for you if you try the links.  The original files are fine - it's just the uploaded versions I'm having trouble getting to play - I think it's just congested network conditions or something, but thought I should mention it nevertheless (if it's happened repeatedly to me, presumably it could happen to someone else as well).

Takadanobaba Walkabout (A) 120816

Takadanobaba Walkabout (B) 120816

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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