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"1993 Sendai, Ichinoseki, Iwate; 1992 Sydney; 1990 Ebisu, Hiro; 2012 Natsu-Matsuri, Etc."

Lot's of time traveling in this batch of video clips, from 1990 in a few clips taken on August 3rd, 1990, when I walked from Ebisu over to the other side of the Yamanote Line, to 1992 when I visited Sydney Australia, to 1993 when I drove up to Sendai and Ichinoseki, and of course 2012, which consists of modern Tokyo train scenes and visits to art galleries in Kyobashi and Ginza.  There is such a wide range of material this time, I'll skip attempting to say much of anything at the top here and make some comments underneath titles I feel are deserving of some explanation.

1993 Tokyo to Sendai Drive (Route-4) 930805-06

Having heard that there is a famous version of the Tanabata Festival in Sendai, I rented a Honda Civic (just a basic model without frills and with something like a 1400cc engine, but a great car!) and drove up from Tokyo.  The drive was interesting.  One thing that really surprised me along the way was discovering (when I got lost) that there were two parallel highways with exactly the same name!!  Route-4, it turns out, splits at one point, and since it rejoins (eventually, after many kilometers), it was apparently thought a great idea to name both versions of the spit with the exact same name!  (I would think something like Route-4a and Route-4b would have been nice...)

In any event, I eventually arrived in Sendai, found somewhere to park the car, and walked around for awhile to see the festival.  They had impressively large displays hanging from the two-story roofs of roofed shopping malls, which is certainly practical, but the combination of being basically inside a building (enclosed except on the ends - like a tunnel) and the fact that there were hordes of other tourists there (for the same reason as I...), made it a bit stressful, so I didn't stay long and headed up further north.  Later in the day, I arrived at Ichinoseki just before evening (see next video).

1993 Ichinoseki Tanabata-Matsuri 一関七夕祭り (930806g)

After not being happy under a roof and in mainly enclosed spaces in Sendai, once I got to Ichinoseki, parked the car, and found myself on an outdoor street which was set up to celebrate the Tanabata Festival, I found myself quite energized and happy to be out in the open, under the sky, in the wind, walking through the hanging decorations suspended from bamboo poles on either side of the street.  It only partly shows in the video, but the total effect of having direct contact with the sky and wind - and walking through the hanging decorations blowing in the wind - was magical.  As it got dark, they announced that there would be a fireworks display nearby, so I went to that (which is contained in the "Ichinoseki Tanabata-Matsuri" video, and also isolated as an individual clip via the following link).

1993 Ichinoseki Hanabi Fireworks 一関花火 - (930806)

1993 Iwate Drive, Etc - (930807) 岩手ドライブなど

After getting a little sleep in Ichinoseki, I headed up north again - further into Iwate Prefecture (岩手県).

Kanda to Tokyo (Chuo and Yamanote Lines) - (120730)

Night Ride (Yurakucho to Kanda) - Yamanote and Chuo Lines - (120730)

Night Train Arriving -  (120730)

Chuo Line - Inside View  (120730)

1993 Shinjuku Summer Afternoon (930706)

1993 Shinjuku Late Afternoon (930706)

1990 Machida, Ebisu and Hiro (August) - (900803)

I was glad to find this material, as I had forgotten that I had ever ventured out from the east side exit of Ebisu Station.  I'd see (in old pictures and video material) the old bridge over the tracks and think "I wish I'd gone over there before this area was developed - while that bridge was still there", and so when I looked at one of my old tapes from August 1990, I was quite happy to suddenly see myself walking over the bridge and out the east side exit!  Much more so than with still photographs, old videos really do sometimes feel just like a time machine - especially when it's material that you've taken yourself!  Since you really have been there, but didn't remember - it's about as close to having a time machine as you can get without actually having a time machine I suppose!

1990 Hiro Azabu Hamamatsucho (August) - (900803)

A big surprise for me in (re)watching/visiting the side of HIro closest to Ebisu in this 1990 material, was discovering/remembering that there were old wooden houses with small metalworks factories in them - the last remnants of the postwar economy that supported so many small parts-makers like this.  It was also surprising, as Hiro is now known as an exclusive area, so seeing old wooden houses very similar to the ones in old shitamachi seemed strange when seen in Hiro.  (Well - more to the point, seemed strange under the brand name "Hiro"!)

1990 Shinjuku Camera Crew  (900713)

1992 Jp-Tour: Brisbane, Surfers Paradise (from Sydney) 920416

1992 Sydney and Trip to Katoomba - (920415)

1992 Sydney (Trains, Nighttime Ferry) 920413

1992 Sydney Trains, Etc.  (920414)

Art Space Ginza One アートスペース銀座ワン (Hallway) July 30th, 2012 (A) 120730

Art Space Ginza One アートスペース銀座ワン (Hallway) July 30th, 2012 (B) 120730

Art Space Ginza One アートスペース銀座ワン (Hallway) July 30th, 2012 (C) 120730

Nashimoto Youz 梨本柚子 Amore Ginza Gallery アモーレ銀座ギャラリー (A) 120730

Nashimoto Youz 梨本柚子 Amore Ginza Gallery アモーレ銀座ギャラリー (B)  120730

Sawada Ken 澤田賢 Art Space Rondo アートスペースロンド (120730)

Tsuboshima Yuki 坪島悠貴 Exhibition at Gallery Ginza Forest - (120731)

Ginza-One Tokyo-Ten サロンど東京展 2012年8月 August Exhibition  (120731)

Double Decker Advertisement Bus (in Tokyo)  120731

Shinjuku Platform Scene - Outbound Chuo Line - (120731)

Tokyo to Shinjuku - Nighttime Chuo Line - (120731)

Shinjuku South Exit - July 31st, 2012  (120731)

Natsu-Matsuri Hanabi (A) 120804 花火

Natsu-Matsuri Hanabi (B) 120804 花火

Natsu-Matsuri Hanabi (C) 120804 花火

Natsu-Matsuri Hanabi (D) 120804 花火

Natsu-Matsuri Hanabi (E) 120804 花火

Natsu-Matsuri Hanabi (F) 120804g 花火

Natsu-Matsuri Hanabi (G) 120804g 花火

Natsu-Matsuri Hanabi (H) 120804 花火

Natsu-Matsuri Hanabi (I) 120804 Convenience Store 花火

Natsu-Matsuri Hanabi (J) 120804 花火

Nihonbashi to Kyobashi 120807

Long Internal-Combustion Engine Vehicle and Summer Clouds (120807)

Hot Day Air Conditioner Noise in Kyobashi 120807

Kyobashi Side Street Construction Site 120807

Summer Evening Clouds 120807

Yurakucho Plaza - August 2012 - (120807)

Yurakucho to Tokyo 120807

Shinjuku Chuo Line Platform (Night) - 120807

Departing Shinjuku (Outbound Night Train) - 120807

Shinjuku Station (South Exit Area) - 120807

Watching Trains Pass by at Night (Shinjuku) - 120807

Tokyo to Shinjuku (Evening Chuo Line) - 120807g

Night Coffee Reflections (Shinjuku) - 120807

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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