Sunday, March 23, 2008

That Train Before? Half-Empty! Here's the Real Thing...

I accidentally sent a video of a half empty train before when I was trying to show how crowded it gets sometimes - here's the real thing:

2013/06/23 Update: Video Google was discontinued and so the above link no longer works. Here's the video on YouTube:

Actually Full Train in 1991 (Why Flex Time is a Good Idea)

(As posted with the video):

I have nothing but the highest respect and admiration for the Tokyo train system - but even this fine system running like clockwork has its limits. This video was taken in 1991 and things have improved somewhat due to increased trains and (more importantly) flex-time being allowed at many companies, but even now, when something throws the trains a little off schedule (someone taking the express checkout from life by jumping in front of a train, etc.), then things can be as shown in the video. 30,000,000 people is a lot of work to move about!

This video has been relentlessly copied by a lot of people - none with my permission. It's my video and I retain all rights to it.

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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