Monday, July 12, 2010

"The Okuno Building - Summer 2010"

The 1932 Okuno Building - or buildings really.  The left side was constructed first, and then the right.  Since they are internally connected with a hallway seamlessly running the length of both buildings, it's effectively a single building.
Some details.  The left side has a well in the basement (the pump system falling into disrepair in conjunction with the early-construction-phase digging (three-stories deep!) for the new large building to the side and behind it.  They apparently pumped so much water out of the ground that the sidewalk sank by about three centimeters in places, the well pump system was ruined, and the foundation to the left half of the Okuno Building was damaged (the two buildings are beginning to separate after over 70 years of sitting seamlessly together...).
The stairwell of the right side building.  The left side curves around in stages to accommodate the elevator shaft.
And that's the big beast (behind and to the side) that has damaged the Okuno Building.  In this picture, the new big beast looks like more than one building, but the structure on the left *and* behind the left side of the Okuno Building is one building (which is much wider on the other side of the block than this side).  Considering how they dug down three stories and then left the gaping hole open for several months, this level of excavation was too close to the Okuno Building.  Hopefully they'll be responsible and repair the damage they've done to the foundation - which won't be easy, but isn't impossible.


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