Monday, July 26, 2010

"Yushima-Seido (Below the Hill), and Akihabara (July 2010)"

Walking into the grounds of Yushima-Seido - near Ochanomizu Station - and having a look around in what looks tree-shade-cool in the video, but was a rather hot day (even in the shade).  After that, I continued down the hill to Akihabara and there are views of both the main street there and also side streets.

"Entering Yushima-Seido Grounds" (100723Fr-1359)

Starting from one of the streets that runs alongside Yushima-Seido, and then entering the Yushima-Seido grounds.  This kind of green is much appreciated when living in a mega-city!

湯島聖堂の緑の中に入る  東京

"Yushima-Seido Lower Area" (100723Fr-1412)

Taking a quick look around at the base of the hill in Yushima-Seido.

湯島聖堂 - 坂の下の所  東京

"Yushima-Seido Lower Area 360" (100723Fr-1416)

Taking a 360-degree look around at the base of the hill within Yushima-Seido.

湯島聖堂 - 坂の下の所 - 360  東京

"Confucius Stature at Yushima-Seido" (100723Fr-1418)

Walking over and having a look at the Confucius statue within the Yushima-Seido grounds.

湯島聖堂の孔子  東京

"Walking Towards Akihabara from Ochanomizu" (100723Fr-1420)

Walking midway between Ochanomizu Station and the Akihabara electronics area.

御茶ノ水がスタートで、秋葉原に向かう  東京

"Entering Akihabara" (100723Fr-1426)

Walking into the Akihabara electronics (and other things...) area.

歩いて、秋葉原に入る  東京

"Akihabara Main Street Stroll-A" (100723Fr-1431)

Walking along the main street in Akihabara. (A)

秋葉原の大通り散歩-A  東京

"Akihabara Main Street Stroll-B" (100723Fr-1433)

Walking along the main street in Akihabara. (B)

秋葉原の大通り散歩-B  東京

"Akihabara Main Street Stroll-C" (100723Fr-1434)

Walking along the main street in Akihabara. (C)

秋葉原の大通り散歩-C  東京

"Akihabara Side Street Stroll-A" (100723Fr-1443)

Exploring side streets in Akihabara. (A)

秋葉原の裏道散歩-A  東京

"Akihabara Side Street Stroll-B" (100723Fr-1449)

Exploring side streets in Akihabara. (B)

秋葉原の裏道散歩-B  東京

"Akihabara - Back to the Main Street" (100723Fr-1501)

Returning to the main street in Akihabara after walking around on a few side streets.

秋葉原の裏道から、また大通りに戻る  東京

"Religious Advertisement Bullhorn Speaker Van" (100723Fr-1519)

One of the world's many religions being rather loudly advertised in Akihabara via a bullhorn speaker-van.

秋葉原の宗教広告スピーカー・カー  東京

"Promotional Something-or-Other in Akihabara Station" (100723Fr-1525)

Some sort of advertising campaign within Akihabara Station.  Since the privatization of JNR (now JR), they have been very inventive in ways of making money, but I notice that the bridges near Akihabara are rusting.  I hope they're not cutting costs on maintenance - which saves money short-term and costs even more money long term....

秋葉原駅内の何とかキャンペーン  東京

"Akihabara to Ueno via Keihin-Tohoku Kaisoku" (100723Fr-1526)

Taking a kaisoku (rapid) Keihin-Tohoku Line train from Akihabara to Ueno (bypassing Okachimachi).

快速京浜東北線で、秋葉原駅から、上野駅まで  東京

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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