Thursday, July 29, 2010

"Ueno Ameyokocho Area - Walking Around"

Starting with exiting Ueno Station at the exit nearest to Ameyokocho (Shinobazu Exit), and then walking around a bit in the Ameyokocho area (formerly a black market), and finally heading back onto the train system by entering Okachimachi Station (which is under construction).

"Exiting Ueno Station" (100723-1529)

Exiting Ueno Station and heading towards the Ameyokocho shopping area (former black market).

上野駅を出て、アメ横丁に向かう  東京

"Ueno Area - Trackside Walk" (100723-1604)

Walking beside the elevated tracks near Ameyokocho (which is on the other side of the tracks).

上野駅の近く、アメ横丁の反対側  東京

"Exiting Ueno Yodobashi Camera" (100723-1624)

Going down a few flights of escalators and then walking out the first floor exit of the Ueno Yodobashi Camera.

上野のヨドバシカメラを出るところ  東京

"Ameyokocho Stroll-A" (100723-1626)

Walking through part of Ueno's Ameyokocho. (A)

上野のアメ横丁散歩-A  東京

"Ameyokocho Stroll-B" (100723-1628)

"Ameyokocho Stroll-C" (100723-1629)

"Ameyokocho Stroll-D" (100723-1637)

"Entering Okachimachi Station" (100723-1639)

Entering Okachimachi Station and heading for the  elevated platforms via an escalator.

御徒町駅に入るところ  東京

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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