Monday, September 13, 2010

"Ginza, the Chuo Line and Shinjuku"

Taken over the 6th and 7th of September - with views of Ginza taken on both days, as well as Chuo Line views and some scenes in Shinjuku.  Within the batch is a song performed live by a street musician in Shinjuku and a video of an art exhibition/installation in Ginza.

"Ginza 4-Chome Waco Building Clock Tower" (100906Mo-1601)

Looking up at the clock tower of the Waco Building just as it finishes striking four o'clock - with a background of white clouds drifting through a very blue sky.

銀座四丁目の和光ビルと青白空  東京

"Yurakucho Retail Store Cruise" (100906Mo-1626)

Walking through a discount electronics store in Yurakucho.

有楽町電気屋散歩  東京

"Kaneko Satoko (兼子紗都子) Exhibition - September 6th, 2010" (100906Mo-1733)

Exhibition by Kaneko Satoko (兼子紗都子) at the Ginza Okuno Building.  The shadows created by the exhibition/installation were very interesting.

兼子紗都子の銀座展示会  東京

"Tokyo Station Bus Area Late at Night" (100906Mo-2323)

Walking between a construction zone and the highway bus boarding area in front of Tokyo Station.

夜遅くの東京駅ハイウェイバス乗り場  東京

"Passing Old Orange Chuo Line Train - September 6th, 2010" (100906Mo-2343)

Passing an old orange Chuo Line train in a newer one.  At this point - September 6th, 2010 - there can't be many of the old type Chuo Line trains still being used.  Maybe this is the last one?

夜遅く、新しい中央線で古い中央線を通す  東京

"Window Reflections - Late Night Chuo Line" (100907Mo-0005)

Looking at out a door window on a late night Chuo Line train as it rolls westward.

夜遅く、中央線の窓反射  東京

"Street Band in Front of Kokubunji Station" (100907Mo-0015)

Looking and listening to a pair of street musicians performing in front of Kokubunji Station late at night.

国分寺駅前のストリートバンド  東京

"Ginza Line - Arriving at Ginza Station" (100907Tu-1525)

Arriving at Ginza Station in a Ginza Line subway train.

銀座線で銀座駅に到着  東京

"Ginza Chuo-Dori Stroll" (100907Tu-1528)

Walking along Chuo Dori at the beginning of September - in temperatures unchanged from August.

銀座中央通り散歩  東京

"Ginza Okuno Building Manual Door Elevator Ride" (100907Tu-1535)

Riding in the Okuno Building elevator, with its manually operated doors.

銀座奥野ビルの手動エレベーター  東京

"Ginza Okuno Building 6th Floor Gate" (100907Tu-1539)

Looking at the 6th floor gate in the Ginza Okuno Building (with the former danwashitsu across the hall behind it), and up towards the 7th floor.

銀座奥野ビルの六階ゲートと七階  東京

"Nakajima Takashi (中嶌タカシ) Live in Shinjuku" (100907Tu-2123)

Listening to a song by Nakajima Takashi - performed live in front of the west side of Shinjuku Station.

新宿でストリートライブの中嶌タカシ  東京

"Shinjuku Street Musician at 21:33" (100907Tu-2133)

A street musician performing at 9:33 p.m.  (I'm not sure what his name is - otherwise I'd put it in here!)

新宿の21:33ストリートライブ  東京

"Shinjuku Station West Side Wandering" (100907Tu-2136)

Wandering around - past a group of Chinese tourists and a woman singing while playing a keyboard.

新宿駅の西側ブラブラ散歩  東京

"Shinjuku 9:30 p.m. Stroll - Omoide-Yokocho" (100907Tu-2138)

Walking around in Shinjuku - and through the izakaya street Omoide-Yokocho.

新宿21:30散歩 - 思い出横丁  東京

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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