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"Ginza, Yurakucho, Shinjuku, and Late-Night Nakano Back-Streets"

Opening with train views from the Tozai and Ginza subway lines.  Then a brief view inside the Okuno Building, walking by the former 6th-floor lounge (danwashitsu) of the building (now used as a conference room by one of the 6th-floor offices).

Then Yurakucho, train scenes on the way to Shinjuku, Shinjuku scenes, followed by more train scenes on the way to Nakano and then late-night Nakano scenes - taken on back streets.  Finally, wrapping up with a reflective look inside a Chuo Line train.

"Tozai Line Train Arriving at Takadanobaba" (100831Tu-1435)

A Tozai Subway Line train arrives at Takadanobaba Station.

東西線が高田馬場駅に到着  東京

"Ginza Line - Nihonbashi to Kyobashi" (100831Tu-1453)

Looking out the back cab of a Ginza Line train as it goes from Nihonbashi to Kyobashi.

銀座線の一番後ろに見て、日本橋駅から、京橋駅まで  東京

"Walking by the Former Lounge of the Okuno Building" (100831Tu-1523)

Walking by the room that used to be the lounge in the Okuno Building (formerly called "Ginza Apartment[s]").

銀座奥野ビルの元談話室の前を通る  東京

"Sato Hinako (佐藤比南子) Exhibit/Installation in Ginza" (100831Tu-1708)

An interesting installation by Sato Hinako, featuring an arrangement of wool.  (The color balance of this video is off on the red side.)

佐藤比南子さんの銀座展示会/インスタレーション  東京

"Entering Yurakucho Station in the Evening" (100831Tu-1834)

Entering Yurakucho Station at around 6:30 in the evening.

夕方、有楽町駅に入るところ  東京

"Keihin-Tohoku Line - Yurakucho to Tokyo" (100831Tu-1835)

Looking out a right side window of a Keihin-Tohoku Line train between Yurakucho and Tokyo stations.

夕方、京浜東北線で有楽町駅から東京駅まで(右側)  東京

"Waiting to Board Chuo Line at Tokyo Station" (100831Tu-1838)

Waiting to board a Chuo Line train at Tokyo Station.  Sometimes - like in this video, they make everyone wait while they make sure there is no one left on the train.  This is done to stop people from Kanda etc. from backtracking and just staying on the train in order to keep/get a seat.

東京駅で中央線を乗る為の待つ  東京

"Outbound Chuo Line Train Loading at Shinjuku During Rush" (100831Tu-1854)

Walking along the outbound Chuo Line platform as a train unloads and loads.

新宿駅の夕方ラッシュの下り中央線  東京

"Shinjuku Station - Upper Level and South Exit" (100831Tu-1855)

Walking around the upper level of Shinjuku Station during the evening rush - walking past a book store and then out the South Exit ticket gates.

新宿駅 - 上のところと南口  東京

"Shinjuku - South Exit Westbound Hill Decent" (100831Tu-1857)

Walking down the westward hill after coming out of the south gate of Shinjuku Station.

新宿駅南口の西向き散歩  東京

"Crossing into Shinjuku from Nishi-Shinjuku" (100831Tu-2136)

Crossing the street - entering Shinjuku from Nishi-Shinjuku.

西新宿から新宿へ入るとこと  東京

"Entering Shinjuku Station - South Exit - Chuo Line" (100831Tu-2136)

Walking up the hill to the south entrance to Shinjuku Station, then passing through the south entrance ticket gates, and walking along the Chuo Line platform.

新宿駅を入って、南改札口を通って、中央線に向かう  東京

"Outbound Chuo Line Train Arriving at Shinjuku Station" (100831Tu-2142)

Watching an outbound Chuo Line train arrive at Shinjuku Station.

新宿駅で下り中央線電車が遣って来る  東京

"Trains at Nakano Station - August 31st" (100831Tu-2149)

Watching passing and stopping trains while heading for the exit at Nakano Station.

中野駅で出口を向かって通る電車を見る  東京

"Nakano Back Street Stroll (A)" (100831Tu-2158)

Walking around on the back streets of Nakano.  (A)

中野横道散歩(A)  東京

"Nakano Back Street Stroll (B)" (100831Tu-2202)

Walking around on the back streets of Nakano.  (B)

中野横道散歩(B)  東京

"Nakano Back Street Stroll (C)" (100831Tu-2203)

Walking around on the back streets of Nakano.  (C)

中野横道散歩(C)  東京

"Nighttime Tsukin-Kaisoku Chuo Line Window Reflections" (100831Tu-2224)

Left side nighttime window view on an outbound Chuo Line train.  (Notice the blue lights on platforms the train passes - particularly the one towards the end of the clip.)

夜通勤快速中央線窓反射  東京

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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