Wednesday, September 22, 2010

"Holiday Morning Trains, Ginza Chuo Dori, SB-1955 Chevy Ride, Yurakucho SB, Etc."

Riding holiday morning trains to Shinbashi, and then walking around in Ginza into the evening.  After Ginza I walked over to the Yurakucho SB and ended up getting a ride in the SB-1955 Chevy.  This set of clips ends with Yurakucho scenes and a train out of Yurakucho.

"Holiday Morning Kanda Station" (100920Mo-0757)

A mostly empty Kanda Station on a holiday morning.

休日の朝神田駅  東京

"Tokyo to Yurakucho (Left Side)" (100920Mo-0800)

Riding from Tokyo Station to Yurakucho Station (left side view).

東京駅から有楽町駅まで  東京

"Exiting Shinbashi Station" (100920Mo-0804)

Exiting Shinbashi Station and heading towards Shiodome.

新橋駅を出て、汐留へ向かう  東京

"Empty Walkway Near Shiodome" (100920Mo-0813)

Walking on elevated walkways near Shiodome.

汐留近くの横断歩道橋  東京

"Ginza 8-Chome Fringe" (100920Mo-0837)

A lonely spot between buildings on the edge of Ginza - in 8-Chome.

銀座八丁目の寂しいところ  東京

"Ginza 6-Chome Stroll" (100920Mo-1100)

Walking around in Ginza 6-Chome.

銀座六丁目散歩  東京

"Ginza 4-Chome Intersection Area" (100920Mo-1149)

Walking around in and near the Ginza 4-Chome intersection.

銀座四丁目あたり  東京

"Ginza Chuo-Dori Stroll-A" (100920Mo-1151)

Walking along Ginza's Chuo-Dori. (A)

銀座中央通散歩-A  東京

"Ginza Chuo-Dori Stroll-B" (100920Mo-1152)

Walking along Ginza's Chuo-Dori. (B)

銀座中央通散歩-B  東京

"Ginza Narrow Passageway" (100920Mo-1154)

Walking along a very narrow path between buildings in Ginza.

銀座ウルトラ細い道  東京

"Construction Behind Okuno Building" (100920Mo-1343)

Taking a look at construction on an old building right behind the Okuno Building.

銀座奥野ビルの後ろ側の工事  東京

"Ginza Okuno Building Inside Elevator Doors" (100920Mo-1723)

Looking at the internal elevator doors in the Okuno Building as the elevator descends.

銀座奥野ビルのエレベータードア  東京

"Ginza Dori Pedestrian Paradise - A" (100920Mo-1734)

Near 1-Chome on a holiday, when they have "Pedestrian Paradise" in Ginza.  (A)

銀座大通り車ぬき  東京

"Ginza Dori Pedestrian Paradise - B" (100920Mo-1759)

Near 6-Chome on a holiday, when they have "Pedestrian Paradise" in Ginza.  (B)

銀座大通り車ぬき  東京

"Ginza 4-Chome Intersection at Night" (100920Mo-1803)

Looking around at the Ginza 4-Chome intersection.

夜の銀座四丁目交差点  東京

"Ginza Chuo Dori Night Stroll" (100920Mo-1805)

Walking along Ginza's Chuo Dori at night.

夜の銀座中央通散歩  東京

"Yurakucho Night Rail Bridge" (100920Mo-1813)

Walking under an old steel bridge in Yurakucho.

有楽町鉄道橋  東京

"Yurakucho-SB 1955 Chevy Ride - September 20th, 2010" (100920Mo-2025)

Riding in a 1955 Chevy near Tokyo Station.

東京駅近くの1955年Chevy  東京

"Yurakucho-SB 1955 Chevy Drives Off - September 20th, 2010" (100920Mo-2030)

Watching the SB-1955 Chevy drive off near Tokyo Station.

東京駅近くの1955年Chevy  東京

"Yurakucho Late-Night SB" (100920Mo-2253)

Late night at the Yurakucho SB.

有楽町の夜遅くSB  東京

"Yurakucho Station - Waiting for Train at 11:00 p.m. (Holiday)" (100920Mo-2257)

Waiting for a train at Yurakucho Station at 11:00 p.m.

有楽町駅駅で電車を待つ  東京

"Yurakucho to Tokyo at 11:00 p.m." (100920Mo-2300)

Riding a Keihin-Tohoku Line train from Yurakucho to Tokyo.

京浜東北線で、有楽町駅から東京駅まで  東京

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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