Thursday, January 06, 2011

"Seibu, Tozai, Chuo and Ginza Lines, Yurakucho, Shinjuku, Ginza Barrier Road, Etc."

A fairly random set of video clips - with views on the Seibu, Keihin-Tohoku, Tozai, Chuo and Ginza Lines, as well as a look back in time to 1993 when I ran out of road in the mountains not far from Takayama.  Also walking views in Shinjuku and a look at the barrier road in Ginza that divides the "right side of the road" from the "wrong side of the road".  Both sides are still Ginza, but the barrier road stops most people who walk into Ginza from Yurakucho from venturing any further than the noise and exhaust barrier that the road is.  (I've ventured across this barrier several times, but there is something depressing about the far side, so I've mainly given up on going there.)

Seibu Rear Cab View - Arriving at Ogawa Station (101109-1128)

Looking around by the rear cab of a Seibu Line train as it runs to Ogawa Station.

Seibu Kokubunji Line - Manual Cab View (Koigakubo to Kokubunji) (101108-1246)

Front cab view in a Seibu Line train as it runs from Koigakubo to Kokubunji.  西武鉄道

Boarding Tozai Line at Takadanobaba (101109-1206)

Walking down the Tozai Line platform at Takadanobaba Station and then onto a Tozai Train that pulls into the station.

Boarding Ginza Line at Nihonbashi Station (101109-1223)

Watching a Ginza Line train arrive at Nihonbashi Station and then climbing aboard.

Ginza Old Building Details (101109-1652)

Looking at some details of an old building in Ginza - the floor, the elevator, etc.

Ginza Barrier Road (101109-1703)

Looking out over the fire-breathing machinery road that forms a barrier between the Ginza that people are comfortable visiting on foot from Yurakucho Station and the outer reaches across the sea of noxious machinery....  銀座バリヤロード 東京

Walking Down Sidewalk Near Yurakucho-SB (101109-1745)

Walking down the evening sidewalk near the Yurakucho-SB.

Homeward Bound People in Yurakucho (101109-1807)

Homeward-bound people walk by on an evening Yurakucho sidewalk.

Yurakucho Stainless Steel Reflections-A (101109-1821)

Nighttime Yurakucho Stainless steel reflections - A.

Yurakucho Stainless Steel Reflections-B (101109-1824)

Nighttime Yurakucho Stainless steel reflections - B.

Crossing Street and Entering Yurakucho Station (101109-1832)

Crossing the street and entering Yurakucho station with a crowd of homeward-bound people.

Keihin-Tohoku Line from Yurakucho to Tokyo (101109-1834)

Right side view on a nighttime Keihin-Tohoku Line train rolling from Yurakucho to Tokyo.

Tokyo Station Chuo Line Platform Walk (101109-1837)

Walking along the Chuo Line platform at Tokyo Station during the evening rush.

Chuo Line Trains at Tokyo Station (101109-1839)

Watching departing and arriving trains at Tokyo Station.

Shinjuku Station Upper Level and South Exit (101109-1856)

Walking through the upper level of Shinjuku Station and through the South Exit ticket gates.

Shinjuku - Crossing Street Near South Exit (101109-1859)

Crossing the street just outside of the South Exit of Shinjuku Station.

Shinjuku Station West Side Sidewalk Stroll (101109-2147)

Walking along the edge of Shinjuku Station on the west side.

"End of the Road" (Japan Mountain Road - May 1993)

Running out of road in the mountains of Japan in May 1993.


Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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