Friday, January 21, 2011

"Tour Bus Views, Otemachi Station, Ginza, Akasaka, Shinjuku, Etc."

There are a lot of clips that cover a number of places in this batch of video clips - starting off with several from a one-day bus tour I went on, and going on to (what else) views from several different train lines in Tokyo, including a transfer at Otemachi Station from the Tozai Line to the Marunouchi Line; and views of the Seibu, Ginza, and Chuo lines. There are also street views from Ginza and Akasaka, and a couple of brief clips of two (relatively) long-term tenants in the Okuno Building discussing things (in Japanese), etc.

Inside Bus - Rear View on Expressway (110114-1002)

Looking out the rear of a tour bus on the expressway.

Bus on Expressway - Front View (110114-1008)

Looking out the front windshield of a tour bus on the expressway.

Exiting the Expressway - View from Bus (110114-1113)

View from bus while leaving the expressway.

Bus Driving Away From Harbor (110114-1243)

On a tour bus driving away from a harbor.

Walking Through Strawberry Greenhouse (110114-1320)

Walking through a greenhouse for strawberries.

Gotenba Outlet Mall - Looking Around (110114-1700)

Looking around at the Gotenba outlet mall in Shizuoka.

Looking Out Rear Window of Night Bus (110114-1750)

Looking out rear window of tour bus returning to Tokyo at night.

Highway Ride Towards Tokyo in Light Traffic (110114-1751)

On a tour bus driving in light traffic on the way back to Tokyo.

Night Tour Bus - Front View (110114-1845)

Looking out the front window of a night bus heading towards Tokyo.

Otemachi Station - Transferring from Tozai Line to Marunouchi Line (110119-1659)

Transferring from the Tozai Line to the Marunouchi Line at Otemachi Station.

Marunouchi Line - Otemachi to Awajicho (110119-1704)

Riding the Marunouchi Line from Otemachi to Awajicho. 丸ノ内線の大手町駅から淡路町駅まで

Waiting for a Train at Ogawa Station (110117-1404)

Waiting for and then boarding a Seibu Line train at Ogawa Station.

Watching Tozai Line Train Arrive at Takadanobaba (110117-1439)

Watching a Tozai Line train arrive at Takadanobaba Station and then climbing aboard.

Watching Ginza Line Train Arrive at Nihonbashi Station (110117-1456)

Watching a Ginza Line train arrive at Nihonbashi Station.

Ginza Side Street Stroll (110117-1502)

Walking down side streets in Ginza.

Departing Ochanomizu Station (110118-0022)

Departing Ochanomizu Station on a late-night Chuo Line train.

Marunouchi Line - Yotsuya Station - 9:09 a.m. (110118-0909)

Boarding a Marunouchi Line train at Yotsuya Station at 9:09 a.m.

Akasaka 2-Chome (赤坂2丁目) (110118-0930)

Looking around in Akasaka 2-Chome (赤坂2丁目).

Walking into Convenience Store in Akasaka (110118-1228)

Walking into a Convenience Store in Akasaka at lunchtime.

Akasaka Stroll at Lunch (110118-1239)

Walking around in Akasaka at lunchtime.

Akasaka 2-Chome Street Corner (110118-1705)

Akasaka 2-Chome street corner in the evening.

Leaving Akasaka (110118-1707)

Walking over towards Toranomon from Akasaka.

奥野ビル話-001 (110119-2303)

奥野ビル話-001 平成二十三年一月十九日

奥野ビル話-002 (110119-2305)

奥野ビル話-002 平成二十三年一月十九日

Toranomon Station - Ginza Line (110118-1717)

Going from street level to inside Toranomon Station, where I board a Ginza Line train.

Ginza Line - Shinbashi to Ginza (110118-1721)

Riding the Ginza Line from Shinbashi to Ginza.

Yurakucho Station - Waiting For and Boarding Tokyo-Bound Train (110118-1916)

Waiting on the platform at Yurakucho Station for a Keihin-Tohoku Line train - that I then ride to Tokyo Station on.

Chuo Line Platform at Tokyo Station (110118-1922)

Chuo Line platform at Tokyo Station while waiting for the train to get on its way.

Chuo Line - Tokyo to Kanda to Ochanomizu (110118-1924)

Riding an outbound Chuo Line from Tokyo to Kanda to Ochanomizu.

Chuo Line - Between Ochanomizu and Yotsuya (110118-1929)

On the Chuo Line - taking in reflections between Ochanomizu and Yotsuya.

Chuo Line Reflections in Central Tokyo (110118-1930)

Chuo Line window reflections (in motion) in Central Tokyo.

Chuo Line - Running in Parallel with Local Train (110118-1931)

Looking out a window of a Chuo Line train running in parallel with a local train.

Shinjuku Station - South Exit (110118-1940)

Exiting Shinjuku Station via the South Exit.

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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