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"1990 Komagome, Kagurazaka, Machida, Etc; 2012 Kawagoe, Komagome, Ochanomizu, Etc."

There are both 1990 and 2012 views from Komagome in this batch, although the 2012 views only show the area very near to the station.  In 1990 however, I spent most of September 14th, 1990 in the area, recording several areas (Nishigahara, Nakazato, Kaminakazato, etc.), including an interesting old shotengai shopping street.  Other 1990 views include Kagurazaka, Shinjuku, Machida, Takadanobaba, Ikebukuro, and of course various train views.

There are a lot (and I do mean *a lot*) of separate views of Kawagoe - primarily in the old section of town with it's Edo style buildings.  Then there are morning views of Shinjuku and Ochanomizu; and various views of Ginza, Yurakucho, Kanda, Etc.

1990 Shimofuri-Ginza Shotengai 霜降銀座商店街 (900914)

This is a good example of how the old shotengai shopping streets used to look.  I say "used to" because even the ones that remain are not quite the same as when this was taken in 1990.  Even in 1990 - as I note on-tape (in the longer version below) after walking into a fairly large (by shotengai standards) grocery store - the grocery store had a lot of customers, but many of the shotengai stores just down the street had very few.  I wondered at the time what would become of the shotengai shopping street, and over the years, a new term has come up, "shutter-gai" meaning not a street of open shops, but a street of closed shutters of former shops.  Many shotengai shopping streets soldier on, but business doesn't appear to be very good for them now.

1990 Komagome, Nishigahara, Etc. (900914) 駒込, 中里, 上中里, 西ヶ原

This is a long video - just over an hour and a half, and it includes a fairly detailed look at the area on one side of Komagome Station.  (The shotengai clip above this one is a new edit - from the source tape - of part of this longer video.)  Time-wise, this includes views from the daytime, the evening, and at night - part of the time walking in the rain.

1990 Night Rain Walk Kagurazaka 神楽坂 (900907)

1990 Shinjuku, Machida, Etc. (Here and There) 900914

1990 Takadanobaba to Ikebukuro Rush Rides (900907)

Trains in Ueno at Night (120905)

A lot of 15-car trains come into Ueno and dead-end there, since most platforms in central Tokyo can only accommodate 10-car trains.  The Chuo Line is the only major JR line that runs right through central Tokyo (via Shinjuku), and one consequence of that is Chuo Line trains are only 10-cars in length.

Kawagoe Bell Tower Area (120919) 川越 小江戸

Kawagoe Lookaround (while Bell Tolls) 120919 川越 小江戸

At the time I took this, I didn't realize how close I was to where the bell was being rung, or I would hurried around the corner and recorded it being rung by hand (it's not automated).

Kawagoe Side Street Stroll (A) 120919 川越 小江戸

Kawagoe Main Old Street (120919g) 川越 小江戸

Ginza 1-Chome Lookaround (120918)

Ginza Chuo-Dori Lookaround (120918)

Ginza Side Street (120918)

Komagome Trains (A) 駒込駅電車 (120918)

Komagome Trains (B) 駒込駅電車 (120918)

Kyobashi Lookaround (120918)

Ochanomizu Bridge Scene (Morning Rush) 御茶ノ水 (120918)

Ochanomizu Morning Rush 御茶ノ水 (120918)

Shinjuku Trains (A) 新宿電車 (120918)

Shinjuku Trains (B) 新宿電車 (120918)

Tokyo Station - Newly Rebuilt (Evening) 120918

The 1914 Tokyo Station building has been renovated/rebuilt - with (from appearances) more reconstruction work than renovation.  It looks pretty much like a squeaky-new building, which is slightly disappointing.  I think they could have kept a little more of the original structure, but that's just my opinion.  In any case, it looks pretty cool and it's styling from another era provides very welcome contrast in the Marunouchi area, which has been almost completely rebuilt with glass and steel high-rise office towers.

Three Door Seibu Train Departing Station (120911)

The more crowded the trains get, the more doors they put in them (to provide quicker loading and unloading).  I think this type of Seibu Line train is the last type in Tokyo to have three-doors (per side of each train car) - the standard is four, although there were some six-door train cars on the Yamanote Line before they decided it make it into a kind of horizontal elevator and needed all the train cars to have the same number of doors in order to match them up with platform wall doors (currently only at Ebisu, but platform construction for additional platform walls is evident at several other stations).

Chuo Line Train Departs Station (120912)

Cicada Still at it in Mid-September (120918)

Morning Shinjuku Station (Central West Exit) 朝の新宿駅中央西口 (120918)

Shinjuku Morning - West Side Stroll (Odakyu Etc) 新宿朝の散歩小田急 (120918)

Shinjuku Station Morning Rush Etc 新宿朝の小田急線電車到着西口など (120918)

Platform End at Shinjuku Station (120918)

Shinjuku to Ochanomizu (Morning) 120918

Ochanomizu Magazine Handout (120918)

Ochanomizu Morning Stroll (A) 御茶ノ水朝散歩 (120918)

Ochanomizu Side Street Stroll 御茶ノ水朝散歩 (120918)

Ochanomizu Morning Stroll (B) 御茶ノ水横道散歩 (120918)

Ochanomizu Morning Exit 御茶ノ水駅朝出口 (120918)

Ochanomizu Side Exit Views (120918)

Ochanomizu Bridge View from Station (120918)

Ochanomizu Side Exit Lookaround and Exit (120918)

Ochanomizu Stroll Past Construction Site (120918)

Ochanomizu Tissue Pack Advertising Handout (120918)

Shinjuku West Side Stroll (120911g)

Ochanomizu to Shinjuku (Morning Chuo Line) 御茶ノ水から新宿までの朝中央線 120918

Shinjuku Station Chuo Line Platform Walk (120918)

Shinjuku Morning Chuo Line Platform View (120918)

Shinjuku - Waiting for Yamanote Line 新宿山手線を乗る (120918)

Shinjuku to Komagome (Yamanote Line) 新宿から駒込まで (山手線で) 120918

Komagome Platform Walk 駒込駅ホームからの見回り 120918

Komagome Station - Hot September Day 駒込駅暑い九月の日 120918

Exiting Komagome Station 駒込駅 120918

Bicycles Beside Komagome Station 駒込駅隣の自転車 120918

They have people watch over bicycle parking areas like this and very neatly align the bicycles after people have hurriedly parked them in the morning.  This one seemed especially neatly aligned to me.

Komagome Shotengai (A) 駒込商店街 120918

Komagome Shotengai (B) 駒込商店街 120918

Komagome Station Old Type Ticket Price Board (120918)

Entering Komagome Station 駒込駅を入る 120918

Komagome to Nippori (Yamanote Line) 駒込から日暮里まで_山手線 120918

Ikeda Tatsuo Exhibition 池田龍雄展 Gallery Kazuki 画廊香月 2012年9月 (120918)

Shibuya Eiichi Exhibition at Lixil Gallery 渋谷英一展 (120918)

Nippori to Ueno (Yamanote Line) 日暮里から上野まで (山手線) 120918

Ueno to Tokyo (Yamanote Line) 上野から東京まで (山手線) 120918

Tokyo Station Afternoon Platform 東京駅お昼のホーム (120918)

Short Glimpse of Rebuilt Tokyo Station (120918)

Tokyo to Yurakucho (Yamanote Line) 東京から有楽町まで (山手線) 120918

Yurakucho Walking Towards Ginza (120918)

Ginza Pomegranate Tree 銀座柘榴木 (120918)

This is probably the only pomegranate tree in all of Ginza....

Yaesu Construction Cranes by Tokyo Station 八重洲 (120918)

This view of the Yaesu side of Tokyo Station will likely be radically different when they finish the construction project the large cranes are there for.

Tokyo Station Newly Reconstructed (Ground Level View) 120918

Tokyo Station Twilight View (Newly Reconstructed) 120918

Marunouchi Night Terrace (120918)

Tokyo Station Night View (Marunouchi Side) 東京駅丸の内側 (120918)

Marunouchi Evening Beautiful Lights 丸の内夜の美光 (120918)

Marunouchi Night Street View 丸の内夜道ビュー (120918)

Entering Tokyo Station (Marunouchi Side) 120918

Tokyo Station Platform View (120918)

Tokyo to Kanda - Keihin-Tohoku Line 東京から神田まで (京浜東北線) 120918

Kanda Night Stroll 神田夜散歩 (120918)

Entering Kanda Station (Under Construction) 工事中神田駅を入る 120918

Tokyo to Kanda (Chuo Line) 東京から神田まで (中央線) 120918

Lights and Reflections (Departing Kanda via Chuo Line) 120918

Tree Walk (Shinjuku Southern Terrace) 120918

White Three-Door Seibu Line Train Departs Station (120919)

This is not the usual color scheme for Seibu Line trains - so it really stands out.

Countryside Side Window View (120919)

Kawagoe Station 川越駅 (120919)

Kawagoe Shotengai 川越商店街 (120919)

Temple in Kawagoe (120919)

Ramen Place in Kawagoe (120919)

Kawagoe Mystery Zone (120919)

A space I stumbled upon accidentally.

Tea Machine (Three Types) 120919

This is a pretty cool machine.  It offers three types of tea, each either hot or cold (thus the twin buttons) and also plain hot water or plain cold water.

Kawagoe Lookaround (A) 120919

Kawagoe Lookaround (B) 120919

Kawagoe Museum (A) Cool Stairs (120919)

Kawagoe Museum (B) Old Fire Fighting Equipment (120919)

Kawagoe Museum (C) Old Fire Fighting Equipment (120919)

Kawagoe Museum (D) Secret Staircase (120919)

Kawagoe Museum (E) Old House (1st Floor) 120919

Kawagoe Museum (F) Old House (Exterior) 120919

Kawagoe Museum (G) Old House (1st to 2nd Floor) 120919

Kawagoe Museum (H) Old House (2nd Floor) 120919

Kawagoe Museum (I) Old House (2nd to 1st Floor) 120919

Kawagoe Museum (J) Street Side Store (2nd Floor-A) 120919

Kawagoe Museum (K) Street Side Store (2nd Floor-B) 120919

Old Kawagoe Street Scene (120919)

Old Kawagoe Side Street Scene 川越市横道 120919

Walk to Back of Temple in Kawagoe (120919)

Kawagoe Lookaround (C) 120919

Kawagoe Evening Lookaround (A) 120919

Kawagoe Evening Lookaround (B) 120919

Kawagoe Retro Style Tourist Bus (120919)

Kawagoe Evening Lookaround (C) 120919

Kawagoe Department Store Near Station (120919)

Kawagoe Bookstore and Street Outside 川越市本屋さん 120919

Cars and a Temple (Kawagoe) 120919

Kawagoe Temple in the Evening (120919)

Kawagoe Evening Window Reflections (120919)

Kawagoe Evening (Shop Closing for the Day) 120919

Kawagoe Twilight (Cars Drifting By) 120919

Kawagoe Night Walk to Station (120919)

Kawagoe Temple Lookaround (September) 120919g

Kawagoe Side Street Details (120919g)

Kawagoe Side Street Diving 川越横道探検 (120919g)

Kawagoe Twilight 川越夕方 (120919g)

Kawagoe Temple Lookaround (September) 120919g

Kawagoe Side Street Details (120919g)

Kawagoe Side Street Diving 川越横道探検 (120919g)

Kawagoe Twilight 川越夕方 (120919g)

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