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"Nakano, Koenji, Sugamo, Hamamatsucho, Tamachi, Shinbashi, Ginza, Etc. (12/09/10)"

This batch of around 80 clips were all taken on September 10th, 2012 - starting with early morning train scenes, and then the morning rush of people walking to work from Shinjuku Station.  After that, I visited Nakano, Koenji, Sugamo, Ginza, Hamamatsucho, Tamachi, Shinbashi, and Ginza again.  (I had work to do in Ginza in the afternoon and by getting up very early was able to go around to several places.)  Incidentally, the first part of the batch below was taken in full-size HD.

Shinjuku - Looking West Down Koshu-kaido 新宿の甲州街道ビュー (120910)

Shinjuku Army of People Marching to Work (120910)

White Collar Army Marches to Work (Shinjuku) 120910

Morning Nakano Sun Mall (120910)

Yurakucho Platform View (120910)

Ginza 3-Chome 銀座三丁目 (120910)

Ginza Chuo-Dori 銀座中央通 (120910)

Hamamatsucho-360 浜松町見回る (120910)

Hamamatsucho Evening Long View 浜松町夕方帰る人々 (120910)

Homeward Bound Hamamatsucho People 浜松町夕方帰る時間 (120910)

Hamamatsucho (Heading for Home) 120910

Tamachi-360 田町見回る (120910)

Trains Passing Hamamatsucho 浜松町電車 (120910)

Early Morning Outbound Chuo Line (120910)

Arriving in Shinjuku via Morning Chuo Line (120910)

Shinjuku Morning South Exit (120910)

Morning Shinjuku (A) South Side (120910)

Marching to Work (Morning Shinjuku) 120910

Morning Shinjuku (B) Walking Against the Flow (120910)

Morning Shinjuku (C) Bridge Shadows (120910)

South Exit to Platform 3-4 (Shinjuku Morning) 120910

Platform 3-4 to South Exit (Shinjuku Morning) 120910

Arriving at Nakano Station via Chuo Line (120910)

Koenji Narrow Walkways (120910)

Ticket Gate Error - Retry at Different Gate OK (120910)

Nearly everyone is using IC type cards to ride the train system, so there are fewer and fewer of the ticket gates that take magnetic tickets.  I was using a magnetic ticket this day, so I had to use the older type machines.  For some reason, the first machine I tired didn't like my ticket, but when I tried again with another machine, it worked okay.

Walking Under Rail Bridge in Nakano (120910)

Man on Crutches Boards Bus in Nakano (120910)

Ah... this one.  I got a comment complaining about the theme and I realized the title could be read as one of those (unfortunately) popular videos that poke fun of someone attempting to do something.  Actually I began taking the video just to show the bus, and then a man on crutches came up and - with just the first low step - got on board, so I thought "Ah!  Here we go!  This is the whole point of the low-rider buses - that they are easy to board for people who would have had trouble with the steps!".  So - to avoid confusion, I changed the name at YouTube to: "Low-Rider Bus Easy to Board with Crutches (120910)".

Speaking of this type of bus - which is low to the ground and doesn't have any steps in the front section - is the same type design being used for buses in other countries as well?

Mysterious Old Building (120910)

Tree Shadows on Sidewalk (120910)

Morning Side Street in Nakano (120910)

Walking Towards Nakano Station (120910)

Nakano to Koenji (Chuo Line) 120910

Koenji Morning Walkabout (A) 120910

Koenji Morning Walkabout (B) 120910

Koenji Morning Walkabout (C) 120910

Koenji Temple Area (120910)

Koenji Temple 高円寺 (120910)

Sun Through Green Branches (Koenji) 120910

Hot Summer Street (Koenji) 120910

Lonely Streets (Koenji) 120910

Koenji Station 高円寺駅 (120910)

Shinjuku Yamanote Line Platform (120910)

Shinjuku to Sugamo (Yamanote Line Left Side) 120910g

Kaneko Nao 金子奈緒展 Exhibition at Gallery Ginza Forest (120910)

LHS Sketch at G-403 (120910)

Tamachi Back Street (A) 田町 120910

Tamachi Back Street (B) 田町 120910

Ginza Evening Side Streets (120910)

Beams Group Exhibition-V4 at Key Gallery (120910)

Looking around during the opening party for this exhibition.

Looking Through Old Glass (120910)

Looking through old glass towards an exhibition room.

Exiting Old Building (Looking Down) 120910

While walking down the stairs from an exhibition, it occurred to me that the old steps looked kind of cool, so I recorded the lower part of the staircase while walking down.

Entering Nighttime Yurakucho Plaza (120910)

Singer Playing in the Distance (120910)

Hamamatsucho to Tamachi (120910)

Exiting Tamachi Station (120910)

Tamachi Station (Both Sides) 田町駅 (120910)

Entering Tamachi Station 田町駅 (120910)

Tamachi to Shinbashi - Keihin-Tohoku Line (120910)

Shinbashi SL-Plaza (120910)

Shinbashi SL-Plaza Smokers Area, Etc. (120910)

Shinbashi Izakaya Basement (120910)

New-Shinbashi-Building 1F (ニュー新橋ビル 1F) 120910

Yurakucho Station Platform Walk (120910)

Yurakucho to Tokyo (120910)

Tokyo to Kanda (Chuo Line) 120910

Sugamo Station 巣鴨駅 - Exiting into the Summer Heat (120910)

Sugamo Main Shotengai Street 巣鴨 (120910)

Shops in Sugamo (120910)

Near Sugamo Station 巣鴨駅の近く (120910)

Sugamo Station 巣鴨駅 (120910)

Yurakucho Plaza 360 - Helicopter Day (120910)

They were publicizing the helicopter (medical) rescue service and they actually brought a helicopter to the plaza for the event.  I asked a guard at the site later that night if they had actually flown it there, and he told me no, it had been brought there by truck.

Shinkansen Passing Helicopter - Yurakucho Plaza (120910)

Helicopter in Yurakucho Plaza (120910g)

Trains Passing by Yurakucho Station (120910g)

Ginza Lunchtime Side Street (120910)

Front Exterior of Okuno Building (120910)

Ginza Shadows - Side Street View (120910)

Walking into Yurakucho from Ginza (120910)

Yurakucho to Hamamatsucho (Yamanote Line) 120910

Hamamatsucho Station 浜松町駅 (and Restaurants Etc) 120910

Beside Hamamatsucho Station 浜松町 (120910)

Hamamatsucho Station Walkabout 浜松町駅 (120910)

Trains, Etc. Near Hamamatsucho Station (120910)

Entering Hamamatsucho Station (120910)

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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