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"1990 Ueno, Ginza Line, Etc; 1991 East-Shinagawa; 2012 Kamata, Akabane, Ueno, Etc."

This batch of clips begins with a couple of trips back to 1990; one showing a ride on the Ginza Line and the other a look at a few of some very popular (at the time) pachinko parlors.  Then there are a a few views from 1991, all taken in the East-Shinagawa area - one featuring a walk down an overgrown sidewalk that seemed to be almost completely unused; another a look at a shipping container-handling monster machine that I found very interesting at the time (and still think is fascinating, but only if you like machines I guess).  The third clip is a (nearly) hour-long video of my wanderings in East-Shinagawa on that August 24th, 1991 summer day (including the overgrown street and the shipping container footage).

From this year - 2012 - feeling a bit nostalgic about it as I walked around - I did what I used to do back in my 1990-93 video days: I went to places specifically to record the moving sights and sounds of the area as I walked around.  I spent most of the time in Kamata and in Akabane, but also spent some time in Ueno - in and around Ueno Station.  Both Kamata Station and Akabane Station have changed radically (been almost completely rebuilt basically) - the rail platforms haven't changed much, but now the upper part of Kamata (and the lower part of elevated Akabane) are basically shopping malls.

1990 Old Type Ginza Line Train 1990年昔の銀座線 (900723)

In 1990, they had mostly replaced the old fully orange trains on the Ginza Line (maybe the 2000 Series?) with the newer aluminum type (with an orange stripe), but there were still a few of the old trains on the rails.  For some reason, in spite of their rarity, I didn't feel a particular need to document them as I went about Tokyo taking video.  Nonetheless, I did get some video footage of the old type - one example being this clip.

Pachinko Mania 1990 パチンコ フィーバー1990年 (900723)

I had gotten the impression that the number of pachinko parlors in Japan had been decreasing since 1990, but according to a statistics site I checked on-line, they went on increasing until 2000 and have been decreasing since then.  Looking at a graph, it looks as though the total number is about the same now as when this video was taken.  However, I don't seem to see them as often - maybe the ones that remain are in more out-of-the-way places than before?

1991 Shipping Container Handling Machine in Shinagawa (910824)

1991 East Shinagawa Jungle Walk 東品川ジャンゲル散歩 (910824)

1991 East Shinagawa Walkabout 東品川散歩1991年 (910824)

Kamata_BR-SB (A) 蒲田バーボンロード (120905)

Kamata_BR-SB (B) 蒲田バーボンロード (120905)

Kamata_BR-SB (C) 蒲田バーボンロード (120905)

Kamata Bourbon Road (A) 蒲田バーボンロード (120905)

Kamata Bourbon Road (B) 蒲田バーボンロード (120905)

Kamata Tokyu Trackside 120905

Kamata Rooftop Amusement Park (A) 120905 (For Children)

Kamata Rooftop Amusement Park (B) 120905 (For Children)

Kamata (A) East Side Walkabout (120905)

Kamata (B) East Side Walkabout (120905)

Kamata (C) East Side Walkabout (120905)

Kamata Station Platform 蒲田駅ホーム 120905

Old Type Platform Seats (Kamata Station) 120905

As these get old and are replaced with a new type, this old type is getting rare at most of the stations I use in Tokyo.

Kamata Station 蒲田駅 120905

Kamata In-Station Shopping Mall (120905)

Old Photographs of Kamata Station Area (120905)

Exiting Kamata Station (120905)

Kamata West Side Plaza and Shotengai (120905)

Kamata Back Streets (120905)

Ochanomizu to Tokyo (Chuo Line) 御茶ノ水東京中央線 (120905)

Escalator and Concourse (Tokyo Station) 120905

Tokyo Station Platform (Daytime Yamanote) 120905

Tokyo to Tamachi (Daytime Keihin-Tohoku Line) 東京田町京浜東北線 (120905)

Tamachi to Kamata (Keihin-Tohoku Line) 田町蒲田京浜東北線 (120905)

Akabane Station 赤羽駅 (120905)

Akabane Walkabout - Mostly East Side (120905)

Akabane - Large Empty Lot on East Side (120905)

Akabane Quiet Back Streets (East Side) 120905

Kamata (D) East Side Walkabout (120905)

Akabane Ticket Gates to Train - Evening Inbound (120905)

Train Passes by in the Night 120905

Between Ueno Park and Ueno Station at Night (120905)

Ueno Walkabout 120905

Ameyokocho Night Stroll 120905

Approaching Ueno Station (120905)

Ueno Lower Level Ticket Gates (120905)

Ueno Yamanote Line Platform (120905)

Boarding Keihin-Tohoku Line at Ueno (120905)

Ueno Platform Walk - New Train (120905)

New Train Departs Ueno Station (120905)

Ueno Station Platform Walk, Etc. (120905)

Ueno Station Retail Area (120905)

Ueno Train Watch (B) 120905

Trains in the Night (Ueno) 120905

Lonely Street at Night (120905)

Ueno Train Watch (A) 120905g

Akabane to Ueno - Evening New Train (120905g)

Kamata Station Plaza - East Side Evening (120905g)

Ueno Night Walkabout 120905g

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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