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"1990 Hibarigaoka; 1991 Tokyo Station; 2012 Tabata, Nishi-Nippori, Oimachi, Etc."

The first 1990 video of Hibarigaoka is interesting in that it shows the old Hibarigaoka Station and the old pre-Parco area.  Compared to today's Hibarigaoka, it's basically "Showa Hibarigaoka" versus "Heisei Hibarigaoka".  (By year, 1990 is the second year of Heisei, but there was a lot of carryover culture-wise several years into the Heisei era.)

In the Hibarigaoka to Toshimaen video, views of the old style Seibu Line stations are nostalgic to see now, since the old wooden structures in the video have vanished - replaced with new modern buildings.

The three main areas I visited in this batch of 2012 views are Tabata, Nishi-Nippori, and (again) Oimachi.  Putting previous views of Oimachi together with this evening view, there are three times of day - morning, lunchtime, and evening.

1990 Nighttime Hibarigaoka (900914)

1990 Night Trains, Etc. (900914)

1990 Hibarigaoka to Toshimaen (900925)

1991 Tokyo Station Before Reconstruction (910330g) 1991年の東京駅と東京駅ホテル

On March 30th, 1991, I devoted a full day to videoing Tokyo Station and the area immediately around it (including the old Marunouchi Building and the old Central Post Office building (which was 95% destroyed, with only the front facade remaining, which has been integrated with a new high-rise office building).  In this clip, I also recorded views of the Tokyo Station Hotel and Tokyo Station Art Gallery.

Insect Noises (Early October) 121003h

Trains Passing Oimachi Train Yard (120925h)

Beside Yamanote Line Train Yard (Oimachi) 120925h

Parking Yamanote Line Train (Oimachi Train Yard) 120925h

All these years where I've had to get off of Yamanote Line trains that had Osaki as the last stop, and I never realized there was a big train yard for Yamanote Line trains by Oimachi - which is just a short distance from Osaki.

Bus Ride (Front View) 121003h

Tabata Walkway (121002h)

Trains by Tabata Side Entrance (121002h)

Passing Trains (Tabata) 121002h

Tabata Walkway (121002h)

Nishi-Nippori Street View (121002h)

Trains in Nishi-Nippori (121002h)

Nishi-Nippori Platform (Seen from Distance) 121002h

What's a 62 Galaxie Doing on that Sign? (121002)

It was used because it looks good I guess.  I looked up and... "Wait... I know that car!  That's a 1962 Galaxie!".  The big round taillights are easily recognizable.  (The 61-64 Galaxies all have them, but each year is a little different.)

Exiting Morning Chuo Line (Shinjuku) 121002

Shinjuku Morning Rush Walkabout (121002)

In this video, I walk through the four main concourses of Shinjuku Station during the morning rush - beginning at around 8:30 a.m.

Shinjuku Morning Rush (West Exit) 121002g

Shinjuku West Side Tunnel Walk (Morning Rush) 121002

This is the main path to most of the high-rise office buildings on Shinjuku Station's west side.

Platform... Number... Five (and Unused Telephones) 121002

About the title - the English announcement you can hear midway through the clip has so much space between some of the words, that it sounds like a parody of itself.  The long row of public telephones are apparently maintained in case there's an emergency in which people can't use their cell phones.

Shinjuku to Ikebukuro (Yamanote Line) Morning (121002)

Ikebukuro to Tabata (Yamanote Line) 121002

Meiji-Dori (Tabata Shin-Machi) 田端新町明治通り (121002)

Just a quick look at a main street.  Main streets aren't all bad, but the traffic noise, along with wide expanses of dead dark gray asphalt, and the pollution of the fire-breathing machinery it carries, make them a place to avoid whenever possible.

Train Departing Tabata (Yamanote Line) 田端駅山手線 (121002)

Tabata Platform Walkabout 田端駅 (121002)

Tabata Platform to Main Exit (田端駅) 121002

Blue Train Passing (Higashi-Tabata) 東田端 (121002)

Higashi-Tabata Small Shrine 東田端 (121002g)

Higashi-Tabata Street Scene (Actor on Ground) 121002

Meaning a *picture* of an actor on the ground.

Under Rail Bridge Culvert Paintings (121002)

Flowers Beside Railway (Higashi-Tabata) 121002

At first I thought these plants were growing in planters, but they turned out to be growing on the track side of the fence - with the branches poking through the fence.  Probably they were trimmed back by the railway and so the only part remaining is the part growing through the fence.

Oimachi Izakaya Street 大井町駅居酒屋通り (121002)

大井町駅居酒屋通り Oimachi Izakaya Street (121002)

大井町赤提灯 Red Lanterns in Oimachi (121002)

Warm Evening After Cold Passageway (121002)

Yakitori by Oimachi Station 大井町焼き鳥 (121002)

夕方大井町電車 Oimachi Evening Trains (121002)

Entering Oimachi Station (Evening) 121002

Yurakucho Evening (Beside Station) 121002

Platform... Number... Ten (Shinjuku Station) 121002

Another verrrrry sloooow English announcement at Shinjuku Station.

Stairs Beside Passing Train (121002)

Trains Below Shrine (Nishi-Nippori) 121002

Nishi-Nippori to Ueno (Yamanote Line) 西日暮里から上野まで山手線 (121002)

Ueno to Yurakucho (Yamanote Line) 上野から有楽町まで山手線 (121002)

Yurakucho Trains Passing (121002)

Tokyo Station Walk to Tokaido Line (121002)

Tokyo to Shinagawa (Tokaido Line) 東京から品川まで東海道線 (121002)

Evening Keihin-Tohoku Line 品川から大井町まで (121002)

Going from Shinagawa to Oimachi on the Keihin-Tohoku Line.

Evening Oimachi Station Area 夕方大井町駅あたり (121002)

Tabata - Platform to South Exit 田端駅南口 (121002)

Tabata 1-Chome 田端一丁目 Residential Area (121002)

Oasis in the City 都市のオアシス (121002)

A small oasis of green in a residential area within a short walk of the Yamanote Line.

Quiet Residential Walkway (121002)

Overlooking Tabata Station (121002)

Overlooking Tabata Main Entrance (121002)

Walkway Above Tabata Station (121002)

Tabata 1-Chome to Tabata South Entrance (121002)

Entering Tabata Station - Tabata to Nishi-Nippori (121002)

Nishi-Nippori Platform 西日暮里駅ホーム (121002)

Nishi-Nippori Trains 西日暮里駅電車 (121002)

Nishi-Nippori Station Walkabout 西日暮里駅 (121002)

Nishi-Nippori Walkabout 西日暮里散歩 (121002)

Coming Upon Railway Crossing (121002)

Train Watching (Nishi-Nippori RR-Crossing) 121002

Entering Nishi-Nippori Station (Outside the Gates) 121002

Exploring Shrine in Nishi-Nippori 諏訪神社 (121002)

Windy Day by the Tracks (121002)

西日暮里第二自転車駐車場 (121002)

A bicycle parking area in a tunnel under the railway.

Lone Cricket in Bicycle Tunnel (121002)

Train Under September Sky (121002)

Shinjuku Evening Sidewalk 新宿夜の横断歩道 (121002g)

Watching RS-Express Train In Nishi-Nippori 西日暮里特急踏切 (121002g)

By "RS-Express", I mean reserved-seat express.  The problem with translating terms here is that 特急 (tokkyu) is kind of hard to translate into English.  If you use British English, it's "Limited Express", with "limited" meaning "limited stops", but "limited express" in American English means "limited speed compared to a regular express (more stops)", so that leaves something like "super express", but then people probably start imagining the Shinkansen trains... - and so I've decided to use reserved-seat express train, and shortened it to RS-Express for YouTube titles.  (JR - by the way - uses "Limited Express" for its English translation.)

Evening Shinagawa Station 夕方品川駅 (121002g)

Yurakucho Side Street Lights 有楽町夜の光 (121002g)

Oimachi to Yurakucho 大井町から有楽町まで (夜) 121002g

Twilight Lookaround in Oimachi 大井町夕方見回り (121002g)

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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