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"Tokyo Station, Oimachi, Omori, Ginza, Shinagawa Station, Etc"

This batch of views is primarily of Oimachi and Omori, both on the Keihin-Tohoku Line, with station area views of Tokyo, Shinagawa, and Hamamatsucho, as well as a few views of Ginza.

Morning Tokyo Station Walkabout 東京駅朝散歩 (120925g)

Tokyo Station was once the proud hub of Japan's train system, with the 1914 (really huge for its day) brick station building, a landmark modern (again, for its time) structure.  In WW-II, the building was damaged in the fire-bombing of Tokyo and the reconstructed roofs put on the building in the post war years were much less decorative than the originals.  In the decades after the war, Tokyo Station didn't change much while other hub stations like Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, Shibuya, etc. changed pretty radically.  By the early eighties, when I first experienced Tokyo Station, it was interesting in a sleepy way, but it didn't seem particularly remarkable as a central station (other than its historical role).

Then with the bubble economy in the late eighties, things began to change.  With the addition of the Keiyo Line (which goes out to Tokyo Disneyland), the Narita Express (which is taken for granted now, but was a big deal when it began running - making it much easier to get to Narita Airport from central Tokyo), and the extension of the northern route Shinkansen lines (which used to terminate at Omiya Station in Saitama), the station took on new life and once again felt like a huge, exciting, central station.

Maybe too much background, but the atmosphere has really changed since the early eighties.  I took some video in the station in 1991, after the Keiyo Line had already opened, but before the Chuo Line had been moved over and the northern Shinkansen lines extended, so it shows part of the transition zone between the sleepy version of the station and the current version.  Here are two videos from 1991 which show the contrast between 21 years ago and now:

"Tokyo Station - March 1991 #1"

"Tokyo Station - March 1991 #2"

Hamamatsucho to Yurakucho 浜松町から有楽町まで (山手線) 120925g

Omori Tonkatsu Restaurant Entrance (120925)

A very short clip - I found this place (and a couple of other similar places) interesting in that people lined up in front of the restaurant before it opened for lunch and then it filled up right away.  A combination of (I'm guessing) good food at reasonable prices in a nostalgic atmosphere (in this age of steel and glass, old wooden buildings seem very nice) makes this type of place very popular with the locals.  (I would have gone in and had lunch there myself, but my travel budget that day didn't include lunch, however reasonably priced it may have been.)

Omori Hilltop Shrine (A) 120925

Omori Hilltop Shrine (B) 120925

Oimachi Main Street Stroll (120925)

Ginza Side Street Balcony View (120925)

For central Ginza, this balcony has an amazing amount of sky....

Ginza Passageway to Chuo-Dori (120925)

No special significance, but it's fun to walk down this very narrow passageway and then suddenly pop out onto the wide sidewalk of fashionable Chuo-Dori.

Maruyama Norio 丸山則夫 Exhibition at Art Space Rondo (120925)

This was an interesting photography exhibition with each picture depicting two worlds....

Yurakucho to Tokyo (Keihin-Tohoku Line) 有楽町から東京まで (120925)

Listening to Insects (120926)

Not nearly as obvious in the video as it was in person, are the insects of summer - still making their various musical noises in late September.

Exiting Tokyo Station (Rebuilt Post Office Bldg., Etc.) 120925

Tokyo to Shinagawa (Tokaido Line) 東京から品川まで (120925)

Morning Shinagawa Station Walkabout 品川駅朝散歩 (120925)

Shinagawa East Side Lookaround 品川駅東口見回り (120925)

Shinagawa Station Walk-through (East to West) 120925

Shinagawa West Side (Wing Complex) 120925

Shinagawa Pedestrian Overpass (West Side) 120925

Walking to Shinagawa Station (West Side) 120925

Shinagawa to Oimachi via Keihin-Tohoku Line (Including Station Views) 120925

Oimachi Back Streets (120925)

Oimachi Izakaya Alley (Morning) 大井町東小路飲食店街 (朝) 120925

Very little activity in the morning, before lunch.

Oimachi Walkabout (A) 120925

Oimachi Trackside Sleepy Morning Street (120925)

Oimachi Trackside Walk (Entering Minami-Shinagawa) 120925

Oimachi to Omori _大井町から大森まで (京浜東北線) 120925

Exiting Omori Station (120925)

Omori Walkabout (A) 大森散歩 (120925)

Omori Walkabout (B) Underground Bicycle Parking (120925)

Walking into Ginza 銀座に入る_有楽町から (120925)

Ginza Chuo-Dori Stroll 銀座中央通散歩 (120925)

Yurakucho Walk Towards SB (120925)

Both Sides of Omori Station (120925)

Entering Omori Station (120925)

Omori to Oimachi 大森から大井町まで (京浜東北線) 120925

Exiting Oimachi Station at Lunchtime (120925)

Oimachi Izakaya Alley Lunch (A) 大井町東小路飲食店街 (昼) 120925g

Much more activity at lunch than in the morning, but this area is geared more towards the evening crowd.

Oimachi Izakaya Alley Lunch (B) 大井町東小路飲食店街 (昼) 120925

Oimachi to Tamachi 大井町から田町まで (京浜東北線) 120925

Tamachi to Hamamatsucho 田町から浜松町まで (京浜東北線) 120925

Hamamatsucho (East Side, Near North Exit) 浜松町 (120925)

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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