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"Asakusabashi, Ryogoku, Koiwa, Shin-Koiwa, Kameido, Kinshicho, Hirai, Etc."

For this batch of video streams, I focused on the Sobu Line (総武線) stopping at several stations east of Akihabara, from Ryogoku to Koiwa (the last station in Tokyo before crossing over into Chiba).  Two days are involved - the first showing Ryogoku and Koiwa in the afternoon, and the next showing Shinbashi in the early evening (including the twilight zone of the day), and then several nighttime walk-around views out in Koiwa, Shin-Koiwa, Hirai, Kameido, Kinshicho, Etc.  I've written some comments by the individual videos below, but mostly I'm leaving the video titles to speak for themselves.

Ogawa to Higashi-Murayama (121020)

Out on the Seibu Line.

Akihabara to Yurakucho (Afternoon) 121023

Ginza, Walking Towards 4-Chome Intersection (Noisy Truck) 121023

The noisy beep-beep-beep noise is tied in with the truck's turn signal - the idea being that it's safer to blast the air waves with irritating sound every time it turns so people don't get run over... which might be a good idea, but it seems to me it might be a good idea (in the interest of not overly disturbing the sound mix of the area) to turn the turn signal off while sitting there waiting for the light to turn green.

Edge of Ginza at Night (121023)

Kyobashi Construction at Night (121023)

This construction is probably tied in with the high-rise 180-degrees behind the camera angle (not visible in the video).  Since a subway line runs under the street there, they're probably doing the connecting construction that will tie the subway in with the B1 level of the building (easy access to the building when the weather is bad, etc.).

Tokyo to Yurakucho (At Night) 121023

Yurakucho to Tokyo (At Night) 121023

Tobu Line Two-Cab Junction (121024)

Often long trains that split into two parts for branch lines further down the line have cabs in the middle of the train, where the split takes place.  Also, there are some long trains (10-15 cars) that appear to end up with cabs in the middle just because that was the type of train car available when they made up the train.  In any case, generally a pair of cabs in the  middle of the train forms an internal barrier so you can't walk through the train past that point, but the Tobu-Tojo Line has (some?/all?) trains in which an internal passageway can be formed that leads through the two cabs.  This video shows that type of passageway.

Tobu Line Afternoon Window View (121024)

Tokyo to Asakusabashi (Daytime) 121023

Main Street 360 Near Asakusabashi Station (121023)

Asakusabashi Subway Entrance (Street Level) 121023

Shrine in Asakusabashi (121023)

Side Street Walkabout Asakusabashi (121023)

Asakusabashi to Ryogoku (121023)

Ryogoku Station (Exiting South Side) 121023

Ryogoku Walkabout, South Side, 3-Chome (Afternoon) 121023

Ryogoku, Inside of Old Station Building (Quick Look) 121023

Ryogoku Station Entrance (Early Afternoon) 121023

Ryogoku to Koiwa (Daytime) 121023

Exiting Koiwa Station (Afternoon) 121023

Koiwa, South Side Walkabout (Afternoon Izakaya Street) 121023

Koiwa Side Street (Early Afternoon) 121023

Koiwa to Akihabara (Front Cab View) Afternoon (121023)

Ryogoku - Front of Old Station Building (121023g)

Kameido to Kinshicho (Sobu Line) 総武線亀戸から錦糸町 (121025)

Exiting Kinshicho Station (North Side) 錦糸町駅 (121025)

Kinshicho Station Plazas (North and South Sides) 錦糸町駅広場 (121025)

Kinshicho to Ryogoku (Nighttime Sobu Line) 錦糸町から両国まで (121025)

Asakusabashi to Akihabara (Late Night Train) 浅草橋から秋葉原まで (121025)

Akihabara to Kanda (Kanda Under Construction) 秋葉原から神田まで (121025)

Kanda Station Platform (Late at Night) 夜の神田駅 (121025)

Twilight Shinbashi SL Plaza (October) 新橋駅 (121025)

Shinjuku to Ebisu (Afternoon Saikyo Line) 新宿から恵比寿まで (121025)

Entering Hibiya Line (Ebisu Station) 日比谷線の恵比寿駅 (121025)

I considered titling this "JR to Hibiya Line Transfer" but the video only begins already halfway to the Hibiya Line and so only shows the exit area of the JR part of the station.  The subway entrance area was under construction for some time - I think this is the first I've seen it since it was extensively renovated.

Ebisu to Hiro (Hibiya Line) Window Reflections 恵比寿から広尾まで (121025)

Looking out a side window while the subway train runs through its tunnel, there's not much to see of course, but I think it's important to record some clips like this to get the *sound* of the train recorded.  Much of the ambiance of places is provided by the sounds there, and they often change a lot with time.

Small Shrine in Central Tokyo (121025)

Construction Groundwork in Shinbashi 新橋 (121025)

Shinbashi Evening Side Street Stroll 新橋夕方散歩 (121025)

Shinbashi Izakaya Side Street (Early Evening) 新橋居酒屋 (121025)

Twilight Shinbashi Streets (Izakaya Etc) 新橋居酒屋 (121025)

Shinbashi (Twilight Sidewalks Izakaya Etc) 新橋居酒屋 (121025)

Shinbashi to Yurakucho 新橋から有楽町まで (121025)

Tokyo to Akihabara (Window Reflections) 東京から秋葉原まで (121025)

Akihabara Station (Early Evening Rush - Platform Walk Etc) 秋葉原駅 (121025)

Akihabara to Ryogoku (and Departing Ryogoku) 秋葉原から両国 (121025)

Departing Kinshicho (Towards Kameido via Sobu Line) 錦糸町総武線 (121025)

Koiwa (North Side Sanpo) 小岩駅北側散歩 (121025)

Nishi-Koiwa Side Street (North Exit) 西小岩北側 (121025)

Koiwa Izakaya Street (Evening) 小岩夕方居酒屋道 (121025)

Koiwa Quiet Evening Sun Road Shotengai 小岩サンロード商店街 (121025)

Koiwa South Side Walkabout (Night) 小岩南側夜散歩 (121025)

Koiwa Station (Both Sides of Ticket Gates) 小岩駅 (121025)

The purpose of this video was to show Koiwa Station during the evening rush, so I walked around inside the station a bit - showing both the inside and outside of the ticket gates.

Koiwa to Shin-Koiwa (Sobu Line) 総武線の小岩から新小岩まで (121025)

Shin-Koiwa Platform to Blue Light Passageway (Nishi-Shinkoiwa) 121025

Nishi-Shinkoiwa Walkabout (at Night) 西新小岩散歩 (121025)

Shin-Koiwa Station Walkabout 新小岩駅 (121025)

Shin-Koiwa Shotengai Stroll 新小岩商店街散歩 (121025)

Mostly Quiet Street Under the Moon 月の下 (121025)

Entering Shin-Koiwa Station 新小岩駅 (121025)

Shin-Koiwa to Hirai (Night) ETS-Button 新小岩から平井まで (121025)

Towards the end of this video, you can hear the emergency buzzer going off (which I have named "ETS" for "Emergency Train Stop" - I'm not sure what the official name is... maybe the same?).  I watched a train come in (recorded in this video) and was about to head down to the exit gates when I noticed the buzzer had gone off, so I turned around to see what was happening.  It turned out (not exactly recorded in the video, although you can hear the voices a little) that two women were accusing an obviously drunk man of having done something wrong on the train.  I figured it would be rude/wrong to stand and watch, so I resumed my original course for the exit gates as the drama was still underway.

Hirai Late Night Walkabout (Lonely Shotengai) 平井夜の商店街 (121025)

Lonely Streets in Hirai (Moon Through Clouds) 平井 (121025)

Hirai Night Stroll 平井の夜散歩 (121025)

Entering Hirai Station (South Entrance) 平井駅南口 (121025)

Exiting Kameido Station 亀戸駅 (121025)

Kameido Side Street off Main Street 亀戸 (121025)

Kameido Izakaya Side Streets (North Side) 亀戸北側居酒屋道 (121025)

Kameido Late Night Shotengai 亀戸 (121025)

Kameido (Walking Towards Station) 亀戸 (121025)

Kameido Izakaya Street (South Side) 亀戸南側居酒屋 (121025)

Kameido Main Street Intersection 亀戸大通 (121025)

Elevated Train Passes Main Street (Kameido Sounds) 亀戸電車の音 (121025)

There's nothing particularly unique about the individual elements of this video, but I think it captures fairly well a certain feeling/atmosphere of life in Tokyo.  Life here is tied in with the train system, and after finishing work and/or leaving a restaurant/izakaya in the evening, these are the typical sights and sounds you tend to see and hear while walking to the station to head for home for the day.  (Reviewing this video again after writing that, I should say that what I particularly had in mind was the last third of the video, in which I walk under the rail bridge while heading for the station entrance.)

Tagami Masakatsu (October 2012) Exhibition at Gallery Kazuki (画廊香月) - 121023

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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