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"1992 Drive to Niigata; Views of Nishi-Ikebukuro, St. Paul's University, Sugamo, Yurakucho, Yoyogi, Takeshita-dori, Etc."

This entire batch is from January of 1992, with the earliest date January 1st, and the latest date January 24th.  I've enjoyed watching these myself, since I've been focusing almost exclusively on 1990 and 1991 with my old material, to the point where I was beginning to feel as though I were stuck in some kind of time warp that kept repeating: February-December 1990, then January-December 1991, and then back to either 1990 or 1991.  So suddenly I feel as though I've broken out of the loop and (historical) time is moving forward again!
That said, I'll be going back to 1990 and 1991 sooner or later, but for now, here are several views of January 1992, including visiting (via car) a ski slope in Niigata, walking through the "Obasan-no-Harajuku" area in Sugamo, and checking out Takeshita-dori in Harajuku on a Saturday night (the area the Sugamo place is referring to with the "Obasan-no-Harajuku" name, which might as well have been called "Obasan-no-Takeshita-dori").
And aside from the timing, which is clearly past the peak of the bubble economy years, an advantage of my 1992 material is that at this point I had been taking videos for two years, so the camera handling tends to be much smoother than was the case in 1990 especially.
1992 Harajuku to Shinjuku 原宿駅-新宿駅 山手線 920101

1992 Hibarigaoka to Ikebukuro ひばりヶ丘駅-池袋駅 西武池袋駅 920102
1992 Drive to Niigata for Skiing 新潟県までのスキーに行くドライブ 920103

If some of my Tokyo footage with the camera panning around frequently has made you dizzy (a common complaint - but it's screen size related... it's best to watch my videos on a not overly-large screen, or if on a large screen, with some viewing distance from the screen), you will probably find this one much easier to watch, as it was mostly taken from the passenger seat in a car, so the motion is mostly of the car, not the camera.  There are nice views of the approaching mountains of Niigata as the car approaches the ski area.

1992 Ski Area in Niigata 新潟県のスキー場 920103

Too much panning unfortunately, but the trip was for skiing first and foremost, and video was recorded in a bit of a rush.  Of historical interest possibly is that there are no snowboarders and the skies are the long and narrow type.

1992 Night Drive from Niigata Ski Area to Tokyo 920103n

Typical night drive - with the car (talk) radio providing much of the atmosphere of the time.  The car didn't have a navigation system, and cell phone use hadn't taken off yet, so the radio was the one way of pulling in information from afar.  (Around this time, corporate cars and rich people often had car phones, but not many people had their own cell phones.)

1992 Visit to Tanashi Shrine Etc 田無神社など 920105

In marked contrast to my visit to Meiji-Jingu Shrine on January 1st, 1992, this visit to Tanashi Shrine in the suburbs of Tokyo on January 5th, 1992 resulted in scenes of a relaxed atmosphere, with just a small number of people visiting the shrine.

1992 池袋 西武池袋線など Ikebukuro - Seibu Line Etc 920111

1992 Rikkyo University 立教大学 Saint Paul's University 920111
I haven't been back to Rikkyo University since I took this, but I imagine the old wooden buildings that were notable even in 1992 are probably gone now.  The video I took back then was a combination both of just recording things as I went about town, and also of pulling out a map and deliberately going to places that I hadn't yet been to.  Nishi-Ikebukuro would have been a new territory exploratory walk...  Watching this now, it occurs to me that I really should get off my own beaten tracks a little more in 2014.
1992 Nishi-Ikebukuro Walkabout 西池袋散策散歩 920111
1992 Kanamecho to Shibuya 要町駅-渋谷駅 東京彼方此方 920111

1992 Shibuya Saturday Walkabout 渋谷土曜日散策散歩 920111
渋谷 / Shibuya
1992 Is It Recording - OK - Late Night on the Chuo Line 夜遅くの中央線 920111
Video cameras were still a novelty in 1992, so people liked being on camera.  This is a record of a cheerful encounter with a couple of men on a late-night train.  The one man looking to and pointing at the right side of the camera (from his perspective - left side from my - and your - perspective) appeared to be skeptical that I really had the camera rolling, so he checked for the red "Recording" light, and seemed happy to see that it was on.

1992 Hibarigaoka to Shibuya ひばりヶ丘駅-渋谷駅 920115

1992 山手線-西武池袋線乗り換え Ikebukuro - Yamanote to Seibu Transfer 920115

1992 大宮八幡宮 和田堀公園など 東京彼方此方 Omiya Hachimangu Etc 920118
This one is pretty hard to follow.  It starts with a ride on a Seibu-Ikebukuro Line train, then goes to JR trains, etc., with a visit in the middle to Omiya Hachimangu Shrine (大宮八幡宮) and Wadabori-koen Park (和田堀公園), followed by a glimpse of Kichijoji Station and more train rides, etc., including on the Inokashira Line.
1992 新宿駅-代々木駅 山手線 Shinjuku to Yoyogi 920118

1992 夜の代々木散策散歩 Yoyogi Night Walkabout 920118

1992 竹下通り 土曜日の夜 Saturday Night Takeshita-Dori in Harajuku 920118
I've taken video of Takeshita-dori several times before, but this one - taken on a Saturday night - seems more atmospheric... and is (I think) more interesting than previous views I've taken of the area.
1992 Harajuku to Hiyoshi 原宿駅-日吉駅 山手線 東横線 920118

1992 東横線 山手線 西武池袋線 Toyoko Yamanote Seibu Lines 920118

1992 ひばりヶ丘駅-銀座駅 丸の内線など Hibarigaoka to Yurakucho 920121
1992 有楽町と銀座散策散歩 Yurakucho Ginza Walkabout 920121
This video of Yurakucho and Ginza includes views (glimpses) of a couple of historical buildings that have since vanished (been eaten by the GCI) - the Sanshin Building and the old theater that was next to the Imperial Hotel.
1992 東京彼方此方 Here and There in Tokyo 920121

1992 ひばりヶ丘駅-巣鴨駅 西武池袋線と山手線 Hibarigaoka to Sugamo 920124

1992 巣鴨地蔵通商店街 おばあさんの原宿 Obasan-Harajuku Sugamo 920124
There was a one-day event with hoards of people.  This area is known as the "Obasan's Harajuku" (Harajuku-like area for older women), and you can see the name fits from this video.  (1992年 - おばあさんの原宿 - 名前の通りでした!)
Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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