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"2014 Shinjuku, Big Snowstorm, Otsuka, etc; 1992 Sugamo, Shibuya, Shinbashi, Koiwa Snow, etc."

A couple of things stand out in this batch for me - one, a couple of views of the big snowstorm of February 8th, 2014 (and coincidentally - I didn't go looking for it - views of the day after a big snowstorm in January 1992, taken on February 1st, 1992), and a fairly long look (27:33) at a festival in Sugamo - on the street generally called "Obasan-no-Harajuku" (おばあさんの原宿), although the street is actually called "Sugamo Jizo-Dori Shotengai" (巣鴨地蔵通商店街).  Other than those are the usual train scenes, etc.
Shinjuku Shop Window Reflection 新宿ショーウインドー反射 140128

Tokyu Milano Exterior at Night 夜の東急ミラノ外部 140128

1230AM Kokubunji Station Platform 夜中の国分寺駅ホーム下り線 140131

新宿駅隣の工事現場 Construction Site by Shinjuku Station 140131

サンモール大塚 土曜日の朝 Sun Mall Otsuka Saturday Morning 140201n

Taken on a sleepy Saturday morning - this area is much more interesting on weekday afternoons.

Functioning Old Manual Water Pump 大塚台公園, Otsukadai-Koen 140201

There used to be a lot more pumps like this throughout Tokyo, but there are fewer and fewer of them as the years go by....

Three-Layer Parking Space 池袋にある三段駐車場 140201

Entering Seibu-Ikebukuro Station 西武池袋駅に入る 140201

Saturday Afternoon Tokorozawa Station 土曜日の所沢駅 140201

湘南新宿ライン東海道線直通特別快速 新宿駅から大崎駅まで SSLTCTK 140131

Gotanda Twilight Concourse 五反田夕暮れのスカイウェー 140124

国分寺駅-三鷹駅 中央線左側 Kokubunji to Mitaka - Chuo Line 140130

三鷹駅-中野駅 中央線左側 Mitaka to Nakano - Chuo Line 140130

中野駅-四ッ谷駅 中央線左側 Nakano to Yotsuya - Chuo Line 140130

Hamamatsucho to Shinbashi - Yamanote Line 浜松町駅-新橋駅 山手線 140130

新橋駅-有楽町駅 山手線 Shinbashi to Yurakucho - Yamanote Line 140130

Twilight Osaki Back Area Lookaround 夕暮れ大崎裏の散歩コース見回り 140131

Tokyo Snow Along Tamagawa-josui Canal 玉川上水隣の雪 140208

This is a look fairly early in the day, after the snow had been falling since the early hours of the morning.  Several hours later, I went back and took a couple more videos in the same general area (when the snow was deeper, since it snowed nonstop all day long).

Osaki Illuminated Trees Etc 大崎イルミネーションの木とか風とか 140131

寒い大崎イルミネーションと滝 Cold Windy Osaki Illumination Waterfall Etc 140131

JR高田馬場駅を入る Takadanobaba Station 140201

高田馬場駅-池袋駅 山手線 Takadanobaba to Ikebukuro - Yamanote Line 140201

大塚駅土曜日の朝ホームの様子 Otsuka Platform Scene on Saturday Morning 140201

Rail Bridge in Otsuka 大塚にある鉄道れんが橋 Brick and Steel 140201

Lonely Parking Lots in Otsuka 大塚の寂しい駐車場と大通り Main Road 140201

大塚辺りの新しい市電を通る New Streetcar Passing Near Otsuka 140201

They appear to have replaced most of the streetcars on this line, leaving just a few of the old type still running.

大塚駅隣の見回り 市電とか Looking Around by Otsuka Station 140201

大塚駅市電停 New Type Streetcar Leaving Stop by Otsuka Station 140201

南大塚か東池袋の市電踏切 Streetcar Crossing 140201

Empty Asphalt Along Streetcar Line 140201

Higashi-Ikebukuro Backstreets 豊島区東池袋裏道 Toshima-ku 140201

東池袋四丁目の市電停とその辺り Higashi-Ikebukuro Streetcar Stop 140201

Watching Trains at Nerima Station 練馬駅で電車ウオッチン 140201

所沢駅-東村山駅 西武新宿線 Tokorozawa to Higashi-Murayama - Seibu Line 140201

Evening Shinagawa Station 夕方品川駅 140205

Twilight Shinagawa Stationside 品川駅隣 湖南口 東口 140205

Shinagawa Station - Walking Towards Ticket Gates 品川駅湖南口東口辺り 140205

Evening Train Departing Shinjuku 新宿駅から電車が出発 140124g

阿佐ヶ谷駅-吉祥寺駅 夜中央線 Asagaya to Kichijoji - Chuo Line 140204g

東京の大雪 Tokyo Big Snow Storm 2014 - 140208

These two videos (above and below) show the snow near the peak of the big snowfall on February 8th, 2014 - a few hours later, it stopped snowing and the next day, it had already melted down a little.  As I write this (February 12th), the roads are all clear, but the ground is still generally covered with snow.

Tokyo Snow 東京雪の日 雪は、もういいです! 140208

1992 Obasan-no-Harajuku Sugamo Festival おばあさんの原宿祭 920124

This is the area I mentioned at the top of this post - properly called "Sugamo Jizo-Dori Shotengai" (巣鴨地蔵通商店街), but popularly called Obasan-no-Harajuku (おばあさんの原宿).  There is actually some pretty interesting content within this one.  Something I hadn't thought about much at the time, but I realized upon watching this again while editing, is that the man standing in front of a crowd and giving a kind of presentation, is a real-life version of a scene in many of the Tora-san (Otoko-wa-Tsuri-yo) movies.  After watching all the movies in that series, and then (after two decades) seeing this video of mine again, a light clicked on and I thought "Ah!  There it is!  That's part of what they based the Tora-san character on!"

1992 Sugamo to Hibarigaoka 巣鴨駅-ひばりヶ丘駅 920124

1992 Hibarigaoka to Shibuya ひばりヶ丘駅-渋谷駅 920125

1992 渋谷二丁目の夜 Night Walkabout in Shibuya 2-Chome 920125

1992 渋谷駅-日吉駅-渋谷駅 Shibuya to Hiyoshi to Shibuya 920125

1992 渋谷駅-ひばりヶ丘駅 Shibuya to Hibarigaoka 920125

1992 ひばりヶ丘駅-東京駅-新橋駅 Hibarigaoka to Tokyo and Shinbashi 920126

1992 新橋の日曜日長い散歩 Weekend Shinbashi Walkabout 920126

This one is seriously long (51:37), and not very exciting (it was taken on a Sunday, after all), although the part where I walk through a small time-slip zone may be of historical interest (I'm pretty certain that area has been demolished and built up since then), and the scene on a rooftop, with the sea of buildings in Shinbashi all around, is kind of interesting (in my opinion it is anyway!).

What I was doing with this one, was walking through the side streets of Shinbashi on my way from Shinbashi Station to Tokyo Tower.  This video ends just as I arrive at Tokyo Tower, and for the trip up Tokyo Tower, have a look at the following video:

1992年の東京タワー Visiting Tokyo Tower in 1992 - 920126

After visiting Tokyo Tower, I loaded a new tape in the camera and walked over to Roppongi Station:

1992 Roppongi to Yutenji Etc 六本木駅-祐天寺駅 920126

1992 Yutenji to Hibarigaoka 祐天寺駅-ひばりヶ丘駅 920126

1992年の六本木駅 Roppongi Station 920126

This view of Roppongi Station is contained within the longer "Roppongi to Yutenji" video further up the page, but I thought it would be good to isolate a view of just Roppongi Station.

1992 Snow - Hibarigaoka to Koiwa 雪の日 ひばりヶ丘駅-小岩駅 920201

It was interesting to me to come across views of a lot of snow on the ground on February 1st, 1992, since there's a bit of snow on the ground now as well.  For places that regularly get a lot of snow, naturally there it is, year after year, but Tokyo generally gets very little, so the years where a big storm drops enough to pile up and shut down traffic for a day are notable/memorable.

1992 Koiwa Snow Walkabout 小岩雪散策散歩 920201

Walking around near Koiwa Station - with a bit of time spend on residential side streets (getting wet and cold feet while taking video).

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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