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1992 Koiwa, Shimokitazawa, Kichijoji, Toei Number-12 Line, Yotsuya, Etc.

This entire batch of videos was taken in 1992, with all (except the two taken in Australia in April) having been taken in February and March of that year.
1992 小岩駅-新宿駅 総武線 Koiwa to Shinjuku via Sobu Line 920201

1992 雪の新宿 Snowy Shinjuku 920201

Coincidentally, as I edited this video of snow in February 1992, there was snow falling in February 2014.  Just a normal thing for areas that always get snow, but Tokyo tends to get very little snow, so each time there's enough of a snowstorm to actually leave some snow on the grown for a few days, it's a bit of an event.

1992 新宿駅-日吉駅-雪ドライブなど Shinjuku to Hiyoshi, Hiyoshi Drive, 920201

1992 ひばりヶ丘駅-下北沢駅 Hibarigaoka to Shimokitazawa 920208

1992 Shimokitazawa Walkabout 下北沢散策散歩 920208

These views of Shimokitazawa have come to look historical, now that they've moved the Odakyu Line underground and only the Inokashira Line remains on the surface.

1992年の下北沢駅 Shimokitazawa Station 1992 View 920208

1992 下北沢駅-吉祥寺駅 Shimokitazawa to Kichijoji 920208

1992 Kichijoji Walkabout 吉祥寺散策散歩 920208

1992 Kichijoji Evening Stroll 吉祥寺夜散策散歩 920208

1992 Chuo Line Night Train Trouble 中央線夜電車のトラベル 920208

The trains usually run on time, but things go wrong from time to time.  On the evening of February 8th, 1992, something went wrong on the Chuo Line and people ended up waiting a long time on platforms for the trains to get going again.  Since this was before general cell phone ownership, there were long lines to use public phones on the platform.

1992 Night Streets in Suburbia 夜中の寂しい道 920208

1992 東京彼方此方 練馬と中野など Tokyo Here and There 920214

1992 都営12号線 大江戸線 Toei Number-12 Subway Line Oedo Line 920215

Before they decided on the name "Oedo Line", they opened it with just four stations under the name Toei Number-12 Line.  It was a squeaky-new thing when I took this video and technically interesting since it uses linear motors.

1992 光が丘散策散歩 Hikarigaoka Walkabout 920215

1992 成増駅-池袋駅 東武東上線 Narimasu to Ikebukuro Tobu-Tojo Line 920215

1992 池袋駅-日吉駅 山手線と東横線 Ikebukuro to Hiyoshi 920215

1992年の葛西臨海水族園旅 水上バスなど Trip to Tokyo Sealife Park 920218

This shows the recently opened park of the title and also the various construction projects ongoing on the waterfront of Tokyo Bay, including the Rainbow Bridge (which can be seen in the background under construction in the second half of the video).

1992年 小岩駅から歩き出す 瑞江駅まで Walking - Koiwa Station to Mizue Station 920222

Not exciting at all, but this shows a side of Tokyo not typically seen by tourists - and in fact I was asked by a couple of people what I was taking video of.  From the expression on their faces, it was clear they were puzzled at the appearance of what looked like a foreign tourist with camera in hand walking around taking pictures.  If they had seen me at a tourist spot (temples, etc.) they wouldn't have thought anything of it, but I don't think they could imagine any reason for taking pictures of an ordinary part of the city.  From my standpoint, it was exactly the ordinary things that I was interested in recording - to make an accurate record of what it's like to live in Tokyo.

1992 ひばりヶ丘駅-小岩駅 Hibarigaoka to Koiwa 920222

1992 瑞江駅-新宿駅 都営新宿線 Mizue to Shinjuku - Toei-Shinjuku Line 920222

Taking a quick look up and down the platform at each station on the line on my way to Shinjuku.

1992 新宿駅-日吉駅 池袋駅など Shinjuku to Hiyoshi Etc 920222

1992 夜ひばりヶ丘駅-夜野方駅 バスなど Night Trains and a Bus 920225

1992 ひばりヶ丘駅-練馬駅 バスなど Hibarigaoka to Nerima Etc 920228

1992 新宿など Shinjuku Etc 920317

1992 ある雪と雨の日 One Snowy Rainy Day 920318

1992 新宿と渋谷など Shinjuku Shibuya Etc 920320

1992 四ッ谷駅辺り 920324n Yotsuya Walkabout

1992 堀隣のジャングル Jungle Area by Moat in Tokyo 920324

This is interesting in that this area has been blocked off for many years now, so if you've seen the stairs leading down the side of the moat and wondered what was down there, this is a way to find out.  Presumably they decided it was too much trouble to maintain and/or it was thought to be dangerous and/or people started using the lower area as a campground... and so they closed it off.

1992 ひばりヶ丘駅-日吉駅など Hibarigaoka to Hiyoshi Etc 920321

1992 ひばりヶ丘駅-中野駅 Hibarigaoka to Nakano 920322

1992 日曜日の市内夜バスと電車 Sunday Night Bus and Train 920322

1992 ひばりヶ丘駅-四ッ谷駅 Hibarigaoka to Yotsuya 920324

1992 Segment Intro - Multiple Takes 920325

There's nothing particularly interesting about this short clip of me doing several takes of a short introduction of the video footage I took of the old shotengai in Sugamo (the "Obasan-no-Harajuku" street), but I thought the process of it was slightly interesting in a historical sense, so I posted it.

1992 Hotel Garden and Revolving Restaurant 920324

1992 新宿駅-ひばりヶ丘駅 Shinjuku to Hibarigaoka 920324

1992 踏切と自転車 Evening Bicycle Rush at Railway Crossing 920324

1992 ひばりヶ丘駅-田町駅 Hibarigaoka to Tamachi 920326

1992 Tamachi Walkabout 田町散策散歩 920326

1992 田町駅-東京駅 京浜東北線 Tamachi to Tokyo 920326

1992 丸の内散策散歩 Marunouchi Walkabout 920326

Back when I took this, I never thought that the Marunouchi area beside Tokyo Station would be so radically transformed....

1992 Cairns Night Stroll Near Hotel (Australia) 920418

Just a quick look around the hotel I was staying at in Cairns.

1992 Great Barrier Reef via Tropic Sunseeker Catamaran (Cairns) 920419

The quick catamaran ride out to the Great Barrier Reef is one of my fonder vacation memories, so I was happy to read that the owner of the "Tropic Sunseeker" boat I rode on in the video (Sunlover Reef Cruises) has refurbished it and it's still in service.  Reading about it on-line, it appears to be the same tour that I enjoyed taking in 1992, so here's the link to their website:

Sunlover Reef Cruises

Well - so much for this batch.

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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