Friday, June 25, 2010

"Chuo Line, Tachikawa, and Tamagawa-Josui"

Views on the Chuo Line west of Kokubunji, and then a few views of the elevated walkways on both sides of Tachikawa Station.  After that, a view inside a coffee shop and a look at the walkway along the Tamagawa-Josui Canal - wrapping up with a quick look in a park on a fine late-spring day.

"Kokubunji Line Running Parallel with Seibu-Kokubunji Line" (100526We-0904)

Riding a Chuo Line train out of Kokubunji Station while a Seibu-Kokubunji Line train simultaneously departs from its platform parallel to the Chuo Line, runs alongside, and then veers off to the right.

中央線と西武国分寺線が平行線で走っている  東京

"Chuo Line - Construction at Kunitachi Station" (100526We-0907)

View of both rail construction and station construction through the front cab window of a Chuo Line train as it pulls into Kunitachi Station.  This is part of a fairly extensive construction project on the Chuo Line between Mitaka and Tachikawa, with the rails being elevated and new platforms being built with parallel tracks where express trains can get around local train - a very important improvement, especially during the morning rush, since there are so many trains on the rails.

中央線が工事中の国立駅に入るところ  東京

"Late Morning Tachikawa Station Platform Walk" (100526We-0912)

Walking up the platform in Tachikawa after getting off a train about ten past nine in the morning.  (One hour earlier would have been considerably more crowded.)  Rather than wait for the narrow escalator, I walked around to a wide (and mostly empty) staircase.

立川駅の午前プラットフォーム散歩  東京

"Tachikawa Station South Side Elevated Walkway" (100526We-0913)

Exiting Tachikawa Station on the south side and walking across the elevated walkway there.

立川駅の南口二階横断歩道  東京

"Tachikawa North Elevated Walkway" (100526We-1021)

Exiting Tachikawa-Kita Station and riding an escalator down to the elevated walkway on the north side of Tachikawa Station.  (Tachikawa-Kita Station is one of the monorail stations that is up above the already elevated walkway.)

立川駅の北口二階横断歩道  東京

"Tachikawa - North Side to Chuo Line" (100526We-1026)

Beginning with a look down a main street in Tachikawa (facing away from the station), and then walking from the elevated walkway on the north side of Tachikawa Station, through the ticket gates, and down to the Chuo Line Platform and onto a Chuo Line Train.

立川駅の北口から、中央線の電車まで  東京

"Chuo Line Live Announcement" (100526We-1029)

Looking around on the inside of an inbound Chuo Line train at Tachikawa Station before departing, listening to a live announcement from the conductor.  (No big deal, but when you're blasted with horrible recorded voices all the time, hearing a real human being making a live announcement sounds quite nice sometimes.  Of course - if the recordings were better, it would be less of an issue...)

立川駅の出発前中央線内の生アナウンス  東京

"Coffee Shop Near Takanodai Station" (100526We-1108)

This type of coffee shop used to be everywhere, but now are are becoming fairly rare, so it's a bit of a nostalgia trip to go to one these days.  ("Rare" might not be the best term, but there used to be many more coffee shops of this type, so by comparison....)

鷹の台駅近くの喫茶店  東京

"Tamagawa Josui Walk (May 26th)" (100526We-1127)

Walking down the footpath that runs alongside the Tamagawa-josui Canal in late May - listening to the sound of birds overhead in the trees.  Living in mega-city Tokyo, this type of thing within the city is very much appreciated!

玉川上水の散歩  東京

"Light and Shadows in a Tokyo Park" (100528Fr-1045)

Walking through light and shadows in a Tokyo park in late May of 2010.  The contrast of mega-city life makes moments like this pure pleasure....

公園の五月光と影  東京

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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