Tuesday, June 29, 2010

"Yurakucho 'Shokuan' Stand Bar - June 2010"

I dropped by the Shokuan Stand Bar last week and talked with the owner,  Ozawa Kiyoshige (小澤聖茂), whereupon he told me about his place being featured in a magazine (see second photo below).
The photo above is from the vantage-point of standing across the street from the Shokuan Stand Bar, looking down the street towards Yurakucho Station (with the shop outside the frame on the right).
Ozawa Kiyoshige (小澤聖茂), holding up the magazine featuring his shop (opened to the article).  The photo in the magazine on the right is his place - with the photographer looking straight at it from across the street.

Regarding the term "stand bar" - this is also translated as "standing bar".  Both can sound odd in English, but could be used in the following sentences:

a) "It's a bar where everyone stands, so it's called a 'stand bar'."

b) "All the people are standing in this type of bar, so it's a fundamentally a standing-room-only bar, thus 'standing bar'."

Aside from the Japanese pronunciation being "stand bar", I think 'a' above makes more sense, so that's what I use.  Also, as non-English English, using the term verbatim is treating it like an imported (into English that is) foreign word/term, which it basically is.

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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