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"Trains, Yurakucho, Ginza, and Trains"

Starting with a rare clip from the inside of a morning rush hour(s) Chuo Line train ("rare" because usually it would be rude to record video in morning rush conditions, but one morning, no one was facing me, so I was able to take a quick clip without showing anyone's face), then train clips from a ride to Yurakucho, followed by views of Yurakucho and Ginza, and wrapping up with more train views.

"Inside Rush Hour Chuo Line Train" (100524Mo-0931)

Normally I don't take pictures of the inside of trains during rush hour, but I looked over and noticed that no one was directly facing the camera, so I figured it wouldn't be rude to take a quick clip.  It was also easy to take due to it getting a little late (just past 9:30 a.m.), so the people density wasn't particularly high.

朝通勤ラッシュ中央線の中  東京

"Kanda to Tokyo (Left Side Forward View)" (100524Mo-1005)

Riding the Yamanote Line from Kanda to Tokyo, looking out a left-side window - looking ahead (at about a 45-degree angle).  Reaching Tokyo Station, I get off and observe the unloading and loading ritual.

山手線 - 神田駅から東京駅まで、左側前向き風景  東京

"Tokyo to Yurakucho (Left-Side Rearward View)" (100524Mo-1007)

Riding a Yamanote Line train from Tokyo Station to Yurakucho Station, looking out a left window, facing rearward (for most of the ride anyway).

山手線 - 東京駅から有楽町駅まで、左側後向き風景  東京

"Yurakucho - Various Passing Trains" (100524Mo-1009)

First, watching the Yamanote Line train I rode into Yurakucho on depart, and then watching a few trains (Yamanote and Keihin-Tohoku) coming and going - after which I descend the stairs and head towards the exit.

有楽町駅のプラットフォームから見て、あっちこっち通る電車  東京

"Walking Down Rainy Street in Yurakucho" (100524Mo-1011)

Walking down a street (away from Yurakucho Station) in the rain.

有楽町道 - 雨中の散歩  東京

"Yurakucho Rain - Nearing Ginza" (100524Mo-1013)

Continuing towards Ginza - still within Yurakucho, but with the central Ginza area straight ahead.  At this point, it was raining fairly hard, but the amount of water falling from the sky lessened soon after this was taken.

有楽町道、銀座に近くなる - 雨中の散歩  東京

"Walking in the Rain..." (100524Mo-1026)

Walking down a side street in the rain.  I walked into Tsukiji from Ginza that day, so I'm not sure if this street was in Ginza, or in Tsukiji.  Maybe... Tsukiji?

雨中の散歩 - ここは、銀座だったのか、築地だったのか、ちょっと分からないですが、すみません!  東京

"Exiting Typical Tokyo Building" (100524Mo-1112)

Walking down and out to the street from a typical building in Tokyo - this particular one in Tsukiji - near to Ginza.

オフィスから、道までの階段散歩  東京

"Walking Over Highway in Ginza" (100524Mo-1115)

Walking over the highway that runs through Ginza.  Since it runs down in a culvert, it's not noticeable once you're a little way from it.

銀座の高速道路を渉る  東京

"Chuo-dori Stroll to 4-Chome Intersection" (100524Mo-1153)

Walking down Chuo-dori in Ginza - up to the 4-Chome crossing, waiting for the light to change while standing across from the Nissan Showroom.

銀座中央通散歩 - 銀座四丁目交差点まで  東京

"Crossing Ginza 4-Chome Intersection in Rain" (100524Mo-1156)

Crossing the street at the 4-chome intersection - walking towards the Nissan Showroom.

銀座四丁目交差点の横断歩道を渉る  東京

"Ginza Clock Tower Building Bells Ringing" (100524Mo-1203)

Listening to the old clock tower building bells ringing out twelve noon, and then heading down Chuo-dori for a stroll.

銀座四丁目交差点の古い時計ビルのベルが鳴る  東京

May 2010 Tokyo-ten / サロンと東京展五月 - オープニングパーティ

At the opening party for the May group-exhibition of the Tokyo-ten art group at Gallery Ginza-One, the artists sang a few lines from an old song for the camera.

銀座の奥濃ビルアートスペース銀座ワン - サロンと東京展五月 - オープニングパーティ  東京

"Boarding Late-Night Chuo Line at Tokyo Station" (100524Mo-2332)

Watching a late night Chuo Line train come in and then boarding it.

東京駅で、夜遅く中央線電車に乗る  東京

"Orange 201-Series Chuo Line - May 25th, 2010" (100525Tu-0010)

I noticed several posts to YouTube of "Sayonara 201-Series" Chuo Line clips dated April 17th, so I was a little surprised to see an orange 201-Series Chuo Line train early morning May 25th, 2010 (or late night May 24th, 2010, since it was just past 12:00 midnight).  I was in a hurry, so I didn't stop and take a close look, but in any case, you can see the train in this clip, still on the rails, stopped at the platform, and with people aboard.

オレンジ201-シリーズ中央線電車、2010年5月25日、国分寺駅  東京

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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