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"Musashisakai Station Under Construction / Seibu Tamagawa Line"

This set of clips begins with a transfer walk from the JR part of Musashisakai Station, to the Seibu-Tamagawa Line part of the same station.  The renovated station is still under construction, so when it's complete, transfers will probably be easier.

Once I get on the Seibu-Tamagawa Line, I show the view out the front cab between the stations of that short line.  The train for most of the video clips was painted all-white (as opposed to the Seibu Line's usual yellow) and had the kanji for "haru" (spring) on it.

On the other end of the Tamagawa Line from Musashisakai Station, I walk along the Tamagawa River and - later - take a bike ride.

"Musashisakai Station - Chuo Line to Tamagawa Line" (100520Th-1400)

Transferring at Musashisakai Station from the Chuo Line to the Seibu-Tamagawa Line.

A lot of new construction on this station has been completed, but there is a bit to go yet, with some of the under-construction parts visible in this video.

武蔵境駅 - 中央線から西武多摩川線まで(工事中)  東京

"Tamagawa Line - 'Haru' Train at Musashisakai Station" (100520Th-1405)

Looking down the newly elevated tracks at the Seibu part of Musashisakai Station, and then turning around and looking at an old type Seibu Line train with a new white paint job, named "Haru" (Spring).

武蔵境駅、西武多摩川線の白い「春」電車  東京

"Musashisakai to Shinkoganei (Tamagawa Line)" (100520Th-1409)

Riding a white "Haru" (Spring) Seibu-Tamagawa Line train from Musashisakai Station to Shinkoganei Station.

西武多摩川線で、武蔵境駅から新小金井駅まで  東京

"Shinkoganei to Tama (Tamagawa Line)" (100520Th-1412)

Riding a white "Haru" (Spring) Seibu-Tamagawa Line train from Shinkoganei Station to Tama Station.

西武多摩川線で、新小金井駅から多摩駅まで  東京

"Tama to Shiraitodai (Tamagawa Line)" (100520Th-1415)

Riding a white "Haru" (Spring) Seibu-Tamagawa Line train from Tama Station to Shiraitodai Station.

西武多摩川線で、多摩駅から白糸台駅まで  東京

"Shiraitodai to Kyoteijomae (Tamagawa Line)" (100520Th-1417)

Riding a white "Haru" (Spring) Seibu-Tamagawa Line train from Shiraitodai Station to Kyoteijomae Station.

西武多摩川線で、白糸台駅から競艇場前駅まで  東京

"'Haru' Tamagawa Line Train at Kyoteijomae Station" (100520Th-1420)

Watching an all white (as opposed to the Seibu Line's usual yellow) "Haru" (Spring) train leave Kyoteijomae Station.

There's a boat racing place right next to this station.  The story goes that Fuchu residents allow racing (with betting) in exchange for low property taxes (thanks to the revenue the race-betting brings to the city).

競艇場前駅で、西武多摩川線の白い「春」電車が出発  東京

"Tamagawa River Parkway" (100520Th-1433)

A 360-degree look around from a paved pedestrian path that runs along Tamagawa.  (This was recorded in Fuchu.)

多摩川の川側公園  東京

"Koremasa to Kyoteijomae (Tamagawa Line)" (100520Th-1448)

Riding a regular yellow-colored Seibu-Tamagawa Line train from Koremasa Station to Kyoteijomae Station.

西武多摩川線で、是政駅から競艇場前駅まで  東京

"Tamagawa Riverside Water Treatment Plant" (100520Th-1514)

Walking by and looking over at water output from a water treatment plant next to Tamagawa River.

多摩川隣の水掃除所  東京

"Fuchu Bike Ride" (100520Th-1551)

Riding a bike in Fuchu.

府中の自転車ライド  東京

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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