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"Park in Akishima, Shinkansen Library, Mori Town Mall, and Akishima Station"

Starting with a view of a park in Akishima, and then views of walking up to, and into a first generation Shinkansen, including views in the cab.  The cab car has been converted into a library, but still has some of the original Shinkansen seats in it.  After looking around in the Shinkansen Library, I walk to Akishima Station, stopping for a quick look at Mori Town Mall on the way.

"A Nice Day in an Akishima Park" (100501Sa-1231)

Sitting on a park bench relaxing while waiting for the library to open.  (Not just any ordinary library either!  For an explanation of that, see the next video!)

It isn't often that I get to sit down and relax outside like that, particularly when the temperature is perfect and it's a nice day with a light breeze.  Not exactly "Stop and smell the roses", but "Stop and notice the blue of the sky..." - which is not something to take for granted when living in a mega-city.

素晴らしい天気の日に公園にのんびりして  東京

"Entering Shinkansen Library" (100501Sa-1239)

I stumbled upon this Shinkansen cab (lead/training) car by looking over and suddenly seeing it.  "Whoa!  What?...!?" thought I, as I walked over for a closer look.  There's something striking about the first generation of Shinkansen trains - I think this first version is - in a way - the best looking design of all of the Shinkansen trains, even though I like some of the newer ones a lot, but in a different way.

This particular one is being used as a library!  I was hoping to get the interior in this one clip, but I was stopped and asked to take my shoes off as I came in.  (You don't generally have to remove your shoes when entering libraries, but this one is primarily a children's library, and libraries do typically have no-shoes sections for young children.)

昭島新幹線図書館 - これは、本当に素晴らしい考え!  東京

"Shinkansen Library Walk-Through" (100501Sa-1241)

Walking through a first-generation Shinkansen cab (lead/trailing) car that has been converted into a library.  Adults can order books and then pick them up from the desk at the other end (see previous video: "Entering Shinkansen Library") when they arrive, but mainly this is a children's library (since storage space is limited).

Leaving some of the seats in was a nice touch - as it retains the feeling of a train, and the seats are comfortable places to sit and read a book as well.

In the next video ["1st Generation Shinkansen Cab View (Library)"] I have a look in the cab.

昭島新幹線図書館 - 元の席が半分残っている  東京

"1st Generation Shinkansen Cab View (Library)" (100501Sa-1248)

A look around in the cab of a first-generation Shinkansen cab car that has been converted into a library, but still has several of it's original seats.  For the structure, this is the coolest library I've ever been in!

It's primarily a children's library, but adults can order books and pick them up at the desk in the back of the train car (which is the front of the library), where the checkout desk is.

昭島新幹線図書館 - 運転席の立場からの眺め  東京

"Shinkansen Library - From Cab Section to Books" (100501Sa-1305)

Starting with a last look around the cab, and then going into the book section of the train... um... library.

昭島新幹線図書館 - 運転席から、本棚まで  東京

"Library Shinkansen - From Book Section To Original Seats" (100501Sa-1306)

Going from the bookshelf section to the original Shinkansen seats.  This is a great idea!  The seats are comfortable, so are a good place to sit and read a book.

昭島新幹線図書館 - 本棚から、オリジナル席まで  東京

"Tsutsujigaoka Shopping Plaza, Akishima" (100501Sa-1321)

Walking into a shopping area integrated into an apartment building.  This would have been built before the large grocery store I visited earlier in the day.  With a proliferation of large discount stores being built in Japan, small shops have been going out of business, leaving areas like this with more closed shops than open.

つつじが丘ショッピングプラザー、昭島市  東京

"Brief Look in Mori Town Mall" (100501Sa-1344)

A quick glance inside the first floor of Mori Town Mall.

I would have walked further into this, but since the air was so nice outside, and kind of stale inside, I wanted to get back outside sooner rather than later, and did a quick U-turn.

森タウンモールの一目  東京

"Approaching Akishima Station" (100501Sa-1350)

Walking towards Akishima Station and then turning left and walking into the outside part of Mori Town Mall for a quick look.

昭島駅に近づく、森タウンモールの外部を一目  東京

"Exiting Mori Town Mall Near Akishima Station" (100501Sa-1403)

After a last look at the outside part of Mori Town Mall, I walk out of it and head towards Akishima Station.

森タウンモールの外部を出て、昭島駅に向かう  東京

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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