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"New Platform Walls in Ebisu, and Hibiya Line Cab View"

Beginning with a view of the new platform walls being installed at Ebisu Station for the Yamanote Line; continuing with a walk over to the Hibiya (subway) Line, and then a few long, boring views looking through the cab (of a Hibiya Line train) at the tunnel ahead mixed in with reflections of the interior of the train.

If they're boring, why post them?  As time passes, this kind of material can be useful for understanding the ambiance of a given era - the motor sounds of the train, the voice of the announcements, the clothing and posture of passengers.  All these things are just background normalcy now, but become elements of nearly-forgotten history with the passage of time.  Without proper records, these things easily become distorted from the perspective of the future.

So - for those who value the truth, and want to accurately understand the past, I say to you, from my present - to your present (my future, your past), have a good look.  This is how it was.

"New Barriers at Ebisu Station" (100511Tu-1216)

Ebisu Station with new platform barriers half-installed.  Safety is good of course, but it seems like instead of the old common-sense approach, things are getting obsessive.  Don't open windows - Danger!-Danger! - something might fall out!.  Don't trust people to be careful around edges - Danger!-Danger! - put walls up, lock people into a safety zone from which it's impossible for them to hurt themselves.  Maybe this is actually the best way... but it sure feels claustrophobic.

Also, notice all the guys with hard hats and reflective yellow stripes?  Are all those guys really necessary to watch over the partially installed barriers?  Is it really possible that some idiot is going to see an open gate and think "Gee!  An open gate!  It must be safe to step down onto the track in front of a speeding train!"?  I hope nobody on this entire planet is that stupid, but I guess you never know.  Better safe than sorry.

So - safety is good, but it's a sad day for photographers.

恵比寿駅の新しいホームバリヤー、安全はいいですが、写真にとっては、災厄です  東京

"Ebisu - Ticket Gates to Import Store" (100511Tu-1218)

Walking from the upper level ticket gates at Ebisu Station to a nearby import shop that has a number of interesting things - in spite of the limited amount of space they have.

恵比寿駅改札口から輸入の店まで  東京

"Ebisu Station - JR to Hibiya Line" (100511Tu-1224)

Walking from near the upper level JR ticket gates to the Hibiya subway line ticket gates.  More construction - this time for the Hibiya Line Ebisu Station.  It looks as though they are in the process of installing escalators.

One thing that occurs to me is that the level of motorized mechanization requiring maintenance and electrical power is vastly more than just a couple of decades ago.  Will this negatively impact the reliability of the system?

恵比寿駅JR改札口の近くから、日比谷線地下鉄の改札口まで  東京

"Ebisu Hibiya Ticket Gates to Platform" (100511Tu-1226)

Passing through the ticket gates of the Hibiya (subway) Line in Ebisu, and then walking down to the platform to wait for the next train.

恵比寿駅日比谷線改札口から、日比谷線地下鉄のホームまで  東京

"Waiting for Hibiya Line at Ebisu" (100511Tu-1227)

Waiting for the next Hibiya (subway) Line train to arrive at Ebisu Station.

恵比寿駅日比谷線地下鉄のホームで電車来るのを待っている  東京

"Hibiya Line - Ebisu to Hiro" (100511Tu_1231)

Riding the Hibiya Subway Line - looking out the front cab as the train runs from Ebisu to Hiro.

Since some of the Hibiya subway trains seamlessly connect with Tobu Line rails (there is more than one Tobu Line), some of the Tobu Line trains (like the one in this video) are run in the subway tunnels (and some of the subway trains are run on the Tobu rails).

日比谷線地下鉄 - 恵比寿駅から広尾駅までの運転手ビュー  東京

"Hibiya Line - Hiro to Roppongi" (100511Tu-1234)

Riding the Hibiya Subway Line - looking out the front cab as the train runs from Hiro to Roppongi.

日比谷線地下鉄 - 広尾駅から六本木駅までの運転手ビュー  東京

"Hibiya Line - Kamiyacho to Kasumigaseki" (100511Tu-1240)

Riding the Hibiya Subway Line - looking out the front cab as the train runs from Kamiyacho to Kasumigaseki.

日比谷線地下鉄 - 神谷町駅から霞ヶ関駅までの運転手ビュー  東京

"Hibiya Line - Hibiya to Ginza" (100511Tu-1245)

Riding the Hibiya Subway Line - looking out the front cab as the train runs from Hibiya to Ginza.

日比谷線地下鉄 - 日比谷駅から銀座駅までの運転手ビュー  東京

"Hibiya Line - Ginza to Higashi-Ginza" (100511Tu-1247)

Riding the Hibiya Subway Line - looking out the front cab as the train runs from Ginza to Higashi-Ginza, and then getting off at HIgashi-Ginza and watching the train continue on into the tunnel.

日比谷線地下鉄 - 銀座駅から東銀座駅までの運転手ビューと、東銀座駅のプラットホーム風景  東京

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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