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"Yurakucho, Ginza, Chuo Line, Etc."

Starting off with a view of the ride from Tokyo to Yurakucho, then a look around Yurakucho and back to the trains, showing the rides from Yurakucho to Tokyo, Tokyo to Kanda, and Kanda to Ochanomizu.

"Yamanote Line - Tokyo to Yurakucho, Left Side View" (100518Tu-1146)

Looking out a left side window on a Yamanote Line train from Tokyo to Yurakucho, where I get off the train and head for the stairs.

東京駅から、有楽町駅まで、山手線の左側風景  東京

"Yurakucho - Short Narrow Path Under Tracks" (100518Tu-1148)

Walking down a short, narrow path right after coming out of Yurakucho Station, and then turning and coming out into the sunlight.

有楽町駅、ガード下の細い、短い道  東京

"Car Culture Ginza Main Street" (100518Tu-1152)

Waiting for the light to change so I can cross an asphalt wasteland without getting run over by fire-breathing machinery.  Large cities, especially mega-cities like Tokyo, would be vastly improved if personal cars were forbidden from entering the city.

To my car-lover friends who may be offended at my criticism of fire-breathing machinery:  Yeah, I know, it's not all that far to the other side, but for pedestrians, cars ruin main roads like this.  The basic feeling is one of stress, with the constant noise and exhaust fumes.  Turning down a side street and escaping the fire-breathing machinery is always a relief.

車文化の銀座大通り、広い面白くないアスファルト  東京

"Crosswalk Between Kokusai Forum and Yurakucho Station" (100518Tu-1723)

Walking from Kokusai Forum to one of the entrances to Yurakucho Station.

国際フォーラムと有楽町駅の間の横断歩道  東京

"Looking Around by Yurakucho SB" (100518Tu-1813)

Looking around while standing on the opposite side of the street from Yurakucho SB.

有楽町スタンドバーの近くの見回り  東京

"Back to Yurakucho Station" (100518Tu-1816)

Walking back to Yurakucho Station as the sun sets....  The sounds of the elevated trains are an important component of the atmosphere in Tokyo.

有楽町駅に戻る  電車の音は、東京の雰囲気の一つ  東京

"Yurakucho Station and Ride to Tokyo" (100518Tu-1818)

Looking around on the platform in Yurakucho, and then getting on a Keihin-Tohoku Line train and watching the scenery flow by outside (on the right side) during the ride to Tokyo Station, where I get off and head for the stairs.

有楽町駅から始まり、京浜東北線の電車を乗って、東京駅に行きます  東京

"Tokyo Station Chuo Line Stroll" (100518Tu-1822)

Walking along the edge of the Chuo Line platform at Tokyo Station as a Chuo Line train arrives at the station.  After watching the train come in, I climb aboard.

東京駅の中央線プラットフォーム散歩  東京

"Tokyo to Kanda - Twilight View" (100518Tu-1825)

Left side window, twilight view, from inside a Chuo Line train from Tokyo Station to Kanda Station, including a look through the train to the other side, where a Keihin-Tohoku Line train is running in parallel.

中央線で東京駅から、神田駅までの左側夕方窓ビュー  東京

"Kanda to Ochanomizu - Vertical Twilight View" (100518Tu-1826)

A vertical view out the left side of a Chuo Line train between Kanda and Ochanomizu - with reflections of the train interior mixed in with the outside view of Tokyo flowing by.

中央線で神田駅から、御茶ノ水駅までの左側窓ビュー(立て)  東京

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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