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"Tamagawa Josui, Kodaira Chuo Park, Ome Line, and Akishima"

Starting with a look at the Tamagawa Josui Canal in it's newfound green after the winter.  (Over the summer, the green turns darker.)  Then having a look at a section of Kodaira's Chuo Park that is under threat from a planned (and opposed) road project.  Hopefully they won't destroy Kodaira Chuo Koen, as they are planning to do.

After that, a trip on the Ome Line out to Akishima, where I walk around for a bit - visiting a large grocery store.

"Springtime Tamagawa Josui Canal" (100430Fr-1444)

The springtime green of the old Tamagawa Josui Canal.  The green belt along the canal is popular for joggers and strollers.

春の玉川上水  東京

"Kodaira Chuo Park - Threatened Section" (100430Fr-1505)

This wooded section of Kodaira's Chuo Park is slated for destruction in order to lay down a hideous four-lane asphalt road, which - beyond the loss of these trees - would ruin the rest of the park as well, since it would be subjected to constant diesel engine truck vibration, noise, and noxious gases.

To city planners:  If you don't have the money to put the road in a tunnel under the park, then don't build the bloody thing!  Protecting a popular park is more important than building yet more lifeless habitat for internal combustion engines.  How much of Tokyo has to be ruined for living people - all in the interest of convenience for noxious gas-producing machinery?

小平中央公園の林 - この林はアスファルトに遣られる予定がある...  東京

"Inbound Ome Line Train Arrives at Nishi-Tachikawa Station" (100501Sa-0857)

An inbound Ome Line train arrives at Nishi-Tachikawa Station.

Nishi-Tachikawa Station is the nearest station to Showa Kinen Park, which was built on the land formerly occupied by Tachikawa Air Base.

Open-air platforms like the one in this video are rather unusual now in Tokyo, but this station is primarily used by people going to the park in fair weather, and not by daily commuters, so there's no real need to cover the whole platform (there's a covered section by the stairs after all).

上り青梅線電車が西立川駅に到着  東京

"Nishi-Tachikawa to Higashi-Nakagami" (100501Sa-0903)

Looking at the scenery out a right-side window of an Ome Line train between Nishi-Tachikawa and Higashi-Nakagami stations.

青梅線で西立川駅から東中神駅まで (右側の窓の風景)  東京

"Higashi-Nakagami to Nakagami" (100501Sa-0905)

Looking at the scenery out a right-side window of an Ome Line train between Higashi-Nakagami and Nakagami stations.

青梅線で東中神駅から中神駅まで (右側の窓の風景)  東京

"Nakagami to Akishima" (100501Sa-0906)

Looking at the scenery out a right-side window of an Ome Line train between Nakagami and Akishima stations.

青梅線で中神駅から昭島駅まで (右側の窓の風景)  東京

"Exiting Akishima Station" (100501Sa-0908)

Exiting Akishima Station - going through the ticket gates and walking over to the stairs leading down to the street.

I was asked before about the ticket gates appearing to always be open - notice the man who had to turn back when the machine refused his ticket.  If you freeze-frame the image at the right spot, you can see the closed gates and also how a large round red light illuminates at the same time the gate makes an error "bing-bong" noise.

昭島駅の中 - 改札口を通る  東京

"Walking in Suburbia in Western Tokyo" (100501Sa-0911)

Walking down the street that runs (almost) in front of Akishima Station - with Mori Town Mall on the right.

昭島駅の近くの道路に歩きながら  東京

"Large Grocery Store Near Akishima Station" (100501Sa-1108)

Walking around in a large grocery store not far from Akishima Station, listening to rather irritating music being broadcast on the store's PA.

Maybe I'm too used to shopping in smaller shops, but I couldn't help looking up and wondering what the advantage was of having the ceiling up that high.  I suppose the space is probably cooler in the summer thanks to that, but isn't it then also colder in the winter?  Maybe it's done for psychological reasons?  How does this look to people living outside Japan?  Just normal?  If so, I really have gotten used to smaller shops....

昭島駅の近くにある大きいスーパーの中に散歩  東京

"Produce Section of Large Grocery Store in Western Tokyo" (100501Sa-1115)

Looking around in the produce section of a large grocery store in western Tokyo.  The way the shop-keepers are calling out is traditional, but the feeling in the store is something else....

昭島駅の近くにある大きいスーパーの中の野菜や果物  東京

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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