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"Chuo Line Inside Views, Ginza Exhibition, Etc."

Several - probably too many - views from inside Chuo Line trains, which are probably boring to watch for most people, but might become more interesting with the passage of time, since Tokyo never stops changing.  Also, for people not living in Tokyo, they show somewhat how it is to ride the Chuo Line and Tokyo trains in general (although each line has its own character).

There are also some views of the inside of the Okuno Building in Ginza - possible the building with the most interesting atmosphere in all of Ginza.

And just in case there aren't enough train views with all those Chuo Line views, there are a couple of Seibu-Kokubunji Line views (from the inside, looking out) as well.

"Chuo Tokkai - Kokubunji to Mitaka" (100518Tu_1102)

Riding the "Chuo-Tokkai" (Chuo Line Tokubetsu-Kaisoku [Special Rapid]) from Kokubunji to Mitaka.

中央線の特別快速(中央特別快速/中央特快)、国分寺駅から三鷹駅まで  東京

"Chuo Tokkai - Mitaka to Nakano (Almost)" (100518Tu_1108)

Riding the "Chuo-Tokkai" (Chuo Line Tokubetsu-Kaisoku [Special Rapid]) from Mitaka to Nakano - well... *almost* to Nakano.  The train was delayed, so it was taking longer than usual.  I cut off the clip a little before Nakano to stay within ten minutes recording time.

中央線の特別快速(中央特別快速/中央特快)、三鷹駅から中野駅まで  東京

"Okuno Building - 3rd Floor" (100518Tu-1218)

Looking around a little on the third floor of the Ginza Okuno Building.

銀座奥野ビルの三階、平成二十二年五月十八日  東京

"HUST 'In Vitro-II' Installation in Ginza" (100518Tu-1304)

A view of the latest installation by HUST (Hideyuki Usuki and Shingo Toyama) at Gallery Ginza 1-Chome, as well as part of the path through the Okuno Building on the way to the exhibit.  This installation runs from May 18th through to May 25th, 2010.

銀座奥野ビル四階のギャラリー銀座一丁目で、HUST(臼木英之 & 遠山伸吾)のインスタレーション - 5月18日から5月25日まで

"Niramusi Installation at Kobo in Ginza" (100518Tu-1541)

A quick look at an installation by Niramusi at Kobo-2 in the Okuno Building.  This installation runs from May 17th through to May 22nd, 2010.

銀座奥野ビル三階のギャラリー巷房2で新山にらむし展のインスタレーション - 5月17日から5月22日まで

"Yurakucho, Passage Under Tracks, and Yakitori Tunnel" (100518Tu-1719)

Walking down a daylight-bright street towards Yurakucho Station; turning right into the (comparatively) dark passageway under the Shinkansen railway tracks, and then turning left into Yakitori Tunnel (my term).

有楽町の道と新幹線線路下と焼鳥トンネル  東京

"Takanodai to Koigakubo - Left Rear View" (100518Tu-1054)

Left-rear view from Seibu-Kokubunji Line train as it rolls from Takanodai Station to Koigakubo Station.  Looking much greener than it did in the winter (naturally!).

西武国分寺線、鷹の台駅から恋ヶ窪駅まで、左後風景  東京

"From Koigakubo, Halfway to Kokubunji" (100518Tu-1056)

Left-rear view from Seibu-Kokubunji Line train as it rolls from Koigakubo Station towards Kokubunji Station.  (Also a quick look at the interior of the train as it rolls along.)

西武国分寺線、恋ヶ窪駅から国分寺駅の方、左後風景  東京

"Chuo Line - Late Train Rolling into Nakano" (100518Tu-1118)

Riding a Chuo Line train running behind schedule as it arrives at Nakano Station.  A live announcement on the train explains that the train was delayed due to a passenger action ("jinshin jiko") earlier in the day at Suidobashi Station.

遅くなった中央線電車が中野駅に到着 -「遅くなったすみません」のアナウンス  東京

"Nakano to Shinjuku (Chuo Line)" (100518Tu-1120)

A right side view from a Chuo Line train between Nakano and Shinjuku Stations.

中央線の中野駅から、新宿駅まで 右側風景  東京

"Shinjuku to Yotsuya (Chuo Line)" (100518Tu-1126)

A right side view from a Chuo Line train between Shinjuku and Yotsuya Stations.

中央線の新宿駅から、四ッ谷駅まで 右側風景  東京

"Yotsuya (Partway) to Ochanomizu (Chuo Line)" (100518Tu-1130)

A right side view from a Chuo Line train rolling from Yotsuya - going partway to Ochanomizu Station.

中央線の四ッ谷駅から、御茶ノ水駅まで 右側風景  東京

"Ochanomizu to Kanda (Chuo Line)" (100518Tu-1135)

A right side view from a Chuo Line train between Ochanomizu and Kanda Stations.

中央線の御茶ノ水駅から、神田駅まで 右側風景  東京

"Kanda (Partway) to Tokyo (Chuo Line)" (100518Tu-1138)

A right side view from a Chuo Line train from Kanda - going partway to Tokyo Station.  (I stopped recording when the train stopped between stations in order to wait for a slot to open at Tokyo Station.)

中央線の神田駅から、東京駅まで 右側風景  東京

"Yamanote Line Arriving at Tokyo Station" (100518Tu-1144)

Watching a Yamanote Line train arrive from the platform at Tokyo Station.  This is probably the most relaxed time to ride the trains - just before lunch.  At lunchtime, people are moving about, and once past lunch, things begin to pick up with people leaving for home early, students going home from school, etc.

東京駅の山手線電車が遣って来る  東京

"Running for the Yamanote Line - Tokyo Station" (100518Tu-1145)

People running across the platform from a Keihin-Tohoku Line kaisoku (rapid) train that arrives just before the Yamanote Line train departs.

During some parts of the day, the Keihin-Tohoku Line skips some stations to act as an express, so people wanting off at intermediary stations have to change over to the Yamanote Line, which stops everywhere.  (At other times of the day, both the Yamanote Line and Keihin-Tohoku Line stop at all the same stations while the lines are running in parallel.)

東京駅の山手線と快速京浜東北線、乗り換え人々  東京

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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