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"Akishima, Aisle Cruising, Kodaira, and Shinjuku - Late Spring Views"

Starting with a look at the upper level of Akishima Station, and then doing a 360-degree look around while standing at the front end of the outbound platform (actually, there's only one platform, with outbound trains on one side and inbound trains on the other, but from the standpoint of outbound trains, I was at the front), and then watching an outbound train leave Akishima Station.

After that is a cruise through several aisles in a popular discount store in Tokyo.  It's an intriguing store.  The feeling is sort of like going up into the attic of a house where the owner stores an amazing amount of stuff.  You look around with a background expectation of finding something interesting.  Incidentally, the last time I went to this store, one section of the store had several high-frequency pulsating noises... something I have never heard before in my life.  I ended up wondering if it was something along the lines of anti-loitering sounds that I hear are being used in the UK?

Then I jump over to Shinjuku and show a couple of Shinjuku Station scenes, one with an announcement about a "jinshin-jiko" (passenger action) that has delayed some trains, and the other showing a Yamanote Line train come in, that I then board.

And it wraps up with a view of a Shinjuku street band and a view of trains and commuters out in the burbs.

"Akishima Station - Upper Level" (100501Sa-1409)

Looking around on the upper level of Akishima Station, and then going through the ticket gates and heading for the stairs leading down to the platform.

昭島駅二階と改札口  東京

"Akishima Station - Watching Outbound Train Depart" (100501Sa-1419)

While waiting at the front end of a platform for an outbound Ome Line train to depart from Akishima Station, I have a 360-degree look around, and then watch the train as it departs and disappears down the tracks.

昭島駅ホームの下り方向から青梅線の電車出発を見る  東京

"Kodaira Chuo Park - March 3rd, 2010" (100503Mo-1357)

A late spring day in Kodaira Chuo Park.  Notice the man playing some kind of drum, while something (unrelated I think) is going on in the background on the soccer grounds.

小平中央公園、平成二十二年五月三日  東京

"Aisle Cruising in a Tokyo Discount Store" (100508Sa-1253)

Cruising through the aisles at a discount store in Tokyo that maximizes floor space by utilizing narrow passageways and loading a lot of merchandise onto the shelves.

東京ディスカウント店の通路クルージング  東京

"Tree Grove in Kodaira Chuo Park" (100509Su-1253)

Walking through a grove of trees towards a group of people (adults and children) enjoying a Sunday in the park.

小平中央公園の林人々  東京

"Shinjuku Station Jinshin-Jiko Announcement Etc." (100511Tu-1205)

Walking past the bookstore on the upper level at Shinjuku Station, then down the stairs to the counter-clockwise Yamanote Line platform while listening to an announcement about delays due to a passenger-action (jinshin-jiko)

新宿駅内本屋や山手線ホーム、など  東京

"Boarding Yamanote Line at Shinjuku Station" (100511Tu-1206)

Standing on the platform at Shinjuku Station and watching a Yamanote Line train arrive - and then climbing aboard (after waiting for those getting off).

I've always taken this sort of scene for granted, but they're currently putting up barriers (with doors) along the edge of the Yamanote Line platforms, so the trains will be half-hidden by the walls when they come in.  Considering how crowded the platforms can get, it's a great idea for safety, but - visually speaking - the platform edge barriers are hideously ugly.  Good-bye decent pictures from the platforms....

新宿駅で内回りの山手線を乗る  東京

"Sasurai-Meika, Live in Rainy Shinjuku" (100511Tu-2202)

Especially considering they had electric amplifiers, I was surprised to see this band playing live outside in the rain!  They were under the overhang from the Keio Department Store, so they weren't completely exposed, but the ground they were standing on was wet and it was windy....

サスライメイカーストリートバンド、新宿でライブ  東京

"Late Night Burbs Station" (100511Tu-2259)

Looking around at Higashi-Murayama Station as a late night train comes in and outward-bound commuters get off.

夜遅く東村山駅の様子  東京

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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