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"Ogikubo, Shinjuku, Ginza, and the Chuo Line"

Beginning with a few looks at Ogikubo, focusing on old-style shotengai streets (first Kyokai-Dori, and then a section of old streets near the station), followed by looks at Shinjuku and Ginza, and wrapping up this set of video clips with midnight views of the Chuo Line out at Hino Station.

"Ogikubo Kyokai-Dori (Late Morning)" (100528Fr-1122)

Walking down most of Ogikubo's Kyokai Dori just before lunch - probably the least crowded time of the day; after the morning rush and before lunch.  Also looking down a few side-streets as I walk along.

お昼ちょっと前の荻窪協会通り  東京

"Ogikubo Old Shotengai Walkabout" (100528Fr-1205)

Walking through a small network of shotengai shopping streets near Ogikubo Station.  Notice that there are some empty gaps and there is a mix of old and new shops.

The fact that most of the shops are fairly old makes it an interesting area.  When shops are independently run, they have some character - once they become chain clones, they may be nice stores, but chain stores never have much character of their own (not that I've seen anyway).

荻窪古い商店街のお昼散歩  東京

"Ogikubo Station - Boarding Inbound Chuo Line" (100528Fr-1216)

Boarding an inbound Chuo Line train at Ogikubo Station.  (Notice the recorded bird sounds.)

荻窪駅で上り中央線電車を乗るところ  東京

"Ogikubo to Asagaya (Inbound Chuo Line)" (100528Fr-1217)

Looking out a right side window of an inbound Chuo Line train as it departs Ogikubo Station, and watching the scenery flow past during the ride to Asagaya Station (the next station).

荻窪駅から阿佐ヶ谷駅まで - 中央線の右側ビュー  東京

"Exiting Shinjuku Station via South Exit" (100528Fr-1229)

Exiting Shinjuku Station via the south exit.

新宿駅の南口から駅を出ます  東京

"Shinjuku - Walking Downhill from South Exit" (100528Fr-1231)

Walking downhill towards Nishi-Shinjuku (after exiting Shinjuku Station from the South Exit) - walking past a political speech group and a wild-paint-job bus.

新宿駅の南口から坂を下りる  東京

"Nishi-Shinjuku Stroll (Near Yodobashi Camera)" (100528Fr-1232)

Walking through a section of Nishi-Shinjuku near Yodobashi Camera.

西新宿散歩 - ヨドバシカメラの近く  東京

"In Front of Yodobashi Camera in Nishi-Shinjuku" (100528Fr_1234)

Looking around while standing in front of the main Nishi-Shinjuku Yodobashi Camera store.

西新宿のヨドバシカメラの前  東京

"Kanda Station - Inbound Chuo Line" (100528Fr-1421)

Inbound Chuo Line train at Kanda Station.

神田駅 - 上り中央線  東京

"Kanda to Tokyo to Yurakucho (Train Typhoon in Yurakucho)" (100528Fr-1422)

Getting on a Yamanote Line train in Kanda, riding it to Tokyo with a Keihin-Tohoku Line train running in parallel - continuing on to Yurakucho, where I watch a number of trains go by - including an outbound Tokaido Line train and an inbound Shinkansen.

山手線で、神田駅から東京駅まで、そして東京駅から、有楽町駅まで。 有楽町駅で、電車台風  東京

"Yurakucho Station - Yamanote and Keihin-Tohoku Lines" (100528Fr-1430)

Watching a Yamanote Line train arrive and depart, a Shinkansen go by, and a Keihin-Tohoku Line train fly-by.

有楽町駅から山手線と京浜東北線の電車を見る  東京

"Ginza - Crossing Chuo-Dori" (100528Fr-1451)

Looking in a shop window, and then walking to a corner and beginning to cross Chuo-Dori in Ginza.

銀座中央通りを渡るところ  東京

"Ginza Chuo Dori Stroll" (100528Fr-1452)

Walking along Chuo-Dori in Ginza - looking up, etc.

銀座中央通り散歩  東京

"Midnight Hino Station - Outbound Chuo Line" (100529Sa_0044)

Standing at the leading edge of the Hino Station platform as a midnight outbound Chuo Line train whooshes into the station.

夜中の日野駅で下り中央線が遣って来る  東京

"Tachikawa Station - Last Inbound Chuo Line Train" (100529Sa-0050)

Looking out the front cab of the last inbound train as it pulls into Tachikawa Station, and then looking out on the platform about ten before one in the morning.  The station guy who runs down the platform is making sure there isn't anyone milling about or asleep on the platform before they close the doors on the last train.

夜中の立川駅で、最終上り中央線電車  東京

"Midnight Chuo Line Front Cab View" (100529Sa-0052)

Looking through the front cab of a midnight Chuo Line train as it nears Kunitachi Station.  Also a few looks in the other direction at the interior of the train.  This was the last inbound train of the day.

夜中の最終上り中央線  中と前のビュー  国立駅の近く  東京

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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