Monday, December 13, 2010

"Chuo Line, Oedo Line, Kachidoki Scenes, Tokyo Waterfront, and Shinjuku"

A variety of scenes from the Chuo Line and the Oedo Line - along with scenes of the Kachidoki area, the Tokyo waterfront, and Shinjuku.

Slow Start Inbound Chuo Line from Shinjuku (101209-1538)

Looking around the platform from the inside of an inbound Chuo Line train while it waited at Shinjuku Station before departing.

Inbound Chuo Line - Ochanomizu to Kanda (101209-1549)

Riding an inbound Chuo Line train from Ochanomizu to Kanda.

Inbound Chuo Line - Kanda to Tokyo (101209-1552)

Taking an inbound Chuo Line train from Kanda Station to Tokyo Station.

Inbound Chuo Line Train Arriving at Kokubunji Station (101209-0938)

Watching an inbound Chuo Line Train arriving at Kokubunji Station around 9:30 in the morning.

Inbound Chuo Line Train Departing Kokubunji (101209-0939)

Riding an inbound Chuo Line train away from Kokubunji.

Walking Through Nakano Station (101209-0956)

Walking through typically crowded Nakano Station while changing trains.

Late Morning Local Chuo Line Train (101209-1008)

While riding a late morning local Chuo Line train, I lowered (for the first time) one of the cattle-car seats, which are kept folded up until 10:00 a.m.

Oedo Line - Stopping at Azabu-Juban Station (101209-1021)

Riding the deep-tunnel Oedo Line - stopping at Azabu-Juban Station on the way across town.

Oedo Line Reflections (101209-1029)

Looking at/through a window on the deep-tunnel Oedo Line - watching reflections, etc.

Oedo Line Cab View - Pulling into Station (101209-1030)

Looking out the front of an Oedo Line train as it pulls into a station.

Oedo Line - Cab Tunnel View (101209-1031)

Riding an Oedo Line train - looking out at the tunnel ahead as the train makes its way across town.

Oedo Line - Kachidoki Station (101209-1035)

A look at Kachidoki Station on the Oedo Line.

Kachidoki Street Scene (101209-1045)

A look at a street scene in the Kachidoki area.

Kachidoki Apartment Tower (101209-1052)

A look up at an Apartment Tower in the Kachidoki area.

Kachidoki Apartment Towers (101209-1245)

A look at some of the huge Apartment Towers in Kachidoki.

Near Tokyo Waterfront - 360 (101209-1256)

Taking a 360-degree look at a (former?) pier near a part of the Tokyo waterfront.

Headed Towards Tokyo Waterfront (101209-1258)

Walking towards a part of the Tokyo waterfront.

Tokyo Waterfront - Passing Boat (101209-1308)

Looking around the Tokyo Waterfront as a boat passes by.

Kachidoki - Old Section Houses and New Construction Site (101209-1339)

Looking around Kachidoki - at an old section of houses and a new construction site.

Narrow Alley Between Houses in Kachidoki (101209-1358)

Having a look in a narrow alley in-between a block of old houses and a new construction site in Kachidoki.

Exiting Oedo Line at Shinjuku (101209-1427)

Getting off an Oedo Line train at Shinjuku Station.

On the Way to the Surface of the Earth (101209-1429)

Looking at reflections by an escalator on my way to the surface of the Earth.

Walking by West Side of Shinjuku Station (101209-1446)

Walking by the west side of Shinjuku Station in the early afternoon.

Early Afternoon Omoide Yokocho (101209-1448)

Walking down Omoide Yokocho izakaya street in the early afternoon.

Edge of Kabukicho - Early Afternoon (101209-1451)

Walking along the edge of Kabukicho in the Early Afternoon.

Kabukicho Mystery Alley (101209-1456)

Walking through a very narrow alley in Kabukicho.

Stroll Through Shopping Area of Tokyo Station (101209-1554)

Walking through a shopping area of Tokyo Station on my way to the exit.

Walking Through Tokyo Station (101209-2238)

Walking through typical Tokyo Station conditions on my to a late night train.

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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