Thursday, December 23, 2010

"Seibu, Tozai, Inokashira, Setagaya, and Keihin-Tohoku Lines, Boroichi Market, Etc."

Several clips this time:  A couple of views from Seibu Line trains; walking across the plaza in front of Yurakucho Station; Keihin-Tohoku Line train views; more Setagaya Boroichi street market views; the "Yebisu Skywalk" in Ebisu; watching trains in Ebisu; listening to a cool band at What the Dickens in Ebisu; views of Seibu Line and Tozai Line trains; walking through the inside of a Tozai Line train; watching a Tozai Line train depart Nihonbashi; new building construction in Nihonbashi; Tokyo Station views; Kichijoji Station views; Inokashira Line; Meidaimae Station area; Shimotakaido Station area; Setagaya Line front cab views; and finally - more Boroichi Street Market views.

Dry Winter View From Seibu Train Window (101220)

Looking out on the dry Tokyo countryside from a Seibu train window.

Yurakucho Station Plaza (101220-1840)

Walking through the plaza in front of Yurakucho Station.

Kanda to Tokyo (Keihin Tohoku Line) (101220-2058)

Kanda to Tokyo on the Keihin Tohoku Line.

Tokyo to Yurakucho (Keihin-Tohoku Line) (101220-2101)

Tokyo to Yurakucho on the Keihin-Tohoku Line.

Lights Near Yurakucho Station (101220-2104)

Year end lights near Yurakucho Station.

Setagaya Boroichi Street Market (101215-1400)

Walking into the Setagaya Boroichi Street Market.

Ebisu 'Yebisu Skywalk' Towards Ebisu Station (101215-1942)

Walking along the Ebisu 'Yebisu Skywalk' towards Ebisu Station.

Train and Sky Watching Next to Ebisu Station (101215-1949)

Looking around at passing trains below and at the sky above next to Ebisu Station.

Cool Band at What the Dickens in Ebisu (101215-2047)

Watching and listening to a cool band at What the Dickens in Ebisu.

Seibu Line Train Arriving at Ogawa (101214-1318)

Watching a Seibu Line train arriving at Ogawa.

Two Types of Seibu Line Trains Arriving at Kodaira (101214-1326)

Watching two types of Seibu Line trains arriving at Kodaira Station.

Waiting for Tozai Subway at Takadanobaba (101214-1351)

Standing on the platform - waiting for a Tozai subway line train at Takadanobaba Station.

Walking Through Inside of Tozai Line Train (101214-1354)

Walking through inside of Tozai Line train - up to the front carriage.

Tozai Line Train Departing Nihonbashi Station (101214-1409)

Watching a Tozai Line train departing Nihonbashi Station.

New Building Arising in Nihonbashi (101214-1432)

Watching construction of a new building in Nihonbashi.

Tokyo Station Bus Area Under Construction (101214-1845)

Walking through the Tokyo Station bus area, which is under construction.

Tokyo Station Walk - Chuo Line Delay Announcement (101214-1847)

Walking through Tokyo Station  - listening to an announcement about a delay for the Chuo Line.

Kichijoji Station Platform - Walking to Stairs (101215-1303)

On the Chuo Line platform at Kichijoji Station - headed for the Stairs.

Walking to Front of Inokashira Line Train at Kichijoji (101215-1305)

Walking to the front of an Inokashira Line train at Kichijoji.

Inokashira Line - Front Cab View Before Departure (101215-1309)

Inokashira Line - Front Cab view before departure.

Meidaimae Station Area (明大前駅あたり) (101215-1324)

Looking around in front of Meidaimae Station.  (明大前駅あたり).

Waiting for Train at Meidaimae (明大前駅ホーム) (101215-1326)

Waiting for a train at Meidaimae Station (明大前駅で電車を待っている。

Descending Stairs at Shimotakaido Station (下高井戸駅) (101215-1330)

Walking down a flight of stairs at Shimotakaido Station (下高井戸駅).

Setagaya Line Train Departure at Shimotakaido Station (101215-1331)

Setagaya Line train departure at Shimotakaido Station.

Rail Crossing and Shopping Arcade near Shimotakaido Station (101215-1334)

A rail crossing and nearby shopping arcade next to Shimotakaido Station.

Keio Line Train Zooming into Shimotakaido Station (101215-1337)

Watching a Keio Line train zooming into Shimotakaido Station.

Boarding Setagaya Line at Shimotakaido (下高井戸駅世田谷線) (101215-1342)

Boarding a Setagaya Line train (streetcar) at Shimotakaido (下高井戸駅世田谷線).

Setagaya Line - Shimotakaido to Matsubara (101215-1344)

Riding the Setagaya Line from Shimotakaido to Matsubara.

Setagaya Line - Matsubara to Yamashita (101215-1346)

Riding the Setagaya Line from Matsubara to Yamashita.

Setagaya Line - Yamashita to Miyanosaka (101215-1349)

Setagaya Line front cab view from Yamashita to Miyanosaka.

Setagaya Line - Miyanosaka to Kamimachi (101215-1351)

Front cab view on a Setagaya Line train from Miyanosaka to Kamimachi.

Entering Boroichi Street Market (101215-1357)

Entering the Boroichi street market area.

Boroichi Street Market (101215-1400)

Within the Boroichi street market - 2010

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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