Thursday, December 30, 2010

"Yamanashi Bus Trip, Shinjuku, Yamanote Cab View, and Ebisu Back Streets"

This batch begins with a few clips from a recent one-day bus trip I took to Yamanashi Prefecture (Club Tourism - "Mt. Fuji & Hot Springs").  Then there are night scenes looking through the front cab of a Yamanote Line train, and of Shinjuku Station and areas around Shinjuku.  After that are some views of Ebisu - including a back street view.

Yamanashi Bus Trip - Approaching Winery (December 2010)

Inside a bus on a trip to Yamanashi Prefecture - approaching a Winery.

Yamanashi Bus Trip - Vineyards Through Open Window (December 2010)

Looking out a bus window at vineyards (and other things) on a trip to Yamanashi Prefecture.

Yamanashi Bus Trip - Driving Through Winter Forest (December 2010)

Watching patterns of light and shadow in the bus while riding through a winter forest in Yamanashi Prefecture.

Yamanashi Bus Trip - Clear Water Near Mt. Fuji (December 2010)

Looking into clear water with large trout near Mt. Fuji during a bus trip to Yamanashi Prefecture.

Highway Side View Near Tokyo (December 2010)

Looking out of a bus window at the side view on an expressway near Tokyo.

Bus Rear View of Heavy Traffic (December 2010)

Looking out the rear window of a bus in an expressway traffic jam.

Shinjuku Walk - East Exit to Near Kabukicho (101215-2151)

Walking from near the east exit of Shinjuku Station to near the entrance to Kabukicho.

Looking Around Near Seibu Shinjuku Station (101215-2156)

Looking around near the entrance to Seibu Shinjuku Station.

Yamanote Line - Night Front Cab View from Yoyogi to Shinjuku (101215-2140)

Looking out the front of a Yamanote Line train as it runs from Yoyogi to Shinjuku.

Yamanote Line Train Departing Shinjuku at Night (101215-2142)

Watching a Yamanote Line train departing Shinjuku Station.

Shinjuku Station - West Exit Ticket Gates (101215-2145)

Watching the busy scene at the west exit of Shinjuku Station.

Walking Through Shinjuku Station - West to East (101215-2147)

Walking through Shinjuku Station near 10:00 p.m. - going from near the west exit to the east exit.

Yamanote Line - Night Front Cab View from Harajuku to Yoyogi (101215-2138)

Looking through the front cab of a nighttime Yamanote Line train as it rolls from Harajuku to Yoyogi.

Train Passing by Ebisu Garden Place (101215-1939)

Watching from a bridge as trains speed by below - past Ebisu Garden Place.

Walking Through Ground Level Section of Ebisu Station (101215-2001)

Walking through the ground-level section of Ebisu Station - heading towards the entrance to the Hibiya Line.

Waiting to Cross Intersection in Ebisu (101215-2002)

Waiting one cold evening to cross an intersection in Ebisu - near Ebisu Station.

Walking Down the Sidewalk in Ebisu (101215-2004)

Walking down a sidewalk in Ebisu - listening and watching the local scene.

Looking Around on Ebisu Back Streets (101215-2022)

Looking around by an old shrine on a section of back streets in Ebisu.

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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