Monday, December 20, 2010

"Inokashira Line, Boroichi Market, Hachioji Street Musician, Etc."

Beginning with another look at the construction project on the Seibu Line between Oyama and Hagiyama Stations, and then looking out the front cab of an Inokashira Line train on the way to the Boroichi street market, where I show a look-around at night as an announcement is made by the police to warn people about fraudsters calling and pretending to be police - asking for their bank account numbers and passwords.  Then a short clip of a street musician performing in front of Hachioji Station, and finally a front cab view from a Seibu Line train.

Seibu Line - Ogawa to Hagiyama Construction Section (101214-1319)

Looking out a right-side window on the Seibu Line at the Ogawa to Hagiyama section under construction.

Inokashira Line Cab View - Kugayama to Eifukucho (101215-1314)

Looking out the front cab of a Inokashira Line train rolling from Kugayama to Eifukucho.

Inokashira Line Cab View - Eifukucho to Meidaimae (101215-1318)

Looking out the front cab of a Inokashira Line train rolling from Eifukucho to Meidaimae.

Setagaya Boroichi Night View (101215-1720)

Looking around towards the end of the first day of the Setagaya Boroichi in December 2010 - a night view.

Mori Kotaro (森浩太郎) Live - Hachioji Station (101219-1945)

A quick look at a street musician in front of Hachioji Station.
森浩太郎 -


Seibu Kokubunji Line - Cab View (to and from) Koigakubo (101219-1219)

Looking out the front cab of a Seibu Kokubunji Line train as it comes into - and then leaves - Koigakubo Station.

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