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"1991 Naraijuku, Ginza, Light and Shadow Installation, Etc."

The first video in this series of clips is a time trip back to August 1991 - when I stumbled upon Naraijuku on the Kisokaido (otherwise know as Nakasendo) road where they were having some sort of reenactment/summer festival.  The town was one of the old post towns where travelers would stop on their way to and from Edo (former name of Tokyo) and I think the people in period clothing in the video were representing the groups that used to stop there.  It's interesting, because the buildings in the town are authentic old buildings that really did see those kinds of travelers back in the day.  After that are more train views (a few of them recorded in soundless 60fps, with 30fps playback, so they are half-speed), scenes from Ginza and Yurakucho and a look at an installation.

1991 Kisokaido Narai-juku Natsu-Matsuri (910812)

A look at Narai 奈良井 (or Naraijuku 奈良井宿) on August 12th, 1991.  Narai is a traditional town on the old Kisokaido 木曽街道 (or Nakasendo 中山道) road.  This is the 34th (or 35th, there seems to be some dispute about this) stage of the 69 Stages of the Nakasendo series of woodblock prints (中山道六十九次).

Boarding Tozai Line at Takadanobaba - (120615)

Ginza Side Street - (120615)

Hijiribashi 聖橋 (60fps) - (120612)

This soundless half-speed view of the Hijiribashi Bridge was taken from a Chuo Line train as it pulled into Ochanomizu Station.

Tozai Line - Otemachi to Nihonbashi - (120615)

Friday Night - Yurakucho Station - Ride to Tokyo - (120615)

Arase Tetsuya 荒瀬哲也展 Gallery-58 (C) - (120615)

Arase Tetsuya 荒瀬哲也展 Gallery-58 (B) - (120615)

Arase Tetsuya 荒瀬哲也展 Gallery-58 (A) - (120615)

Chuo Line Train Arriving at Tokyo Station - (120615)

Ochanomizu to Tokyo (60fps) - (120612)

In a Park - Waiting for Solar Eclipse (60fps) - (120521)

Late Night Tachikawa Platform - (120616)

Turning a Corner in Ginza - (120615)

Walking Towards Yurakucho - Friday Night - (120615)

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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