Sunday, June 10, 2012

"A Few Train Views, and Kyobashi/Ginza Art Scene Views"

This batch of clips consists of (yet more) typical Tokyo train scene views and some Kyobashi and Ginza art scene views of exhibitions and installations. Given that there are different art exhibitions each week, I always look forward to seeing what the week's exhibitions will be, but when I post a batch of clips like this, I sometimes feel like I'm in a bit of a rut and should vary my routine more.

One of the problems is that art galleries are often hard to find, so you need to have a certain amount of time and energy when looking for them in new areas. Once you remember where 50 or so of them are in one area, there is so much to see just with that set, that you don't really end up feeling like tracking down yet more galleries, but I suppose I probably should do just that....

Shinjuku Platform Walk - Chuo Line - (120605)

Yurakucho to Tokyo - Late Night Yamanote Line - (120606)

Tokyo to Kanda - Chuo Line Night View - (120605)

The next two clips are from an installation that consisted of a large quantity of rather large nearly-raw lumber arranged in two rooms. [Art blog post]

Ishizaka 石坂孝雄展 Installation - Gallery Hinoki ギャラリー檜 (A) - (120605)

Ishizaka 石坂孝雄展 Installation - Gallery Hinoki ギャラリー檜 (B) - (120605)

Another half-exhibition, half-installation at Project-306, featuring photos, etc. of an old Meiji-era wooden building that was unfortunately recently torn down. [Art blog post]

Project-306-GOB 306号室プロジェクト June 2012 (A) - (120606)

Project-306-GOB 306号室プロジェクト June 2012 (B) - (120606)

This scenes depicted in this next set of three videos look rather similar to an art gallery opening-party, but actually took place towards the end of the exhibition. [Art blog post]

Horikoshi Chiaki 堀越千秋 Exhibition - Gallery Kazuki 画廊香月 (A) - (120605)

Horikoshi Chiaki 堀越千秋 Exhibition - Gallery Kazuki 画廊香月 (B) - (120605)

Horikoshi Chiaki 堀越千秋 Exhibition - Gallery Kazuki 画廊香月 (C) - (120605)

Yurakucho-SB - (120606)

The title is "Train Jogging", but basic running is more like it... in a train. Maybe not a good idea, but it's only very rarely that you find yourself in train cars with no other people - and given all that empty space, the urge to do something in it arises...

Train Jogging - (120604)

The Yaesu side of Tokyo Station has been under construction for what feels like a very long time, but maybe is only a few years (written via memory reference, without researching it on-line). They've opened a new waiting room as part of new long-distance highway bus facilities (I wish they were expanding nighttime rail service instead of boring, bloody buses...), and I think a large part of the new construction is geared towards buses. Personally I think it's a huge mistake. I think way too many resources are being poured into facilities and ever more black asphalt for internal combustion engine vehicles. Those bloody things will be the ruin of us all yet....

Walking by Construction Zone to Enter Tokyo Station - (120605)

Yurakucho Street Scene - Short Clip - (120606)

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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