Thursday, June 21, 2012

"June 19th Typhoon (Chuo Line Views), Ginza Exhibitions, Old Concrete, Etc."

The are two main components to this batch of video clips - scenes from (mainly) the Chuo Line during the June 19th typhoon (if you listen with headphones on to a couple of the clips looking out the left side of the train, you can hear the wind strongly hitting the train - which was running way behind schedule and at reduced speed), and a few scenes of Ginza and Kyobashi art exhibitions.

The typhoon was apparently the first June typhoon to make landfall in eight years.  I was in a tall, narrow building for part of it, and the building moved with the winds a little - which felt really weird, because it was almost imperceptible, but definitely swaying at times.  It gave you a feeling of loosing faith in the ground under your feet.  If it had been a faster motion, a ship would be a good comparison, but it was slower than that (although I've never been on a really gigantic ship, so maybe the motion is similar to larger floating objects).  Anyway - it was kind of exciting.  There was also an anti-nuclear fire (to make steam for running turbines to generate electricity) demonstration in Nihonbashi (in the middle of the typhoon).

Shinjuku Station in Typhoon - Outbound Train - (120619)

Arriving at Takadonobaba - Seibu to Tozai Transfer - (120619)

Nakano to Koenji - Rainy Window View - (120619)

Koenji to Asagaya in Typhoon - (120619)

Night Train - Wet Window View - (120619)

Night Typhoon Train Window View - to Kichijoji - (120619)

Boarding Ginza Line at Nihonbashi - (120619)

Nagamoto Hideo 永本秀男展 Exhibition at Shibata Etsuko Gallery (A) - (120619)

Nagamoto Hideo 永本秀男展 Exhibition at Shibata Etsuko Gallery (B) - (120619)

80-Year-Old Concrete - (120619)

アモーレ銀座ギャラリー - グループ展 - (120619)

Storm on the Way (Window View from Exhibition) - (120619)

Okuno Building 奥野ビル - 6th to 1st Floors - (120619)

Walking Through Tokyo Station - (120619)

Noda Tamotsu 野田保展 Exhibition at Art Space Rashinban - (120619)

Train Floor and Sounds - (120619)

Anti-Nuke Demo During Typhoon in Nihonbashi - (120619)

3rd Floor - (120619)

Asagaya to Ogikubo in Typhoon - (120619)

Shinjuku Station South Exit - Rainy Day - (120619)

Nobu Hosana ノブホサナ Exhibition at Y's Arts-508 - (120619)

Departing Kanda Station in the Rain - (120619)

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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