Tuesday, June 26, 2012

"Odakyu Line Yoyogi-Hachiman Station, Ginza Art Exhibitions, Train Views, Etc."

Last week, I met an English acquaintance in Yoyogi-Uehara (near to Yoyogi-Hachiman Station) who is headed back to England.  There are fewer and fewer of the old style train stations left in Tokyo, but Yoyogi-Hachiman Station is one.  As the old type stations become rarer and rarer, I'm finding that I like them more and more.  So - since I rode a local Odakyu Line train out to Yoyogi-Hachiman, I took video on the way (front cab views, etc.), and of the station and immediate station area by the entrance/exit gates to the station.

Other views from this batch of video clips:  There are a few gallery exhibition views, other train views, and a couple of "looking-around-while-walking" clips from the Kyobashi area of Tokyo.

But back to the English acquaintance I mentioned at the beginning of this post.  He's been in Japan for about three years, and I thought we'd end up talking a bit about life in Japan, etc., but the desire to get into cultural issues appeared to be solely on my end.  Thinking back on the encounter now, something fundamentally different about living in Tokyo (as a foreigner) in the early eighties and thirty years later in 2012 occurs to me.

Back in the early eighties (in Japan), there was (practically speaking) no Internet (not for the vast majority of people in the world in any case), international telephone calls were very expensive, *domestic* telephone calls outside your immediate area were also very expensive, and even local calls within your area code were expensive if you talked for very long.  And so personal meetings with people were the one time you could communicate with someone as much as you liked for free!  What with a lack of international communication (except for occasional standard letters delivered by post), there was something special and important about meeting other foreigners from time to time and discussing life in Japan.

So, with that background, I thought I'd discuss a number of things with the man from England - since he is about to leave the country and all, but it didn't really happen - and why should it?  If either of us have something to say, it can be done via computer and there's no particular need to say it in person.

I'm very thankful for the Internet and inexpensive international telephone calls, but I also miss the intensity and meaning that personal meetings had before.  In a sense, now it doesn't matter who you are physically with or where you live, since you can communicate with just about anyone just about anywhere.  Would I trade modern telecommunications for the "good old days"?  Absolutely not!  But I sure would like to be able to travel back once-in-a-while via time machine....

Yoyogi-Hachiman to Yoyogi-Uehara - Odakyu Line - (120621)

Yoyogi-Hachiman Station - Waiting for Train - (120621)

Shinjuku to Yoyogi-Hachiman - (120621)

Red Lantern Place by Shinjuku Station - (120621)

Shinjuku Crosswalk - Looking Around at Night- (120621)

Tokyo to Kanda - Chuo Line Night View - (120621)

Tokyo Station - Afternoon Walk-through - (120621)

Afternoon Kyobashi Stroll (A) - (120621)

Afternoon Kyobashi Stroll (B) - (120621)

Usuki Hideyuki and Kamei Jun Exhibition at GGICM (A) - (120621)

Usuki Hideyuki and Kamei Jun Exhibition at GGICM (B) - (120621)

Usuki Hideyuki and Kamei Jun Exhibition at GGICM (C) - (120621)

Construction Cranes - Tokyo Station - (120621)

Entering Okuno Building at 1700 - (120621)

Miyao Mahoko 宮尾茉穂子展 Exhibition - (120621)

Kazami Norifumi 風見規文展 Exhibition - (120621)

K's Gallery - Group Exhibition 表現者たち展 - (120621)

Escalator Passing Lane - Tokyo Station - (120621)

JR to Odakyu Transfer - Shinjuku (Local Train) - (120621)

Shimamura Munemitsu 島村宗充展 Gallery Hinoki ギャラリー檜 (A) - (120621)

Shimamura Munemitsu 島村宗充展 Gallery Hinoki ギャラリー檜 (B) - (120621)

Tokyo Station - Evening Walk-through - (120621)

Odakyu-Shinjuku - Waiting for Local Train - (120621)

Odakyu-Shinjuku Station 360 - (120621)

Odakyu-Shinjuku - Local Train Platform - (120621)

Odakyu-Shinjuku - Main Ticket Gates - (120621)

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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