Thursday, March 02, 2006

Blue Skies Bank?

There's this bank in Shibuya called "Aozora Bank", which probably prompts you to say "So what?", but "Aozora" means "Blue Sky" or "Blue Skies" in English (there's no plural in Japanese), so that basically makes it the "Blue Skies Bank".  Cool name, but do they really mean to say that it never rains on them in a financial sense?  I like the name so much I'm tempted to open an account there, but the banking industry in Japan has been going through so many changes, you have to wonder where is a safe place to leave your money.  Just in case you're interested, the bank began life in April 1957 as the The Nippon Fudosan Bank, Limited, changed its name to The Nippon Credit Bank, Ltd. in 1977, and then changed its name to Aozora Bank, Ltd. in January of 2001.

Blue skies... nothing but blue skies... happy, happy future, blue skies.  Maybe I better get an account there just so I can get cheered up every time I go to the bank!

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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