Tuesday, March 28, 2006

"(More) Boso Peninsula Images & Computers"

Boso Peninsula
I've been working on a series of pages covering the Boso Peninsula, with the latest one posted here:

Pages one through six can be accessed from each of the Boso Peninsula pages, so check them all out if you're interested in how the Boso Peninsula looks.

I did it again - I bought another (used) computer.  At least I decommissioned an old one this time before buying it, which I might not have done except I needed to in order to create space in which to put a replacement!  Interestingly both computers were the same price.  The decommissioned Micron was an even Y10,000 and the Fujitsu I bought today was Y9,800.  The price was the same, but not the specs.  The Micron (bought in 2002) was a P-I 200MHz, 128MB RAM & 4GB HDD machine and the Fujutsu (bought today) is a P-III 933MHz, 128MB RAM & 40GB HDD machine.  The memory is the same, but I have memory from an old and out-of-use computer (a Dell Dimension-C) that I can put in.  The design of the machine seems good, with easy access to the CD-ROM drive and hard drive, so they can be easily changed.  Any experience with Fujitsu computers out there?

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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