Friday, March 03, 2006

"Rampaging Monkeys"

The monkey problem here - as in too many of them - is an ongoing problem that resurfaces in the news from time to time.  Yesterday I saw a report about a town somewhere (forgot the name of the town - somewhere in Japan in any case!) that was having town hall meetings trying to decide what to do.  The town is divided between those who like the monkeys and don't want them harmed, and those who want to kill some of them off.  Tempers flared at one point and a couple of people were telling each other to get out of the meeting, and then others were interrupting each other as they gave their opinions to the town leaders and television crews.

Apparently there's been a progression from the monkeys only coming out when people were not around, and then coming around in front of people, but staying away from them and running when approached, to being unafraid, and recently they are stealing crops in the fields, making off with shopping from the hands of people walking down the street, and even biting some people.  There was a video of a bunch of monkeys chasing away a camera crew, and then discussion about the different monkey groups.  Apparently one group in particular is causing most of the trouble.

I must admit, when I watched the monkeys ganging up on the camera crew within the city, I imagined myself being in that position and images of baseball bats and flying monkeys came to mind.  I like animals, but seeing them come threateningly towards the camera in the middle of the city set off some primal survival thing in my mind that predates civilization.  Eating or not eating, and being physically challenged on your home turf brings out base instincts....

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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